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Using the latest brain research in neuroplasticiy, Heather helps you reach realistic goals by changing the way you think, feel and behave with Mindfulness-based therapy, Hypnotherapy and Brainspotting. Heather has a professional background of 17 years in public health as an Oncology and Heamatology nurse specialist.
Using mindfulness, of body and mind, Heather offers a unique range of mind-body therapies offering you a holistic approach. Brainspotting is a new technique based in brain science used to process release emotional core material. Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy is a very gentle way of exploring our inner world, in a co-creative way. In this state we can exploring the core processes (thinking, feeling, and moving, internal and external sensing) which allows us to discover the core material and belief’s which shapes our lives. Despite our longing for deeper connection in our relationships, many people find themselves stuck in familiar patterns and lost as to how to overcome these difficulties.
Heather can assist you to navigate these challenges and offer an opportunity to find a way out of the loop.
Hypnosis and counselling will assist you to reduce your stress levels, by teaching relaxation techniques and visualisation which assists the body towards reproductive health and well being. Relaxation and visualization assist with physical and emotional problems which stop you conceiving, and carrying a healthy baby. Hypnotherapy uses deep relaxation and the power of visualisation and suggestion to enhance your pregnancy and birth experience. Heather previously worked for over 17 years as a Registered Nurse in Heamatology, Oncology and Pain management and Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist in Sydney and the UK. Some of us did not have the privilege to grow up in a nurturing home that promoted confidence. What is self confidence, where does it come from?  Self confidence, or self esteem, is defined by each person uniquely. Of course that kind of carelessness can have a negative impact on you as well, so there’s definitely a health balance between not caring and caring so much that outside factors cripple or paralyze you. Self confidence doesn’t just dissipate like steam rising from a boiling pot, it is envied by others, and ignored by tragedies that we go through. It’s hard to grow out of that mindset, but kids usually take a path when they reach the teen years – and it continues on throughout adulthood. Sometimes even if someone starts out on the right path – of having ample inner strength – they can lose it as they let their defenses down and allow other people to deeply influence them. If we ask ourselves on ways how to gain self confidence, it’s because we’re in a state of helplessness – almost like hanging on by a thread and feel like if we don’t get a stronger hold on our emotions and confidence, we could lose everything. No matter how often you feel like you’ve been knocked down or that you’re unable to face a situation, you will always have a spark of confidence ignited in your soul. Stay tuned and get more tips on how to gain self confidence at work and in a relationship in our next articles. Tagged  gain self confidence, gaining self confidence, how to build self confidence, how to gain self esteem, Self Esteem Issue, what is self confidence. There are a lot of people who suffer from such situation where they can’t express their selves and feel helpless when they required to say something or give their performance that cause embarrassment for them for the rest of their life and they remember that moment as a nightmare of their life. The first thing that can be noticed in every introvert or a person with self esteem issues is that they don’t try new things too often and avoid to go places where they might face new people that’d distract them from learning that particular thing.
Picture yourself while speaking Chinese in a Chinese restaurant when you order something and your friends would say ‘Bravo! The second thing you can do to remove this Lack-Of-Self-Confidence element from your personality is to go and meet your old fellows and discuss anything you feel like. Another way that you can try to build your self confidence is that you join a club where you could meet new people and get yourself involved in a conversation where you’d be giving opinions and hearing other’s views on that topic. No matter what you do but you should be interacting with people to remedy your self esteem issues like if you are a student or even an office worker, just take an assignment that requires working in group. Being an introvert or not very outgoing person has too many bad things but the main key of all these things is that the person who’s facing this situation is afraid of something and always says NO to all the new thing he may want to try and keeps on telling himself that ‘Gosh! Papu is a fictional character who speaks on motivation, self help, positive thinking and relationships.
Have you ever wondered that why are you still living the life that you were living 5 years back or so? If your teen has low self esteem or a lack of confidence this CD set can greatly help improve their attitude and outlook on themselves and life in general. Every day you are so deeply interested in whatever you are doing, so deeply interested in whatever is going on that your mind is much less preoccupied with yourself and you are much less conscious of yourself and your own feelings. You think more clearly, you concentrate more easily, your memory improves and you see things in their true perspective, without allowing them to get out of proportion.
Every day you become, and you remain, more and more completely relaxed and more tranquil, both mentally and physically. Because of this every day you feel more and more independent, more able to stick up for yourself, to stand on your own feet, to hold your own, no matter how difficult or trying things may be.
Because all these things will begin to happen - exactly as I tell you they will happen, you will begin to feel much happier, much more contented.
