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There are certain things that people who know me, whether it’s as a personal friend or people who have just come to know me through social media, have started to associate me with. I get text messages, for example, from time to time saying “just heard a Prince song and thought of you.” Those make me smile since, yes, I am admittedly a huge fan.
But the thing I love more than either of these is when someone sends me a motivational or inspirational quote. So when someone emails me with a “just heard this quote and thought you’d like it…” I get pretty stoked.  First of all, the quote is probably going to be something that personally motivates me.
And just as importantly, I’m thrilled that when the person heard it or read it they thought of me. As you can imagine after reading the preamble to this article, this happened to me recently. Lack of confidence, in our cases, will simply become a self-fulfilling prophesy: if you don’t believe a crowd will respond to you you’ll sound unsure which will only make it more likely that they don’t respond. So I return to that simple and concise saying over Tom Couglin’s desk and I urge you, dear reader, to live by these words.
The problem with such comments is that they sometimes come from close people and people you trust and thus you might find it hard not to believe them. And if it happened that you believed those people who put you down you will never pursue your dreams and you will fulfill their prophecy!! The best way to deal with people who put you down is to not believe them but talking is easier than really doing that. When all people become losers those who don’t make any effort feel good about themselves but what if all of a sudden someone tried to do something big? Many people who were severely criticized in their childhood have developed the habit of always thinking negatively. Some people will try to put you down because they have good intentions like your parents for example.
If you're looking for motivational fuel for personal excellence, you've come to the right place!
Interesting how many reasons there can be for people to offer negative advice and find a way to discourage you and even intimidate you.
I remember a girlfriend I had when I was a young man who was suffering from the fact that others were putting her down. This is such an important topic Steve and it goes far deeper than personal development … anyone who has suffered through an abusive relationship has experienced this on a grand and devastatingly personal level.
If a person puts me down, I am polite and I immediately work to let myself know that I am loved by God and valued as a person. I’m sure it can be difficult sometimes but being true to our self in a way that means we are happy and comfortable in our own skin may often mean blocking out the negativity from someone else. Sadie-Michaela, as we engage in our personal growth, it’s increasingly important to be able to be authentic to our own values, gifts, thoughts, and opinions. Great post Steve, I like what Steve Vernon says about others opinion of me is none of my business… I must admit I wish it was easier for me to brush it off when someone express their opinion on something I do. Nathalie Villeneuve recently posted…Are Your Networking And Connecting Efforts Paying Off? In my personal opinion, it seems that many of these rejections and put downs stem from fear. Hi Steve, I didn’t realise there were so many different reasons why people put others down.
Thanks so much for sharing this with us Steve, it helps to understand why people might react as they do! It is said that, if you want to get treated well then you have to treat well with the others. These are top level collections of the quotes about confidence.For good life you need great confidence in your life so follow the great steps of confidence in life if wants to win the hard battle of life.

This week my friend Sophie posted a link to this article about women and why we don't have as much confidence as men. Having more confidence in yourself gives you the power to get more done and increase your achievements.
With the busy world that we live in today one of the major things that is overlooked these days is the importance of sleep.
I also get phone calls and texts when my beloved Cowboys are losing which doesn’t exactly make me as happy as the Prince messages do.
I really enjoy these and I tend to weave them into my everyday conversations and as well as my seminars and articles on a regular basis.
Whether it’s DJing someone’s special event or presenting a seminar to my industry peers, these eight simple words are something I live by.
I’ve never really believed the saying that it’s the number one fear for most people (over drowning? It can lead to forgetting all the things we used to do that made us great (and gave us confidence in the first place) and if there’s anything worse than a timid performer it’s a cocky performer who ain’t all that.
Take the essential steps in rehearsing what you are going to say as well as previewing the music you are going to play. Almost everyone who has announced his goals and dreams started facing criticism, rejection and comments that have the purpose of putting him down. After all according to subconscious mind programming the repetition of any statement by a trusted source will certainly turn it into a strong belief. How can you prevent yourself from believing the suggestions those people are saying to you?
They believe that you are going to reach your goals and thus they do their best to prevent you from starting your journey.
Some people will put you down just because you remind them of their own fears when you announce your big plans. The problem with many of those people is that while their intentions are good they always give incorrect advice because of not being able to see the full picture you are seeing. In fact this type of put-down is one of the key tools that an abusive partner uses to control their victim.
I don’t know if all of them do, but the lashing out and the snide comments and sometimes just the choice of words to express something, hurt. Either way, wiggling your way out of the in-between spot can be extremely difficult- Especially if you don’t know what you are doing. A weir, a small pebbly beach and a large, deep, open area of very swimmable water makes it a wonderful place to spend a Saturday afternoon. We need to be confident that the next song we are about to play will work.  We need to confident that when we ask a crowd to do something they’ll respond. We start believing that it’s all about our talent and we can flip the switch on the mic and words of wisdom will suddenly flow. Many people are not brave and prefer to remain in the comfort zone and whenever they see someone trying to move out of his comfort zone they warn him because of believing that the world is a dangerous place while in fact the problem is that they are not brave enough. We tend to focus our attention on physical abuse because it touches us on such a primative level, while verbal abuse can be just as damaging but the victim is often left to suffer in profound silence.
I have done a lot of personal growth and now It gets easier to not be affected by others people’s opinion.
Being clingy, needy or just too much altogether can be a huge turnoff- Especially for guys. Although sometimes it is not true, when selfishness and egoism exists between the relationships there is no concept of respect. We just have to continue on and not give up too soon.Do you agree that women suffer from a lack of confidence?
So, if you really want to escape that friend-zone and move forward (or, at least move away from it), take a step back and cool it down for a bit.

