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When I was very young boy living in New York, there was a popular television weathercaster by the name of Carol Reed. One evening, Carol commented that it would be clear for everyone to get a good view of that night's "pink" full moon. While I don't recall the year of this episode, I can state most definitely that it took place in the month of April, since many years later I learned that traditionally the full moon of April is called the "pink moon," a reference made to the grass pink or wild ground phlox which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring season. So on Thursday night, when you look skyward at this year's version of the "pink" April full moon, remember not to take the term literally! While this month's full moon may not look pink, if you live in Europe, Africa or much of Asia, you will notice something a bit different about it, because it will take place on the night of a lunar eclipse. Unfortunately, in North America, none of this eclipse will be visible, since the actual instant of full moon occurs on Thursday afternoon (April 25), when the moon is below the horizon. During the first 110-minutes of the eclipse, the moon's northern hemisphere pushes ever-so-gradually into the Earth's partial shadow, called the penumbra. In spite of the fact that this isn't much of an eclipse, I suspect that more than a few skywatchers across the big pond will still take time out to watch it. Because we’ll still be under the influence of the recent partial Solar Eclipse and the previous New Moon in Scorpio all this month, we need to work with these bigger energies too. This is a time for exploring and owning what has been repressed, forgotten or shoved to one side in our lives.
It’s a great time to facilitate a gathering awareness of our truth and a strengthening sense of wholeness for ourselves. You can hold this crystal as you write or meditate, place it under your pillow or beside your bed while you sleep, or carry it in your pocket to help you stay focused.
Begin the challenge by writing this dedication in the front of your journal, and then signing your name and date. I understand that I deserve to be happy, and I am prepared to sit in vulnerability and truth in order to clear the obstacles to my happiness.
I understand that I am destined for more – being more, loving more, sharing more, having more. Although I am uncertain, although I still cannot name all the changes I desire, my heart is open to them if they be for my Highest Good.
Today I honour my desire and intention for positive change, and I offer it up to you, trusting that I will be guided to discover the next steps, that I will be drawn to inspiration and opportunity, and that I can create a life for myself which is more expansive, more aligned to my purpose, more in flow. My commitment to you is that for the next 4 weeks (and beyond) I am willing to explore and open to the possibilities of change, and to celebrate the many Blessings I already enjoy.
Visualise a colour in your crystal, or if you are just using your hands, visualise a colour in the palm of your hand above your heart.
Take 6 long, slow and unforced breaths, gently allowing your hands to rise and fall with your chest and belly. If you’re using a crystal, hold it in your non-writing hand, or place it in your lap or pocket. Know that this journal work will provide a platform for future planning, growth and self-awareness.
You can also write more in the future, taking yourself deeper and clearer each time you come back to that question. What small things in my life that are a source of irritation can I deal with effectively now with just a small amount of effort or organisation? What big things in my life irritate or worry me, that I need to face up to and sort out or give to an expert to sort out on my behalf? What have others told me about myself, or have made me conform to, which is limiting me and my happiness?
If you’re still not sure, then write it as a story, a fairy-tale that might one day come true.
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This is totally exactly the most perfect thing that I have been looking for, for this time in my life.
Hi Anita (I’m not Nicole) but the full moon on November 6th is seen by everyone, regardless of hemisphere. For example, the Beeroness aka Jackie Dodd believes it’s a beer that has not been fussed over. We’ve noted the advent of the yearly Mini-Moon, a bizzaro twin to the often over-hyped “SuperMoon,” or Proxigean Full Moon. As you can see, this year’s Mini-Moon falls extremely close to apogee… in fact, you have to go all the way back to the Full Moon of November 18th, 1994 to find a closer occurrence, and this year’s won’t be topped until May 13th, 2052!
Cool factoid: you actually move closer to the Moon as it rises, until it transits your local meridian and you begin moving away from it, all due to the Earth’s rotation.

