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With the Christmas break just around the corner, there really is no better time to spend quality time with the whole family. If you want to get the whole family involved then going out on a festive walk is also a fun way to gather up pinecones, twigs and evergreen branches for decoration. It’s important that your child practices their writing skills even when they aren’t at school. Spending the afternoon watching Christmas movies with your child is a must during the holidays. Visit the beach – We don’t live near the beach, BUT if we did we would visit and collect sea shells for crafts. Water fight – Having a water fight with my kids typically means, I do all the chasing and spraying them, but hey, it makes them happy, and it is a great way to cool off.
Bird Feeders – You can make some bird feeders for those birds that keep coming by every morning.
Fishing – We love to go fishing during the summer, and the kids freak out when they catch a fish, lol. Zoo – Call your local zoo, they likely have certain days of the week, or month that are free or cheap. Picnic – Go on a picnic, if you cannot get away from the house maybe consider a backyard picnic. Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths On-The-Go Soft Packs are alcohol free for a nice safe clean, sewer and septic safe, since they break up after flushing, and pre-moistened so they are gentle on your bum too. For more fun tips, comments, games, videos, and COUPON DOWNLOADS be sure and visit the Cottenelle Site.
Now, not many of us will have trouble finding fun activities to do in Las Vegas, however, choosing where to start can be a bit more difficult! Vegas Indoor Skydiving gives you the chance to experience the exhilaration of skydiving, without having to jump out a plane. Since Sin City resides in the heart of the Mojave Desert, racing your mates around the Nellis Dunes is an opportunity not to be missed! One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, taking in the breath-taking scenery of the Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list.
The USA are known for their generous portions and seeing the size of Vegas’ biggest servings up close and personal really is a jaw-dropping experience. Follow in the footsteps of Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears and Ross and Rachel by getting hitched at Vegas’ infamous Little White Wedding Chapel.
From catching a glimpse of the Grand Canyon to buggy racing on the sand dunes, there are so many fun activities to do in Las Vegas!
Famed for its unusual architecture, beautiful cityscape and world class football team, Barcelona is a city that most of us can’t wait to explore.
Any city break to Barcelona would not be complete without a tour of Antoni Gaudi’s most famous architectural masterpieces, including the Sagrada Familia, Palau Guell and Passeig de Gracia. An ideal group activity, IceBarcelona is this city’s chilly evening hangout which will definitely leave you smiling!
We all love tapas and paella, so why not throw yourself into a Spanish cooking course while you’re there? Driving a Ferrari around a F1 race track isn’t something you get to do every day, so taking the chance to whizz around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a must. If you’re looking to try out something entirely new, dining at Dans le Noir in the heart of Barcelona will confuse your senses and offers a completely unique experience. From seeing Gaudi’s work first hand to trying out a F1 race track, there are plenty of fun activities to do in Barcelona! As a mom I want to spend quality time with my kids, but not go into debt because of it (have you seen the cost of a movie ticket?!).
This can include board games, video games or even a game that your children make up. Some of our family favorites are Guesstures, Sorry and Trouble.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Jesenia MontanezJesenia is the blogger behind The Latina Homemaker where she shares homemaking tips, frugal living advice, delicious recipes and everything in between. Experience the natural charm and relaxing atmosphere of the area with these 6 fun activities to do in Akumal, Mexico. Sitting nicely between the towns of Playa del Carmen and Tulum, Akumal is a beach front community with gorgeous beaches and warm people. Also part of the Maya Riviera, Akumal is close to many fun activities and relaxing things to do and see. Akumal means “place of the turtles” in Mayan language, and this is because you can always find plenty of turtles swimming in the beach. Founded in 1958 by a Mexican businessman as a scuba diving resort, Akumal has stunning underwater life and scenic reefs. Akumal is also known for its crystal clear and calm waters perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling.
