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admin | reflection of the past meaning | 06.02.2015
Which workouts do YOU like better–with equipment or little-to-no equipment, and why?? I’m a huge circuit fan- not only do I think you get a better workout over all, but it makes the time fly by! If the workout is to easy, then increase the sequence from 2x to 4x.  As always, warmup before the workout, cool down after the workout and stretch.
I would like to do this intense at home cardio but don’t know what a Burpee or a mountain climber, etc.

I wish I could be with Chris right now…we have about 5 weeks until we see each other, bahh that’s so far away!
I don’t belong to a gym so all my workouts are at home, with small weights, bands and creativity!
Is 1 what it’s set at, or when you say 1 do you mean that I should up the treadmill to level 1? But still, I’d take circuits combined with weights, body weight exercises, short bursts of cardio and plyometrics any day!

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