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Things come to a head during a full moon; I suspect it’s because the wisdom of the body takes the reins.
It’s ironic, but the light of the moon can illuminate the shadow side of our personalities.
Am I ever grateful that these words found their way into your heart, because you are valuable being and the world is a better place because you are in it. I am grateful for these supportive comments and glad you found a glimmer of hope in my words.
One more resource…the newest edition of Yoga Journal has a lovely article about RAIN, a technique for dealing with painful and overwhelming emotions. This article so beautifully encapsulates all of the emotions, mind frames, challenges and dark sides that can arise during the full moon.
This full moon is poignantly bringing us back to our core, our deepest of deepests to sort out some of the gnarlier gnarlies.
You must not come lightly to the darkness – let the bright light of the Full Moon light the way for you.
And above all, approach ALL of this with compassion – compassion for yourself as you continue your journey, and compassion for others as they find their way.
Voor elke innerlijke zoeker is het uitermate belangrijk extra te mediteren tijdens de volle maanperioden. De Volle Maan is een tijd van positieve mogelijkheden wanneer we ze correct gebruiken.Aangezien de Volle Maan een sterke energetische reflextie weergeeft op Moeder Aarde is al wat zich manifesteert in de lagere gebieden (lichaam, geest, en emoties) enorm uitvergroot en uiterst voelbaar. In de periode van vijf dagen rond de Volle Maan, krijgen we de gelegenheid om ons te verbinden met het Plan voor de evolutie van de mensheid, op die manier kunnen we een bijdrage leveren in de groei van het collectieve bewustzijn en natuurlijk ook aan je eigen individuele bewustzijn. Meditation performed at the time of full moon is especially powerful, and indeed certain types of meditation are more suited to greater results at this time. Then working through these things within meditation at the time of full moon is about the best timing you you could ask for.
Full moon meditation can be done a day or so either side of the actual timing, though the best results happen at the height of the event. Astrologically full moon is one of the most powerful times, granted new moon is a powerful time too, though the energies are very different. Knowing fully what it is that you wish to achieve as a result of your full moon meditation prior to even settling back into it will put you in a position of great power. When you shift your thoughts you shift your reality along with the manner, and way in which things occur around you. When you take this magical ability that is innate within you your power for change and creation grows manifold. If you decide to take up the key, and work with your inner magic, then well done, you are going to be amazed what you are capable of as you work with it more and more.
In terms of other things you can use to aid your full moon meditation, working in your meditation space is of course a big thing. If you wish to work with crystals or power stones, then Obsidian and Jet are excellent for release, purification and grounding. Candle light is an especially good way to illuminate your space, unless you prefer to work in complete dark with just the moon light. If you really wish to amp up the power of the work you are doing, and this especially applies to any kind of release work. Once you have done that, should you wish to build up stronger foundations and the future you wish to live, then bring that energy in and meditate on it and what you wish to happen at that point. Within the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections there are resources specifically designed to aid you in creating exactly what it is you wish for your life. If you have trouble sleeping at full moon or any other time then I fully recommend doing the Om or sleep meditation!
Even after correctly typing the password i was emailed and hitting submit a few different times I was unable to view the free meditation. Full moon meditation and New moon meditation are two of the most important ways you can incorporate lunar energy into your meditative practice. As for the free meditation download, I have checked the site and it was working ok when I checked. The full-moon period is the most opportune time for the forces of light because the influence of the moon is at its lowest ebb, and it is at such times that the extra-planetary beneficent forces can be contacted with safety and with great benefit to humanity. When the lower-bodies are more or less without stimulation from the moon, the higher-energies release themselves and penetrate abundantly into the human  atmosphere. In the new-age, when ‘ the new world-religion ’ is formulated under the influence of incoming energies and deeper human understanding, there will be a festival for each full-moon. Sometimes, when the heavens are full of black clouds, suddenly a window of blue sky opens up and the rays of the sun beam down to earth.
