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The Surrey County FA offer several different formats of flexible football to suit all abilities and lifestyles.
We've launched a new FA MARS Just Play session in Epsom, which offers a weekly informal kickabout every Monday night.
And it's not just playing football that offers great health benefits - have you ever thought about taking up the whistle and becoming a referee? Even becoming a football coach can provide a great form of exercise - from laying out cones on a crisp Saturday morning to jumping for joy to celebrate a last minute-winner on the sidelines! As in any big city, Milan offers plenty of fitness centres, clubs and sports teams to join so you can get your endorphins running, meet new people and perhaps burn off a bit of that pizza and gelato.
Because dancing is the best way to meet new people, get fit and and have fun while listening to your favourite music. Among others, Fuori di Danza has Modern, Classic or Latin Dance in one location.
The school, Annje Bonnje, offers sailing courses for different levels, whether you’d like to sail in the Mediterranean Sea or rather go to Como Lake.
In winter, the area becomes a paradise for ski lovers — freeride, alpine skiing, etc, anything you could imagine is here.
Spotahome offers hundreds of spacious and personally-checked rooms, studios and apartments all over Milan, so you can book your perfect home online before you even arrive in the city.
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Another football season is finally upon us, and hitting the ground running on the pitch could be the key to glory in May.
During the course of the average match, it’s unlikely you will ever sprint for more than ten metres, so you should use that distance as a guide for your pre-season power training. Start your drill by lying flat on your stomach at the middle marker, then spring onto your feet and sprint to the first market (five metres away). Players have different strengths and weaknesses, and the key to honing your own match fitness is identifying where you strengths and weaknesses lie.
Your entire body: Start with 30 seconds of squat thrusts, rest for 30 seconds and then move straight into 30 seconds of star jumps. Lower body: Start with 30 seconds of lunges using a clock-face circuit, rest for 30 seconds and head straight into 30 seconds of static squats. Balance is the key to staying in full control of the ball during the cut and thrust of a match, and your balance requires the training of key muscle groups.
A great way to develop your balance is by standing on a level surface and raising your leg off the ground for at least 30 seconds. Your weary muscles will need protecting throughout the pre-season – and particularly at the start.
Of course, the best way to ensure a successful pre-season is to keep yourself in reasonable shape throughout the summer.
The equipment used for these drills can be purchased from our training equipment department. Last year, Sky Blues in the Community was granted funding from the Big Lottery to run a free football project aimed at adult men in Coventry.

InForm is simple and effective, it offers weekly football sessions on weekday evenings led by qualified coaches at local facilities – including Alan Higgs Centre, Goals Soccer Centre (Centre AT7) and Xcel Leisure Centre. In the first six months of the project, 111 men signed up and participated in the weekly sessions. The Big Lottery Fund is the largest distributor of National Lottery good cause funding across the UK.  The Fund aims to enable others to make real improvements to communities and the lives of people most in need.
Based at the Ricoh Arena, Sky Blues in the Community is a registered charity (number 1127014) which delivers community initiatives on behalf of Coventry City Football Club. You could spend a decade in the gym, reach your peak, and never really achieve what you are capable of. The training programs and equipment that we use to improve the skills of athletes can also be used to dramatically improve your performance.
HIIT, or HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING is a training method in which is low to moderate intensity interval exercises are alternated with high intensity intervals of exercises. Once qualified, you could be officiating two matches a week, offering a fun and rewarding 90-minute work-out each game. Level 1 Coaching Courses are available from March and throughout the rest of the year - click here for details.
Whether you want to rent a court or sing up for tennis lessons, Tennis Milano is your perfect venue to do so.
Keep fit in their many locations and try their many activities on offer: aerodance, aquagym, cross training, and much more. They also offer Teatro Musicale or Musical Theater and fitness to complete an amazing service.
Especially, if you’re looking for something different than just football (no offence).
Check out all our available houses in Milan on our interactive map here and feel free to get in touch with us.
However, a relaxing summer and a few indulgences may have left you less than match fit, and you may be facing an uphill task to get into shape before the big kick-off. Being just one step behind the opposition players could leave you and your teammates at a disadvantage – which could prove telling over 90 minutes.
Remember, speed is not crucial at this stage, but you should be able to maintain a consistent jogging pace – you should also be adding at least five minutes to every session. In order to train your nerve and muscle fibres for powerful bursts of movement, you should be taking part in plyometric exercises from the moment your pre-season begins. Sprint back to the starting marker, and then spin around and sprint to the 10-metre marker before returning to the start.
For instance, you may have a naturally powerful lower body, but your upper body may require a lot more attention.
A stable stature during play will improve the accuracy of your tackling, passing and shooting, so it’s important to be ready from the moment your season kicks off.
The same should be done with the other leg, and reps should be increased as the pre-season progresses.

It’s vitally important that you perform warm-up routines before every training session, which should include dynamic stretching exercises and some light jogging.
With a gradual and sustained approach to conditioning, you should be at the very peak of your physical powers for the first game of the season.
The project, known as ‘InForm’, targets men (18+) who want or need to be fitter and healthier; supporting them to embed regular exercise and healthy habits into their day-to-day life. The sessions are paired with informal advice and information and offer methods for tracking changes in physique and fitness so participants can literally see the benefits. InForm is a local project that benefits from this funding and enables Sky Blues in the Community to support local men.
Elite athletes need a full service facility that will allow complete immersion into the program, not a program where football is just ONE of the things they do! Both cater for adults of all abilities and there's no commitment to turn up week in, week out - just whenever you fancy it! There are Referee Courses running in February in Epsom and West Byfleet - click here for details. To do that here is Campi Sportivi’s website where you can find all football fields and amateur teams in Milan. The complex has mountain bike excursions where you can rent the equipment for just 20€ to 40€. Slowly build your fitness levels by breaking them down into individual components, and you should be able to perform at your best from day one of the new season. The quickest way to build up your stamina levels during the weeks before a new season is by running. By the time the first match kicks off, you should have the stamina to run for at least 60 minutes without taking a break.
Repeat this at least five times to start with, but you should be increasing the number of reps each week as the new season approaches.
Divide your body into four sections, and perform the following exercises once a day during the pre-season. This simple exercise will get all the relevant muscles in your legs working in tandem to keep you upright and steady, and it can be performed between drills, during your warm-downs and even at work. Now 2014 is upon us, many people have New Year’s Resolutions to get fit and healthy – this is a prime opportunity to take advantage of this free support.
You deserve to be in a program managed by certified PROFESSIONALS who have played your position(s), not some guy who became certified to train because he likes football. Identify where your weaknesses lie, and increase the intensity and regularity of training for those areas of your body.
91% have reported that they have increased their physical activity levels away from the project.

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