With something to do for everyone, Xel-Ha, meaning “where the water is born” in the Mayan language is a stunning must-see park while in the region. Some of the activities available include: snorkeling in the lagoon, rivers and cenotes, admiring the beautiful landscape on bike, walking or on a mini train, zip lining and eating fabulous Mexican dishes at the local restaurant. For those just wishing for a relaxing escape in nature, enjoy one of the many hammocks available and let the warm ancient breeze rock you into pure calmness. This natural park is beautiful whether you plan to go in the water and enjoy the scenic and clear underwater view or stay inland where a number of activities are available.

Aktun-Chen Natural Park which means “natural well inside a cave” in the Mayan language, is about 2.5 miles away from Akumal and it includes a wildlife reserve where you can explore the flora and fauna of the region. With an archeological array of ancient Mayan ruins, Tulum is the only site that faces the sea. Previously known as Zama or “city of dawn,” the city faces the sunrise in a stunning display of loyalty to the ancient Gods. This historical place will definitely appeal to everyone especially those wishing to learn more about the ancient customs, culture and traditions of Mexico. Complete your adventure with a stay at one of the available vacation homes for rent in Akumal. Fully furnished, it also comes with an outside grill for fun gatherings with friends and loved ones.
Also located in Tulum, you can enjoy a more traditional and ecologically focused stay at Zazilkin. Enjoy the beautifully maintained outdoor areas and take advantage of the air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi.
Restaurant dates, bar hopping with friends and movie nights out put a strain on your wallet. Many guys and girls like playing video games, so why not play video games with your boyfriend? Although your boyfriend will not openly admit it, but he likes being pampered as much as you do. You can create a drinking game out of your favorite TV show or a movie, or you can even create your own sport to play outside.
Here at Tutor Doctor we thought we would share with you some fun and festive activities to do with the kids this Christmas. Get your kids to use bows, ornaments and mini bells to give your wreath a really Christmassy look. Weighing out ingredients and counting whilst your child is baking is also a really easy way to get them to use maths during their winter break. It’s a great way to spend time as a family with loads of fun activities to get involved in, yummy food to try, festive music and German market stalls to keep your children entertained. Tutoring for English, Maths, Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) Special Education (Learning Differences, Learning Disabilities), ESL (Languages) and Exam Preparation.
I love sharing travel adventures, tech gadgets, recipes, parenting struggles (success), crafts, helpful tips, giveaways and sweepstakes, product reviews, and more. As you know the holidays are around the corner, where we eat lots of good food, drink holiday drinks and enjoy time with friends, family or maybe your pet cat. Displaying the very best of the weird and the wonderful, it’s pretty easy to get distracted in Caesar’s Palace or caught up in the thrill of the casinos. There are 15,000 acres of incredible landscape to discover and the best way to do so is speeding along in your custom-made mini Baja dune buggy.
If you really want to experience this natural phenomenon in style however, why not hop in a helicopter and get a bird’s eye view? Although this may not be ideal for everyone long-term, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this novelty experience at the time; everyone loves a good wedding, right? Featuring the latest travel news, first-hand interviews with travelling legends and insightful travel guides; look no further than the lowcostholidays blog. If you are heading to this Spanish metropolis in the coming months however, you’re going to want to know the best places to go and where to have the most fun. Located on the beach front, you’ll be supplied with cosy coats and gloves before entering the bar made entirely out of ice, with the chance to sip on one of their complimentary cocktails. Learning the secrets of Spanish cuisine is a skill you can bring back home with you and the best part of it is that you’ll be able to tuck into some delicious dishes at the end of it all! You can take to the wheel for an exhilarating six laps of the high-speed circuit, feeling the full power of the supercar for yourself.
At this restaurant you will be dining in complete darkness making this blacked-out dinner all about fantastic flavours, high-quality ingredients and fun conversation!
