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Historic tours, carriage rides, downtown stroll and sightseeing are fun activities for couples.
Jack DennisLife Coach ExaminerRaised in San Antonio, Jack Dennis' early experiences were as a newspaper reporter and private investigator.
Dramatic transformation: Bristol Palin bikini body weight loss stunsBristol Palin showed off her impressive post-baby weight loss in a bikini while vacationing in Hawaii. TweetParis, or if you’re feeling particularly French, pronounce it “Parriee” – and make sure you do the R in the back of your throat. There are literally mountains of things you can do in Paris, but this is my little ‘Top 10’ list, so take it with a grain of salt and hopefully it gives you a few ideas of what to do in Paris if you’re heading there on a trip sometime soon, all with our own photos from our last trip there! A jump at the Eiffel Tower using our cheap plastic 4 shot camera.You can’t really think ‘Paris’ and not at some point think ‘Eiffel Tower’.
I actually heard on my travels that originally Mr Gustave Eiffel gave the plans of the Eiffel Tower to Barcelona, but they rejected them so he offered it to Paris.
Although many would not like to admit it, the real winning side of popping up to see the Sacre Coeur is the stunning views you’ll get of the Paris vista.
Everyone knows the Louvre – the home of the priceless painting and the ‘I thought it was going to be bigger than this’ Mona Lisa by Da Vinci. The gardens around the The Louvre are a great spot to relax and enjoy some lunch (provided it’s a nice day) – so bring along your own food in a day pack to help save some Euros.
This funky converted train station from 1900 houses numerous 19th century and Impressionist paintings. The mansion was originally built for a wig maker in 1730 – but the artist Rodin lived for a number of years until his death in 1917.
Musee Rodin has a large number of Rodin’s early work (stuff like sketches and water colours) and of course large collections of his sculptures (including the world famous ‘The Thinker – you know the bloke who is resting his head on his hand).
It’s quite an impressive monument to see, and definitely deserves an unofficial Top 10 honourable mention.
When I was there with my girlfriend, we chose the green grass areas in front of the Eiffel Tower to watch the sunset.
If it happens to be winter, then there is always the option of ice skating at the Eiffel Tower Ice Rink. If you’re really stuck for things to do, just pick an area like Montmartre or St Germain and simply explore the nooks and crannies and finish the night with some local French wine and indescribably tasty food.
Officially known as Les Puces de Saint-Ouen (but everyone just calls it Les Puces, which translates as ‘The Fleas’) – this market is massive (it covers over seven hectares) and is one of the largest antique markets in the world. Don’t pigeon hole it just to antique stuff though; this market has everything from gangster rap apparel to second hand chucks (converse shoes) to expensive antique furniture to old Parisian post cards. We had a ball there just traipsing around, exploring and making a few small purchases (unfortunately all the cool antique stuff was wildly expensive for us mere backpackers). To get to Les Puces catch the metro to Porte de Clignancourt and basically follow the crowds. In a cafe or restaurant, ask for ‘Kir’ – it’s a tasty mix of a red fruit liqueur and white wine.

If you buy a fresh baguette (which is mandatory in Paris), then make sure you take a bite as you walk out of the bakery – that’s what all the locals do! For those who like vintage shopping, you’ll want to hit up the Les Puces, Montmartre and Marais. Hey Tom, Have just spent the last hour or two cruising my way around your site – loved it!!As fellow Aussies and travellers i have gained some great tips for our upcoming trip to Europe – thanks heaps!!
The pintxos in San Sebastian are fantastic (like a better version of tapas) and it’s got a great big bay that would be a great swimming spot for you and the kids.
This is a very nice article (I lived in Paris, and I didn’t even knew that les puces existed – definitely going to see that next time !
We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post to another people via your facebook, pinterest, google plus or twitter account. Right Click to save picture or tap and hold for seven second if you are using iphone or ipad. May 30, 2012 By Nod 7 Comments Our school isn't out till mid-June, but I know many of you are officially done with school by now.
Two hundred fun, easy activities should pretty well annihilate the summer boredom phenomenon.
I'll be back later with some follow-up posts detailing the adventures we checkoff the list. Honest to Nod is a collaborative blog presented by The Land of Nod, featuring tons of our favorite bloggers, designers and friends. With a Texas State University bachelor's degree, Jack studied journalism and won numerous awards, including Investigative Reporter of 1976 from Rocky Mountain Press Association. Catch up on the stories you missed and view the collections shown in New York, London, Milan and Paris. I went there with my girlfriend, and we wanted a hotel for once instead of a hostel (you know, for romantic reasons) – but obviously our budget was a bit tight.
It’s inevitable, but you know what, in my opinion the Eiffel Tower really does manage to avoid being a cliche. Of course the Basilica itself is well worth seeing, and is a treasure trove of religious sights. The art scene has been exploding for hundreds of years, and is still an unstoppable force today. Also, if you possess an EU passport then entry to the museum is fee (I forgot to bring mine along with me, I was so annoyed!). Featuring many of the greats such as Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir and Pissarro – if you’re an art lover it’s definitely one to put on the ‘must do’ list. It also has a bunch of Rodin’s furniture and antiques, and the private gardens are a great spot to sit and relax. Grab yourself a fresh baguette, some brie and succulent cherry tomatoes (and maybe a bottle of Rose wine) – and get ready for a simple romantic feast. It’s magical at night when it is all lit up, so gaze at it for a while then head around the Latin Quarter and find yourself a cosy spot to sink down into a romantic dinner at one of the many fabulous cafes and restaurants that sprinkle the area.

The highest point in Paris is actually on the hill of Bellville, just near the Telegraphe Metro Station. We have spent many years travelling this great country we live in and this is our first big foray OS apart from a few Asian and south pacific destinations, so any helpful hints i can get are fantastic!
It does get pretty busy and touristy in the summer months though, but might be worth a visit if you’re in that area! I’ve corrected my bad spelling of Sacre Coeur and the correct combination of Kir, both good tips (sometimes my spelling is cringeworthy haha). If you’re looking for clever decorating ideas, unique diy craft projects, recipes and more, you’ve clicked to the right place. Don’t get me wrong, in parts it was dirty and grungy just like those pessimistic travellers would have you believe, but the side of it that is wondrous and magical more than makes up for it. We ended up staying in an area that I wouldn’t describe as unsafe, but it’s certainly not your ‘stereotypical’ romantic view of Paris. Sure, there are hordes of tourists (you’re planning on going there, right?), and there can be lines and annoying hawkers selling Eiffel Tower paraphernalia – but even with all that, it’s still awesome. This means of course that there are loads of fantastic museums displaying art from all eras. There are countless treasures to peruse, and being the world’s largest museum I can guarantee you’ll get tired before you can see all the wonders it holds. It was really nice (although bring something to sit on, and put some shopping bags underneath to stop your bum getting wet) and we did it two nights in a row. You can also just wander around and gaze at all of the Christmas decorations that gloriously scatter the streets.
Don’t go in and eat there unless you’re loaded, the real reason to head up is to enjoy the superb views from the top of the building.
Not doing the backpacker thing, but with two kids in tow one is always looking for ways to save a buck. Who knows I guess, that’s like wondering what the world would be like if Napoleon won the war or the Nazis triumphed in World War II – but it’s interesting nonetheless! I’m not sure of the legality of drinking a bottle or two of Rose wine there, but we did it and didn’t have any problems (except for getting a little tipsy).
Can’t wait to get to England and France – any tips on Spain, especially the northern part above Portugal??
Foods for 20 years, Jack co-founded Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) and was elected President to establish PRSM magazine.

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