Position: To learn progressive relaxation, all parts of your body must be comfortably supported. I wish you great success in gaining self confidence as you move ahead with your dream to sing!
Many people make mistakes early in the beginning of their relationships that come back to haunt them later on. In this article you will learn the importance of self respect, how it can improve your life and how to acquire it.

This article gives you 5 power tips to becoming more confident and overcome your shyness quickly!
Bust Liars is an ebook that teaches you the exact method to know when people are lying to you. Survive Anything is an ebook that shows you how to become self-sufficient and survive any catastrophe easily. Covert Hypnosis is an ebook that gives you practical, powerful and stealthy methods to influence people and get them to do anything you want!
Having also spent many years (since 1992) training in mindfulness, yoga, natural health, and psychotherapy practices, Heather provides a truly holistic system encompassing your physical, mental and spiritual needs.
In 3-12 sessions you can make changes which improve your life. Hypnotherapy will integrate your sub conscious and conscious thinking to change limiting beliefs, or habits and challenge your negative sabotaging strategies. Brainspotting uses eye positioning paired with mindful somatic experiencing to locate and process emotionally charged material.
Mindfulness is used during the session and helps support the client to be present and witness what is happening in a compassionate way. This therapy is a powerful tool for transformation, working with the body, breath, and sound, and discovering creative ways to change beliefs and behaviour that hold us back.
This can happen not only in our romantic relationships, but also in other relationships that are important to us, such as with friends, parents, children, co-workers, and neighbours.
Responsibility is the willingness to take ownership over any “baggage” that we bring to our relationships—most of our core wounds, and fears. Listening is the gift of our full presence, with an open heart and without judgment or fixing. I believe there is no shame in choosing to end a relationship when you find that you are both growing in different directions. Heather can help couples or individuals focus on and study how he or she experiences these inner and outer conflicts. Self hypnosis is easy to learn and everyone is capable of relaxing and hypnotizing themselves.
In 2003 after more than 20 years personal practice in yoga and meditation, Heather decided to train as a Yoga Teacher and worked across the Northern Beaches. Drawing from personal experience and professional training to offer compassionate companionship, and guidance to all fellow travellers on the spiritual path, or path to healing and well-being. The important thing, however, is that we pursue that confidence now.Being self confident is key to living a more positive life and living a more positive life is key to self confidence.
Take baby steps, simply put one foot in front of the other and soon enough you will be up that hill.
You might see it as simply being able to say no when you want to, while another person might consider it living life in a way where every action and emotion you have is geared toward your success and happiness. When we’re first born, we are void of excuses – of negative thought patterns about ourselves or life in general. According to Wikipedia the socio-psychological concept of self-confidence relates to self-assurance in one’s personal judgment, ability, power, etc.
In order for this to occur we have to hand over a certain amount of permission allowing it to happen, growing and gaining.
As a teen, you either were labeled headstrong, or not labeled at all – because people without self esteem are barely noticeable. Or, they go through a series of situations that bring them to their knees and with every encounter, they’re a little less strong.
So the very first thing you should do is to try to learn something new like a new language let say your native language is English then why not learn Chinese, French or Russian and add something additional in your resume as well as in your personality? This would give you two benefits like you’d be talking without stammering or feeling awkward and the second one is that you’d be meeting your old buddies (Awesome!) Just pay them a visit or invite them at your place and refresh some old memories. In this way, you could easily be able to connect with people and get the opportunity to fight back your self confidence issues. What’d people say?’ or ‘I can’t do this!’ so if you really want to get yourself out of this situation, then develop a habit of taking risks (not deadly) and do that thing that you were planning to do but didn’t do that because of some fear or anything like that. This two CD set will put you in the mindset to succeed in relationships, work and life in general. Learn tips and techniques to approach situations in your job, relationships and school with more confidence then you ever dreamed of. Every day you feel a greater feeling of personal well being, a greater feeling of personal safety and security, more than you have felt in a long, long time.
As you become and as you remain more relaxed and more tranquil each day, you develop much more confidence in yourself, much more confidence in your ability to do, not only what you have to do each day, but much more confidence in your ability to do whatever you ought to be able to do, and to do it optimistically, happily and confidently. By progressively concentrating on different areas of the body and imagining physical relaxation, mental relaxation will follow. Try to schedule a fixed time everyday so you won't forget to do your progressive relaxation. I use to be shy and had difficulties talking to anyone and this was due to me being overweight and being bullied as a kid.