No cost is too great to pay in order to be of use to the hierarchy at the time of the Full-moon of May, the Wesak Festival; no price is too high in order to gain spiritual illumination which can be possible, particularly at that time. At this time, as the full-moon is approaching, The Great Ones, the initiates and disciples are forming a great field of energy in the Himalayas through their meditation, contemplation, mystical and sacred rituals, and through their great striving, invocations and contacts.
The Full Moon is the perfect time each month, to pause, and to take inventory of your progress within the present moment. The Full Moon heightens intuition, and brings energy and healing frequency of the Divine and All That Is.
Take some time to do a Full Moon meditation, to clear your mind and open your heart and spirit to the many blessings of healing, clearing, and Divine Light available to you now. Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position.Breathe and relax to clear your mind, and open your heart and energy to the light of the Divine which is all around. Feel your inner light glowing brightly within you reflected in the light of the moon above. This simple Full Moon meditation is perfect to use any time you feel out of balance, or like you need a boost of light to recharge your intentions and bring healing and Divine light into your life.

Under the light of the present Full Moon, I channeled a beautiful Guided Full Moon Meditation with Archangel Michael.
Although Melanie no longer offers private readings, she has several recommended partners who are available to help you get answers, right now! Click Here To Get A Free Angel Message & To Receive Updates When New Messages Are Published! Please note you can join this meditation class at anytime and you will be emailed any prior meditations to catch up with. If you have financial challenges and would like to pay half at a time, please contact me directly. An important value for SoultoSoul is to be always aligned with the current energies of the time. These divine meditation and healing circles are for the purpose of connection, healing and raising our light quotient – with the big picture of bringing you more happiness in your life! Rebecca receives guidance as to the theme of the class, knowing that the higher realms know what is  needed for the group at that time.
Spirit has told me that this is a VERY IMPORTANT class as we move into the energies of the New Earth. I have foreseen that this years program will include a deeper understanding of the dimensions, a deeper understanding of our energy field and light bodies, a deeper understanding of how to support yourself and others through this transition and become a powerful co-creator in the new energies. This course will help you heal and deepen your connection with your heart, as you heart is the centre of your multidimensional being. I feel that this class will help us navigate the many energy changes that will crop up this year as each month will upgrade us to align with the current shifts. Each month you will connect more deeply with your Divine Self and by the end of the year you will be living as your true self more than ever before.
For those who have attended past meditation and healing circles, you know that they contain deep & powerful frequencies that help you to connect above, below, within and without. An important part of the circle will be a PRIVATE and CLOSED Facebook group. This means that we can all connect and share but only those that are invited will see our posts. All meditaitons will be sent prior to the full moon with the intention of completing it as close as possible to the full moon. The Full Moon energy is powerful as its resonance reaches a peak, your seed is flowering and situations are illuminated.
Working with the moons phases can reawaken our own natural ENERGETIC FLOW, AND GIVE US INSIGNTS INTO THE DIVINE TIMING OF EVENTS IN OUR LOVES. To give you some guidance of the types of meditations that come through, here are some examples of past meditations that Rebecca has channelled. This channelled wisdom is an Essential handbook for all Spiritual Travellers, mapping out the 5 phases of Ascension in a simple, clear and practical manner.
I know amazing things could and should be happening but instead, I’m twisted up in angst and aggravation. You know, the ones to whom you can admit, “I’m feeling like a complete lunatic” and they just nod in understanding rather than run away.
If you like to write, write about the effects of the moon or pen a story with a full moon as the backdrop.
Reading it last night, I felt it might be the path that will enable me to give myself the love, compassion and understanding I crave. Let it hold a lantern to your inner caverns and show all the beauty and all of the gems that have been waiting, patiently, to be discovered. Niet enkel onze eigen indivuele ongemakken maar ook de collectieven naar mate de Ziel verder openbloeit. We koppelen als groep naar hogere sferen van je Goddelijk Bewustzijn, de Meesters van deze Aarde, de Christus, Shambhala en de Oerbron (Energetische Zon). As such I totally recommend getting yourself a moon calender or accessing some way of accurately determining the exact time of various lunar and astrological events.