Women don't ask for as much, don't put themselves forward as much, and simply don't have such a ready supply of 'honest overconfidence' as men.In studies, men overestimate their abilities and performance, and women underestimate both. My son seem to have the same types of issues and I find myself wanting so much for him to listen to my advice but I think this is something that we need to sort out. Their performances do not differ in quality.Interestingly, the authors also found that confidence is not necessarily based on competence. If you guys do go out, but it is only with other friends or to do something like go shopping, then no wonder your in the zone!
I worked out that the best time and place to let go of the rope was right at the end of the swing, that you had to go in straight (or get a bit slap from the water), that a good run down the hill was essential.Then I stood in line behind the 10 and 12 year olds, waited my turn and grabbed the rope. To the movies with just each others or out to a cute restaurant that doesn’t scream casual or only a friend-type place. The run down the hill was a little awkward but when I hung on to the rope and let myself swing, it felt amazing. I don't mind speaking up in a room full of people and asking a question, even if it seems fairly obvious. It was pretty obvious when I had to let go so I let out a yelp and dropped into the water.And then did it all over again. Eight more times.If I’d stood on the edge, debating with myself, I never would have flown through the air and felt myself as high as the cliffs around me. Spice-up the way you talk and make the convos between you and your man of interest a bit more adventurous.
I saw him start a recording studio, build a conference centre, drive incredible mountain roads and explore his environment. If I’d believed the voices that said, “40 is just too old for this sort of thing,” I never would have had a grin a mile wide plastered on my face for about two hours.
I can do stuff.What people don't know is that under my appearance of confidence is a great deal of shaky self-doubt and insecurity. If I’d sat back and said, “this is for the kids,” I never would have earned a hundred million Awesome Mum points with my kids.The women in the article didn’t succeed because they never actually tried.
No, it means you need to stop only shaking hands or giving an occasional hug- You need to get your hands on him. And if you don’t know that, you should probably go back to Life Lessons 101 and learn to walk all over again because that’s the big lesson the vast majority of babies learn in their second year.You fall over.
You wipe your hands, have a little cry and then you get going again.Failure doesn’t have to dent confidence.
We’ve all felt that deflation as our best attempts fall flat, we don’t reach our goals or our ideas don’t come to fruition.
But rather than let it affect our confidence, we could associate it with knowledge instead.
Most guys think of girls as more than friends if they aren’t in every aspect of what they do with their guy friends. If he is absolutely nonchalant about it, then maybe you need to realize there is no getting out of the friend-zone. But, maybe a guy is looking for a girl who works-out more often, has shorter hair or wears the color blue a couple times a week- Whatever floats his boat!
Be straightforward with what you want, let him know you like him and maybe you’ll get a good reply.
This means that you should realize that your friendship between you and your crush will never be anything more than a friendship. The decision is yours.  Tweet Pin It Related Posts Is he Flirting or Just Being Nice?

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