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Life Changing Results Literally tens of thousands of people have experienced a transformation with Xyngular. For special deals on our critically acclaimed home study DVD courses, please type in MFMA on Ebay. Designed to be search engine friendly, we receive thousands of visitors every day, the majority of visitors are based in the UK. Like all my at home workout plans this is something you can do anywhere and will not need equipment for! Thankfully, New Year’s Day brings more than post-celebration fatigue and a champagne-induced hangover.
Scores of people set their eyes on superficial goals (I want my butt to look great in leggings this winter!) resulting in short-term results at best. To grasp the sensible fitness goals that result in triumph all year – every year – we had a healthy conversation with award-winning personal trainer and owner of Newbury Street studio, Parker Cote Elite Fitness. Focusing on larger, more objective goals (I must strengthen my endurance by running an additional mile each week) leaves little room for distraction when it comes to your overarching goal and will leave you stronger and more determined to continue excelling. It’s possible to join friends for dinner and drinks without going off the deep end – just remain conscious of your goals and order smartly. Remember, just as it’s not healthy to intake more calories than are burned it’s also not healthy to over-train, which can actually stifle future progress and lead to frustration that can ultimately derail. Instating a smart personal trainer like Parker will allow you to understand when it’s ok to take a step back and decompress versus when it’s essential to step it up and burn that midnight oil.
This post is a sponsored collaboration between Parker Cote Elite Fitness and Boston magazine's advertising department. Boston magazine partnered with The New England Board of Higher Education to teach readers about the vast educational options in the area. Editor’s Note: This blog post has been excerpted from an article that was originally published by Paul Singh on his blog. Across every startup ecosystem I’ve seen, it seems to me that there’s only one real way to help startup ecosystems mature: investors need to lose their egos, and founders need to gain some confidence. My last exit was in 2009 (read: 2009 was pretty much the last time I was actually in the trenches).

Here’s the thing, though: what worked yesterday probably won’t work today — as the web gets bigger, more startups come online, causing the most common customer acquisition channels to get saturated. At best, investors can provide high-level strategic guidance or direct introductions to mentors that have recent tactical experience in the areas that a founder might need help. Most of the challenges that startups face have already been dealt with by others, and those people probably talked about it on their blog, Quora, Hacker News, or some other online community. What this really means is that founders need to stop asking for so much advice — most of what they really need to know is already online or via other founders.
As I said earlier, investors need to lose their egos — these days, there’s little we can do to directly help a startup succeed. On the other side of this, founders need to gain some confidence — don’t ask an investor for “feedback” on your idea – talk to your customers.
UK Classifieds is free to join, it's free to reply to ads, most categories are free to advertise in too. It’s only 10 minutes so it’s an easy addition to any morning schedule and can act as afantasticwarm up for whatever exercise you already do!
I did it in my small dorm room so it really is a portable workout you can take with you and do anywhere!
After all, vows to shed excess body fat are made so often by partygoers it borders on holiday tradition! What they’re lacking is the right attitude and long-term dedication necessary for both achieving and maintaining a svelte physique, clear bill of health and vigorous lifestyle – for good. And, what we gained from our pep talk with the self-made fitness cover model, training pro and healthy living expert had us pumped to hit the studio. Parker does this by collaborating with clients to understand their past and present fitness habits. But if you’re doing so in order to drop a pant size by Valentine’s Day – where’s the love for your healthy lifestyle further down the road? Keep it quenched with plenty of water and fuel it with foods rich in protein and fiber to keep you satisfied longer and able to exert more energy. After all, tracking your diet should coincide with your established workout routine so you and your trainer can determine what’s working versus where you may want to make some improvements.

Get creative in the kitchen and turn classic, high-calorie dishes we all love (like starchy pasta smothered in sauce) into healthy ones packed with flavor (like surprisingly delicious and super healthy spaghetti squash “angel hair”).
Like anything, moderation is key and a life outside the studio should be a goal for anyone who’s in it for just that – life!
This applies to any startup ecosystem outside Silicon Valley — both in the US and internationally. More broadly, many (definitely not all) of the investors out there today probably were never founders (or even worked at startups) themselves. In other words, the pace of change in the startup world seems to only increase, and investors can’t help much when it comes to many of the tactical issues that founders face.
If a founder needs tactical advice on legal and finance, it’s probably OK to ask an investor for specific advice.
Rather than pretend to have superhero-like powers, let’s just try to stay out of the way until our founders call us.
The more effort you put into this the more you’ll get out of it and the more calories you’ll burn so try to really push yourself in the intense 30 second intervals! Then, benchmarks are set to not only gauge future progress but also to motivate along the way.
To put it bluntly, being an investor is probably one of the few jobs on the planet where you’re considered a genius if you’re only right 1% of the time. Otherwise, smart founders should ask an investor for an introduction to someone that might be able to help with an issue.
The rest of the time, we get to make hand-wavy assertions (perhaps like this one…) and pat ourselves on the back while founders listen intently. Hopefully this blog will keep me motivated and maybe anyone else trying to improve their image and health.
We specialize in weight loss, energy and overall wellness solutions, tailored to improve how you look and feel.

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