The Moon will also occult the +3.6 magnitude star Lambda Geminorum on January 15th for observers in northwestern North America. In addition to being this year’s Mini-Moon, the January Full Moon is also known as the Wolf Moon in the tradition of the Algonquin Native Americans, as January was a time of the mid-winter season when starving wolf packs would howl through the long cold night. Also, be sure to wave a China’s Chang’e-3 lander and rover in the Bay of Rainbows (Sinus Iridum) as you check out this week’s Full Moon, as it just experienced its first lunar sunrise this past week. Be sure to send those Mini-Moon pics and more in to Universe Today, and let’s get this week’s #MiniMoon trending on Twitter!
David Dickinson is an Earth science teacher, freelance science writer, retired USAF veteran & backyard astronomer. Thanks for the info… not surprising that different platforms yield slightly different times and distances. Its probably a very slight factor in the motion of the Earth-Moon system that one (or both) systems aren’t accounting for. On January 15 the Moon in its sometimes moody home sign Cancer opposes the Sun in occasionally crusty Capricorn.
Every Full Moon raises emotional tides as we’re challenged to address two seemingly opposing needs. In some ways, the meaning of this lunation is to open a wider channel of communication between the child and adult parts of ourselves. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. When it got dark, my mother accompanied me outside expecting to see a salmon-colored moon, but all we saw was a full moon that looked the way it always did: yellowish-white with not a hint of pink. EDT (1804 GMT), the moon begins to meet the Earth's shadow; a little over two hours later it arrives under the middle of that shadow.
EDT (1954 GMT), the moon's northern limb finally makes contact with a much more abrupt shadow, the blackish-brown umbra. To the unaided eye, even to those with acute visual skills, it will hardly cause a perceptible dent on the lunar disk. That is, after all what a true amateur astronomer is: patient, undemanding, and willing to accept even the smallest crumbs from the star tables. He writes about astronomy for The New York Times and other publications, and he is also an on-camera meteorologist for News 12 Westchester, New York. There are some very favourable energies about right now to help us in connecting to our authentic selves, and from that place of truth we can then dream a new life, a new self, a new future into being. The gift here is in seeking the truth, completing patterns from the past, and experiencing breakthroughs as we step into this new phase of our lives. Feel free to let us know what kind of crystal you choose by leaving a comment below or over at our facebook page.
I am open now to truly understanding what it is that I need in order to thrive, to grow, to shine. This week, before you begin to reflect on and journal your exploratory questions, take a minute or two to perform this simple meditation. Breathe in to activate your hands and let that colour expand, so that it links both of your hands.
You’ll be coming back to these answers again in the future, so take your time and enjoy the process. Would love to do this, but I’m in the Northern Hemisphere, and we have a new moon at the moment.
I’m supposing that Nicole is working this challenge from the recent October full moon to the November full moon. I was a little confused (and couldn’t work out how to contact Nicole directly, hence the comment on the blog). Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Occurring approximately six months apart, you can always expect lunar apogee to roughly coincide with the instant of a Full Moon about half a year after it coincides with perigee. The Moon will appear only 29’ 23” in size on Wednesday night at moonrise, very close to its minimum possible value of 29’ 18”.
You can thus gain and lose a maximum of one Earth radii distance from the Moon in the span one night. This presents a fine time to try and spot the planet in the daytime to the Moon’s upper left, just a few hours prior to sunset. In fact, viewers along a line crossing central British Columbia will witness a spectacular graze along the lunar limb as the star winks out behind lunar mountains and pops into view as it shines through lunar valleys along the edge of the Moon. The January Full Moon is also sometimes referred to as “The Moon after Yule,” marking the first Full Moon after Christmas.

Well, 2014 has three Full Moons occurring within 24 hours of perigee starting on July 15th and finishing up on September 8th. This dramatic face-off between the two largest bodies in the sky represents a contrast between the sensitive, self-protective lunar needs of Cancer and the hard-nosed discipline and toughness of the solar transit in Capricorn.
However, the very nature of opposites is that they are intimately connected and can be seen as two sides of the same coin. Tense lunar aspects with disruptive Uranus and Pluto on the 14th add to the sense that the world is out of control. The Cancer Moon recognizes that we all can use some tender, loving care but that without balancing them with goals, commitment and a strong sense of purpose we never grow up. By then the moon will have just risen and will be visible low to the east-southeast horizon as seen from Ireland, and will be setting over south-central Japan in the morning hours of Friday, April 26. EDT (1920 GMT) you may realize you are beginning to detect the ever-so-slight gradient of a soft grey darkening around the top of the moon. However, anyone who glances up at the moon around that time will likely notice that the uppermost part of the disk of the moon will appear smudged or tarnished.
The Earth Mother Moon helps us to understand our life as an ecosystem, so that we can identify and give ourselves what we need to thrive in a balanced and sustainable way.
I’ll be giving away some lovely surprises and there will also be a party later this week where I’ll be on line to answer your questions and have some fun! In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). This is because we’re headed towards a “shallow year” as the Moon’s motion bottoms out relative to the ecliptic in 2015 and once again begins to widen out in its 18+ year cycle to its maximum in 2024-25. But the most notable is on August 10th, when the Moon passes perigee just 27 minutes from Full. Both signs seek security, but the first one is about feelings, family and one’s private life while the second is concerned with professional and public matters. Reacting to these pressures often provokes a Cancerian desire to stay within the protective shell of familiar people, beliefs and behavior. The Capricorn Sun demands that we are productive, yet without allowing some time for relaxation and pleasure we grow cold and rigid. When we are able to shift from tender to tough and back again we experience both sides of the equation. Come back to that question again and again until you have clarity or at least a starting place for understanding or further action. This isn’t the farthest apogee that occurs in 2014, but it’s close: the Moon is just 32 kilometres more distant on July 28th, 2014.
That’s because it is passing through Orion the Hunter, one of the six non-zodiacal constellations that it can be found in. Expect it to be preceded by the usual lunacy that surrounds each annual “Super Moon” as we once again bravely battle the forces of woo and describe just exactly what a perigee Full Moon isn’t capable of. What’s the use of being tough and making a mark in the world if we lack the sensitivity to appreciate the fruits of our labors? Or, for more ambitious individuals, to turn insecurity outward like a Capricorn general who is more inclined to seek new territory to conquer than to fully appreciate the garden he already possesses.
It’s a message of wholeness, a lesson in overcoming the instinct to polarize and act as if we’re limited to a single way to take care of ourselves and those we love. Spread it out over a week, or spend a solid hour or two over one day – it’s up to you!
Apogee can vary from 404,000 to 406,700 kilometres, and this month’s apogee falls just 164 kilometres short of the maximum value.
Capricorn without Cancer is like an empty suit that looks great on the rack but lacks the flesh and blood emotion needed to bring it to life. Mobility provides us with access to a full range of experience that increases our chances of taking the progress we make in the world and bringing it back home to warm our hearts and hearths. A counselor, a healer, a trusted friend or adviser, or whomever else feels right to give you some guidance around this question. This is about painting your canvas with the colours and energy that will shape a powerful positive future life.
On the other hand, if we’re overly self-protective and allow fear of discomfort to dominate our thoughts and actions, we remain in an infantile state of df dependency that diminishes the likelihood of success. It allows us to blend vulnerability with ambition so that we take charge of our lives and create a richer experience that makes our hard work worth the effort.

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