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Everyone from Jillian Michaels to Carrie Underwood loves using a deck of cards to add variety to their workouts.
Lie on your back and bring your legs up one at time so your toes are pointed toward the ceiling. Think of your toes as the point of a pencil, and write the alphabet in lowercase cursive on the ceiling. Do not let your lower back come off the floor when writing letters with tails like F, G, P, and Q. If crunches aren't your favorite exercise, then work your abs similarly standing up by tracing the alphabet with a medicine ball held in front of your chest.
Leave your workout to chance by assigning an exercise to each side of your dice (use one die for six exercises or two to add more variety with 12 exercises). Not only do I have a little bootcamp at my church, I work as an outdoor educator with a year round camp and retreat center.

Meanwhile Team A has made a circle and someone is running around it and slaps the one hand that is held out. When Team B has reached the last player, they then throw the object (med ball or rubber chicken) as far as possible.
Team A must all run to it line up and pass over under or side to side and back until the end of the line is reached.
We use this as a team builder for a low challenge course at camp then talk about who was the leader, the importance of communication.
These creative ideas will keep you motivated while adding variety and surprise to your next workout.
Carrie starts with a 15-minute treadmill warmup, then goes through the whole deck to burn 600 calories in about an hour-and-a-half; find out Carrie's method here, or see Jillian's deck of card workout here.
You can also assign the duration to each number (10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.) and do an exercise for as long as what you roll.

Write an exercise on each popsicle stick, and stick them all in a jar; whenever you finish an exercise, put that popsicle stick in the other jar.
This will give you a little lift and help protect your lower back until your abs become stronger. This works well for circuit workouts, or just to keep you moving when you have a few minutes to spare; you can also make each popsicle stick your daily workout with this color-coded popsicle-stick workout idea from espnW.

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