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I’m sure most if not all of us have favorite songs or artists that came to us via someone of another generation. Discovered by chance that the the sound of his voice stopped my small very baby from crying, which he did almost constantly as a little thing, so I came to love his singing even more. Mitch, this takes me back to those 50s variety shows that relied heavily on vaudeville performers.
I have bemoaned the lack of interesting music in my childhood on previous occasions and I still can’t think of anything my parents or brother liked that I have since taken a shine to.
Well, I must have been a young fogey and perhaps I’m an old hipster but I find this really hard. Music was very important to my mother, mostly classical but also some of the oldies which were then played on Radio 2 by Sam Costa and others. My son played lots of Metallica around the house in his teen years to little apparent effect on me.
Probably in my Top 3 as well along with Complete Control and White Man In Hammersmith Palais. Consider each stage of your life and examine how your attitude towards money and your financial health has evolved. Generation X is threatened by the same trends as the Baby Boomers, including the 2007-2010 recession, which coincided with their peak earning years. Decide on a financial plan and a diversified portfolio that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment below or join the conversation on Facebook for the latest financial news, commentary and more. About Brent GreenThis blog is about Baby Boomer consumers and how to sell to them through marketing and advertising.
My company, Brent Green & Associates, Inc., is an internationally award-winning firm specializing in direct response marketing for health & fitness and Boomer-focused companies. Brent Green & Associates is a leading marketing company with specialized expertise in selling products and services to the Boomer male market, comprised of over 35 million U.S. Lee EisenbergLee Eisenberg is the author of "The Number," a title metaphorically representing the amount of resources people will need to enjoy the active life they desire, especially post-career. Kim WalkerKim Walker is a respected veteran of the communications industry in Asia Pacific, with 30 years of business and marketing leadership experience in Australia, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York.
Hiroyuki MurataHiroyuki Murata (Hiro) is a well-known expert on the 50+ market and an opinion leader on aging issues in Japan and internationally. Hiro serves as President of The Social Development Research Center, Tokyo, a think-tank overseen by METI (Ministry of Economy, Technology, and Industry) as well as Board members and Advisors to various Japanese private companies. Generation JonesJonathan Pontell is the founder and ardent advocate for Generation Jones, the "lost" generation between Baby Boomers and Generation X. Recently, a number of opinion articles have appeared, written by members of the Millennial Generation, or those born roughly between 1980 and 1995 (the beginning and ending years of this generation have various interpretations). One common theme in these articles is a proclamation that Millennials are entirely different from preceding generations and need to be treated differently — in the workplace and more broadly, in society.
While it’s true that every generation has distinctive characteristics, a byproduct of a generation’s unique place in history, generational personalities tend to appear in cycles, as has been provocatively posited by William Strauss and Neil Howe in their seminal books, Generations and The Fourth Turning.
To make my point, I’d like Millennial Generation readers to think about an older generation. This generation was raised by parents who believed children should be given every opportunity to succeed, with much pampering and coddling… similar to when you were a Baby on Board. In their anomy, many became travelers, anointing Europe as the ultimate destination for reinvention. Because they were a mass-media generation, they fostered collective awareness of their stylistic differences in sharp juxtaposition to older, more conservative generations.
They were the first generation to create health & fitness fads, with thought leaders even advocating vegetarian diets to assure well-being and longevity.
In a vein similar to Millennials’ preferred approach to written communications — text messaging — literary superstars of this generation adopted terse minimalism and understatement. They pressed mainstream society for individualism over conformity, equal rights for all workers, multiculturalism, racial fairness, gender equality and environmental awareness. Analogous to Millennials today, they were challenged in youth by ecological degradation, unpopular foreign wars and looming economic hardships. They put the roar in the Roaring Twenties and included iconoclastic notables such as Ernest Hemingway, D. Senior ForumsSenior Forums is a very active online community where the issues that interest Boomers are discussed, dissected, derided, defended, or downright denied in an aura of friendly chatter and banter among like-minded people. Bring your sense of humor and join a laid-back, international forum of straight talkers who generously offer common sense to support those who need it and laugh with those who embrace the funny sides of aging.
50plusboomerlife — Boomer life - travel - fashion - facts and more!This charming blog is written with purpose and passion by Kristine Drake, a native of Norway. Mark Miller's "Hard Times Retirement" Mark Miller, author of "The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security," is a journalist, author and editor who writes about trends in retirement and aging. Silver - Boomer Marketing in Asia PacificThe only strategic business and marketing consultancy focused on 50+ in Asia Pacific, SILVER is helping companies leverage the opportunities presented by the rapidly rising population of ageing consumers throughout Asia Pacific. Entitled to KnowBoomers better get ready for a deluge of propaganda about why Social Security and Medicare should not be secure and why these programs must be diminished and privatized.