Both client and therapist are held in the present moment working with what arises, in an atmosphere of curiosity, and acceptance. When we chose to take responsibility for our part in arguments and misunderstandings, we create an space for something different to emerge. We can chose to love and respect ourselves enough to share all of ourselves with our partner, even the parts that we think are unlovable. At times it will stir stuff up—it will make you look deeply at yourself and it will ask you to evolve. By focusing on the present moment feelings, sensations, thoughts and belief patterns in mindfulness, we can explore the deeper layers contained in each experience.

The subconscious is responsible for regulating all your bodily functions including your heart rate, hormone production as well as the emotions.
After launching Labour TENS and TENS Pain Relief, Heather also continued to study in natural therapies. As children, we’re taught that other people have power over us to some degree – teachers, parents – any and all authority figures.
Like a muscle that’s atrophied, your self confidence has to be flexed for it to work again. There are plenty of ways that you can try for building self confidence and we’ve highlight 5 ways for your usual but unanswered question (Yet!) that ‘How to gain self confidence?’ so here we go! Or you can even try to learn how to sew cloths or to make new dishes (All depends on your choice) but learn and go out. Mental relaxation itself is an altered state and helps the mind and body to be more responsive to suggestions. Shortly after I started listening to Gaining Self-Confidence, I noticed a different in my communication skills and well-being. Emotional material or trauma is stored or frozen in the body, brainspotting can locate and assist the client to process this through activating the body’s healing response. When we give the gift of vulnerability to our partner, we are opening the space for them to share their vulnerability with us as well.
If there is no medical issues then becoming pregnant and birthing is a natural process that your body understands how to do. Unfortunately we have recently turned birthing into a medical procedure and women are now in fear, anticipating the worst. Hypnosis can help you to deal with, and overcome fear and anxiety and to increase self confidence and trust in your body’s natural ability to birth.
Eventually combining both the TENS business and her personal practice into one place -the Lotus Centre firstly in Freshwater, and now Brookvale. For this reason I have put together a few techniques you can put into practice to get the ball rolling. The reason for this is because when we see someone that we can relate to or that we feel share common characteristics with ourselves, we tend to see their victories as achievable for ourselves.
We’re taught to play nice and cave in to some activities and elements of life we may not enjoy just to be polite. It has to be used on a regular basis – tested so that it becomes a force that’s able to protect you from harm and lift you to heights you never knew were possible. I started getting out more and talking with people and had more confidence in projects I sold and took on.I also used Ron's Lose Weight and Quit Smoking with Self-Hypnosis programs, and have lost over 100 lbs and have been Smoke free for over a year now.
But do not assume that you should be able to sing with the range of Celine Dion, the power of Bruno Mars or (for you older singers), the careful styling of Tony Bennett, in your early years. The therapist is attuned to the client, as the client is encouraged to be mindful of and focused on the body. Unfortunately the modern world can be a stressful environment, or the pressure to become pregnant causes more stress. The closer we can relate to someone that we admire or look up to the more we can see ourselves accomplishing that which our models or mentors do.Practice positive self talk and recite positive self affirmations.
These programs saved my life and I am happy to be alive because of Ron.This is a must have program for anyone wanting to improve their confidence and communication skills. Often words are unnecessary to treat an issue as the memories are stored in the emotional or limbic brain. We, sometimes, as human beings tend to be harder on ourselves than we would be on anyone else. Then, gradually build from that place toward songs that remain appropriately challenging as you improve.
Stress hormones like cortisol have a direct impact on our reproductive system, if the stress response is activated often the body has little time to return to normal, resulting in continued and prolonged levels of cortisol associated with chronic stress. Some coaches may feel that their "artistic temperament" gives them the right them to be unkind or abusive.
The reason I am telling you this is because those that lack self confidence tend to worry too much about what others think of them. DID YOU SIGN UP FOR MY FREE NEWSLETTER - "HOT TIPS FOR SMART SINGERS?" from the "Smart Singers" series of publications?
For this reason, it is up to you to do what you know to be right and to do what makes you happy. I left her early in the game so that I would not have to regain my confidence after lessons.Try to find a teacher who makes a point of welcoming you to lessons with pleasure - who makes the singing process "fun" and enjoyable - but still expects you to work hard and seriously. Share your vocal goals and dreams ONLY with others who are supportive of your musical desires. Instead of looking for all the reasons you cana€™t do something, start looking for the reasons you can do something. This atmosphere of happiness in a studio goes a long way in gaining self confidence as a singer. There will always be people in your life who will try to dissuade you or embarrass you about your hopes to become a better singer.These people have many reasons for wanting to put out your creative fire. It is important not only to recognize what we are good at, but to embrace those things and use them to our advantage.Sit down and write out a list of your best qualities, what you are good at and also make a list of all of your past achievements no matter how small you think they might be.

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