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Did you know that the  Centers of Disease Control recommend that children and adolescents should get a minimum of 60 minutes of exercise on a daily basis? Team sports are a great way to get your child motivated to exercise and spend quality time outdoors (with the exception of a few indoor sports). When I was a teenager, often times I would invite several of the neighborhood kids over and we would play a game of soccer. During the winter time, find some fun outdoor activities that the whole family enjoys like skiing, ice skating, snow boarding, snow shoeing, and more.
If you expect for your children to want to exercise, it is super important to model those behaviors even when you dread working out. Even if you can’t get out to the gym, you can try to find some great DVDs or even games to play indoors that get your blood pumping. My son is in karate twice a week and we try to stay active on other days that he is not in class.
This is refreshing, it makes me so happy that more parents are concerned with making sure their children get proper exercise.
I am doing the rest except the exercise, which I think is a shame because it’s kind of important. If you have a group of pals interested in outdoor exercising, games like beach volleyball, basketball, or baseball might be the way to go.
Other activities that are more relaxed and can be done with any number of people include hiking, taking a stroll in the park, or visiting a local market and window shopping. Download the mobile app to price match products in-store, organize your shopping list, and earn cash back on your purchases.

This Mayo Clinic article sums up what we teach about physical activity in Fit Kids and explains how much exercise kids need each day. Physical activity does not need to be a chore- find something your child enjoys and try doing some activities together. With technology it seems that more and more kids, aren’t getting enough exercise on a daily basis. With our hard winter months ahead, we definitely need to find some great games or dvds to keep us going.
With all the television, phones and video games it’s so important to get our kids off the sofa and outside for some fresh air and activities! We usually spend time with our kids every day during a short morning walk & during the weekends we allow them to get along with other kids to play some fun games as well.
When there’s good company and sights to see, it’s easy to forget that you’re even exercising at all! Browse flyers online from all your local retailers, print coupons or have them mailed to you for FREE.
Making physical activity a priority for your child sets a strong foundation for a lifetime of fitness and healthy habits. One hour of physical activity each day is recommended for school-aged kids; we practice this with our Activity Trackers in November! Making exercise a priority for yourself is a perfect way to model healthy behaviors for your child; they are more likely to emulate your healthy lifestyle as they get older. As a mom, I understand that an hour may seem like a lot of time especially if you are trying to figure out how to add it into your already busy schedule.
When your child doesn’t have practice, you can encourage them to go outside and practice by themselves or find another activity that they enjoy.

Some great games for pairs include tennis (based on the weight of an 150 lb adult, you can burn over 420 calories in 1 hour!), badminton, frisbee, and golf. Going outside to kick around a soccer ball or hit a baseball at the local diamond is fun for your child and great for getting you out and moving.
They might not know how to react to certain situations, the dog might pull them over (depending on the size of dog that you have), or something might happen. Your child will be more than likely your child to join in and they won’t grumble the next time you try to encourage them to exercise. You can even invite the whole family over too, depending on the activity that you are going to do. Just remember if you do use the gym pool, that you make sure that you follow the rules since it isn’t your typical swimming pool. Of course, when thinking about summer exercise, the usual suspects come to mind: jogging, swimming, and biking.
These are all great calorie busters, and if you like to exercise solo, they’re perfect options. If intense exercise really isn’t your thing, then grab a buddy and try some of these ideas that make exercising fun.
Have a look at your municipal website to see if there are any classes or activities going on in your neighbourhood.

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