Time Goes ByThis is the definitive blog to understand what is happening to a generation as it ages.

Serene AmbitionSerene Ambition is about what Boomers can do, and more importantly, who Boomers can be as they grow older.
The Boomer ChroniclesThe Boomer Chronicles, an irreverent blog for baby boomers and others, is updated every Monday through Friday, usually several times daily. Host Rhea is a Boston-based journalist and a Gemini who grew up in a small town in New Jersey. Jean-Paul TreguerJean-Paul Treguer is the author of "50+ Marketing" and founder of Senioragency International, the first and only international marketing and advertising network dedicated to Boomers 50+ and senior consumers.
David WolfeRespected widely for his thought-leading book, "Ageless Marketing," the late David Wolfe established an international reputation for his insights, intellect and original thoughts about the future of aging. Matt ThornhillBoomer pundit Matt Thornhill has taken new ground with his path-breaking Boomer research.
Chuck NyrenChuck Nyren, author of "Advertising to Baby Boomers," is a seasoned creative director and copywriter with talent to match. My grandmother was always singing, she introduced me to many singers through her renditions of their songs.
I think it was the depth of Bing’s voice, little son just stopped as soon as he started to sing, it was almost miraculous. The last musical form I woke up to due to the influence of another generation was grime, but as a big hip-hop fan, that was barely any revelation at all. New little about the group & had just started to listen to a fair amount of them when the motorcycle topic popped up.
My first thought was the Gourds, but I liked them from the first chord I heard so they don’t count.
I find a little Metallica goes a long way for me, I enjoy their music, but don’t usually manage a whole album in one go.
I wasn’t that interested in them but my brother who was 8 years old really got into them. It  must be turned by a prime mover that can be an internal combustion  engine (driven, usually, by diesel oi…l or gasoline), or it can be a  turbine, driven either by superheated steam or by water falling  from a reservoir. This exercise can bring many experiences to the surface from various stages of your life, which likely have influenced how you got to where you are today. They are supporting their “Millennial” children, and half of the generation is having difficulty meeting their expenses each month.4 Fortunately, members of Gen X have even more time than the Baby Boomers to change their situation.
Hewins Financial Advisors, LLC ( “Hewins”) is an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Backed by visionary advice from the former Editor-in-Chief of "Esquire Magazine," Eisenberg urges people to assume control and responsibility for their standard of living. His newest venture is SILVER, the only marketing and business consultancy focused on the 50+ market in Asia Pacific. Among his noteworthy accomplishments, Murata introduced Curves, the world’s largest fitness chain for women, to Japan and helped make it a successful business.
His most recent book, "Retirement Moratorium: What Will the Not-Retired Boomers Change?" was published in August 2007 by Nikkei Publishing.
He also serves as a Visiting Professor of Kansai University and as a member of Advisory Boards of The World Demographic Association (Switzerland) and ThirdAge, Inc. Although this group has traditionally been lumped with Boomers, Pontell makes a powerful case to redefine this cohort as distinct from the Baby Boomer Generation. This generation is now uniquely positioned to change fundamental conceptions of our nation and its place in the world. When I was in my twenties, I heartily agreed with media-inspired myths about Boomer uniqueness. They were strident about redressing social inequalities, yearning for a more perfect union. Insisting that showing skin is more congruent with modern times, they ushered sexuality out of the bedroom and into media.
They opposed zealous censorship, claiming that contemporary media should present the full range of human experience. They created mass markets for fitness facilities, natural foods, self-directed healthcare and alternative medicine. They invented a transformational form of musical expression, similar in originality to hip-hop.
No, this is a brief historical account of the Lost Generation, your great-grandparents, born between 1883 and 1900.
He has a special focus on how the Boomer generation is revising its approach to careers, money and lifestyles after age 50.
Founder and CEO Kim Walker is a respected veteran of the communications industry in APAC, with 30 years of business and marketing leadership experience in Australia, Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York. This award-winning blog, sponsored by the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, provides an in-depth resource of breaking news and cogent analysis. When you need fresh Boomer insights, contact Matt for original research, both online and focus group. Ad agencies absolutely need his counsel about any of their clients planning to target Boomers.
When I acquired this new family, however, I was busy finding ways of building bridges, music seemed to be one of them, and so I decided to find something to like about the Manics, and discovered that actually they’re rather wonderful.