You can borrow a movie from your local library, your own family collection, movie swap with a friend or rent one at a Redbox. They have a coffee shoppe, so we like to order a drink, sit at a table and read our favorite magazines. This can include, donating clothes, toys, food or volunteering at a local organization. There are many ways to involve children in the process, even younger ones can help sort through donation items. My 10 year old son enjoys playing basketball so when my husband takes him to the park to practice, we all tag along. She is a God loving, happy wife, mom of 3, that loves indulging in a delicious cup of coffee paired with a great book.
Enjoy the scenic reefs and various locations full of tropical fish and other amazing underwater life. With underwater landscapes such as caves and mini valleys this area is a great place to snorkel and see underwater sea life. Enjoy a walking adventure through a cave or swim in a cenote, a natural pit that exposes underground water.

Enjoy a climb to the top of the cliffs and look out at the sea enjoying the view the same way the Mayans did. Tulum has three major sites including El Castillo, The Temple of Frescoes and the Temple of the Descending God. Made for 2, these huts are perfect for couples seeking adventure and comfort in the most affordable yet chic way possible. And if you and your boyfriend want to save money for wedding, house, or car, you might want to know how to have dates at home, where you can save money and have fun together.
Take a sheet of paper in order to keep score of who is winning and play games against each other! Turn off your laptops and cell phones, stock up on movies and snacks, and spend the whole day together lying in your bed! If your child enjoys getting crafty you could even get them to dip some twigs and leaves in glitter and attach them accordingly. Make sure they practice their neatest handwriting as they are going to be sending it to the North Pole! There are all sorts of yummy treats to bake such as cookies, gingerbread men, cup cakes and shortbread. Salt dough decorations are also a really creative way to let your child add their own personal touch to the tree. Choose from a Christmas tree, gingerbread man or you could just let your child be creative. Be sure to not encourage too much screen time though, it might be Christmas but it’s important to keep the kids’ brains active too! So, to help put you on the right track, we’ve picked five of our favourite fun things to do in Sin City. With the security of the ground not too far away, you can fly like a superhero and get that adrenaline-fuelled rush from floating on air. The sensational surroundings are second to none and seeing it all from the sky makes the experience even more incredible.
One of the best food challenges comes in the form of the Heart Attack Grill’s Quadruple Bypass Burger, something you’re unlikely to finish. Whether its travel inspiration, discussion or entertainment, our blog is your perfect procrastination tool, your one-stop-shop of travelling delight! Whether you come away a budding chef or just with a very full belly, you’re sure to have a great time whatever the outcome! Perfect for adrenaline junkies, you’ll be talking about this activity for the rest of your trip!
In the end what matters most is being present for your child and not how much it cost to do so. We have the kids sit down for dinner with no electronics or anything else that can be distracting. If you’re on Pinterest, check out my Fun Activities for Kids board which is filled with lots of ideas for kids of all ages! This three bedroom and bathroom house for rent is designed in a rustic Mexican fashion and includes a private pool and several amenities.
If your guy doubts, convince him that it will not hurt his manly image, quite the contrary it will relax him. Sometimes disconnecting from the world for at least one day can be just what you and your boyfriend need to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Finally, carve a message using the end of a fork or get the kids to press in their footprints or handprints. When I'm not blogging, you'll find me spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, geeking out on tech, plotting the next home improvement, create crafts with the kids, and hang with my pitbull Skittles and newest bunny, Bun Bun.
Although it may not put a smile on your face by the end, you friends will definitely enjoy watching your attempt! So here are 9 things you can do for practically nothing while still having fun and spending time with your family. There are also many activities that don’t cost a thing such as local parks, free museums and local sporting events. We often stay at the table long after the meal is done, talking, laughing and simply enjoying our time together. Watch some movies you have both been wanting to watch, talk and play around with each other!
Be sure to check out the BBC’s Christmas section for some easy-peasy festive baking ideas here. This is really fun activity to do at home with your boyfriend, and who knows, maybe you or your partner come up with a new favorite recipe! You will not only be burning calories, but also have a lot of laughing together trying to follow the routine.

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