Dad was fond of Gilbert and Sullivan and Kathleen Ferrier, he used to despair of Top of the Pops.

It took me far too long to realise that it was an original Clash song – to me, it sounded like a punked-up folk song! Many of us are still working towards our financial goals and could be facing certain concerns and obstacles. Unfortunately for Boomers, there are a few risks that may be affecting their financial health.  In addition to their own financial responsibilities, many in this group are experiencing increasing demands on their financial resources from their parents and adult children. If you are in this group, you may consider using your earnings to pay off debt, establish an emergency fund, and putting more money aside for your retirement on a monthly basis. What this younger group may not realize is that they need to start planning now, in order to take full advantage of the time they have to grow their wealth.
The views expressed by the author are the author’s alone and do not necessarily represent the views of Hewins or its affiliates. This is an important resource for companies and advisors helping Boomers prepare for their post-career lives. He has been a business trends and market identifier who had launched three pioneer-status businesses to exploit opportunities unveiled by his observations. He is also responsible for bringing the first college-linked retirement community to Japan, which opened in Kobe in August 2008. Because of intense media scrutiny from birth onward, many of us believed our generation was unprecedented as a youth cohort, a dramatic departure from all preceding generations — a demographic and psychographic anomaly in the plodding march of American history. They confronted human rights injustices, sometimes filling city streets with angry protest marches.
Please keep in mind that this articulate and insightful blog is being written by someone who uses English as her second language.
His book "The New Old" (October, 2008, ECW Press and recommended here) details how the Baby Boomers are completely reinventing the process of aging – and the implications for companies, government, and society as a whole. Carol, co-author of “Boom,” as well as 15 books for and about Boomers, shares her informed opinions from the heart of the demographic.
You've been paying for these programs since inception of your career; now it's time to learn how as individuals and collectively we can preserve them for all generations. Bill Thomas, seeks to elevate elders and elderhood in our society by taking-to-task the media, government and other interest groups who perpetuate a declinist view of aging. Sometimes this recognition is triggered by a divorce, career change, personal loss or some other significant event and sometimes it is just the calendar hitting 35 or 40.
Although my father listened to jazz of various kinds, he never seemed very enthusiastic about it. But somehow, although I don’t object to any of the songs (that I have heard) per se,it certainly is possible to have too much Metallica.
In the following article, we’ll review some of the challenges that different generational groups may be experiencing, along with some tips to overcome those obstacles. They must also consider economic and sociological trends, which can alter their expectations for retirement, including rising health care costs, disappearing pensions and uncertainty regarding Social Security.2 Because of these threatening trends and their shorter time horizon, this generation is especially challenged in terms of meeting their goals. The information contained in any third-party resource cited herein, including but not limited to other blogs, websites or articles, is not owned or controlled by Hewins, and Hewins does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information that may be found in such resources. ADVISE to help companies increase understanding through audit of their ageing-readiness, strategic workshops, training and executive briefings. She wrote the “Jamaica Plain (Boston)” chapter of the book WalkBoston (2003; Appalachian Mountain Club) and started a popular series of Jamaica Plain walking tours in 1996.
The hosts' goal is to take what otherwise might become a midlife "crisis" and turn it into a positive midlife transition.
People (ie us, his children) would give him records for presents and he would listen once, choose which tracks he liked (if any), record them on to tape and then take the record to the charity shop. Young Munday’s musical taste tends towards Stan Bush, Kylie Minogue and (strangely) Peter Gabriel, none of which I dislike intensely.
He ended up backstage chatting to Joe for a couple of hours while I hung around in the main venue, drunk and oblivious, wondering where he’d got to. However, not all is lost for this generation, as members may still have the ability to adjust their financial outlook.
Links to any third-party resource are provided as a courtesy for reference only and are not intended to be, and do not act as, an endorsement by Hewins of third party or any of its content or use of its content. Norway is a magical country, so Kristine's European perspective about life after 50 enriches us all. CONNECT business to the senior market through refined brand positioning plus relevant and targeted communications strategies.
So the only thing I can think of that I’ve been moderately converted to is Metallica, by Mr Munday, who is 8 years younger than me (not quite a generation).
If you are in this generation and find yourself in this situation, you may consider a few strategies like downsizing your home, making small adjustments to yearly expenses or reassessing your retirement goals and needs. The standard information provided in this article is for general educational purposes only and should not be construed as, or used as a substitute for, financial, investment, or other professional advice.
If you have questions regarding your financial situation you should consult your financial planner, investment advisor, attorney or other professional.

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