Though likewise, if you can find a suitably peaceful spot outside in the light of the full moon where you can remain comfortable and undisturbed, then that would be wonderful too. Gratitude is your signal to the universe that you are in tune and thankful for the change you are creating.
That said I am planning a set of pages in and around using lunar and astrological energy to influence and aid you within meditation. Please spread the message of Anapanasati Meditation, Vegetarianism and Spiritual Science to the whole world. The time on and around the Full Moon supports you energetically as you contemplate your path forward, and align with the understanding of how you may best correct your course now, to align more fully with your hearts true desire, and with embodying your higher self.
The divine light of the Full Moon shines brightly into all areas of life, illuminating any darkness, density, or limiting beliefs and patterns still needing to be released.
The light of the Full Moon which is connected to the Divine and to All That Is shines down upon you.
Tune into the light of your Higher Self, empowered by the Divine Light of the Full Moon, and guided directly by the Divine and All That Is.
Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world. My daughter passed 3 yrs ago n i was so negative n plagued with greif,im becoming more positive n spiritual n relaxed,thank you. Rebecca is a gifted channeler which means that she directly speaks through spiritual beings. Most importantly it will help you live your BEST life as you EMBODY these understandings through the experience of the monthly journeys and connect deeply with your Divinity.
The description above is the best words at this time but Spirit says words cannot describe the magic that will happen! Being part of a group with goals, discusssions and support help us to make that commitment.
Her silvery light reawakens our powers, healing your physical body and dissolves any energetic imbalances we may have accumulated over the past 29 days.

This Empath course is for the new paradigm and empowers you to master your own energy from the inside out. If you’re not taking the time to explore your body for hidden tension, it will find its expression now.
If you don’t have people like that in your life right now, consider seeing a counselor or other professional. She completed 200-hour YTT at CITYOGA in Indianapolis in 2008 and teaches classes for all ages at  Community Yoga.
More change has hit me in the past 3 months than i feel that i can handle, similarly in the past 3yrs. I recently read that the Native Americans used to call it the Hunger Moon because of the time of year and how sparse food was in the dead of winter.
Let it show you that all the monsters you feared lurking in the corners weren't monsters at all, but just different versions of yourself, waiting to be revealed, nurtured and understood.
Elke Volle Maan heeft het potentieel om de nodige veranderingen in ons bewustzijn te ondersteunen. Or you can refer to the Moon Phase panel at the side here, or even the Moon Phase Calendar page.
Whilst finding your direction as you go is also good, being able to focus like a laser on what you wish creates a strong magnet for the successful achievement you wish for. There are different ways you can work with crystals whilst you meditate, either holding them in your hands, or for this kind of work using a grid of 4 pieces within which you sit is actually far better.
When you work with a body cleanse to get rid of the toxins in your body you align your energies in a way that is natural and incredibly powerful.
Then regardless of whether you are doing release work or anything else, work with Ho’o Pono Pono to clear out negative attachments to people from you life, and clean up your emotional sphere. It is a demonstration that you totally feel right in what you are doing and what you are bringing to yourself. I know that we are sensative to the moon’s push and pull and I wanted to know more about when and how it can lend us power in a progressive direction. There are some areas of meditation that rarely get covered in the way that many would like. I cannot give you a firm time as yet, largely as there are a number of big projects that I am working on and it all takes time.
You’re being given a beautiful opportunity to heal patterns, uplift your vibration, and align with your inner light. Feel your energy, mind, and body receiving a cleanse of light as the positive uplifting energies of the moonlight streams down upon you. Visualize your desire, and imagine the Divine light of the moon is super charging your intention. It is suitable for everyone, whether you are an experienced meditator or a beginner. They are a great option for those who are  financially challenged and need some healing.
Our aura is washed and cleansed under moonlight, and the moons light activates our psychic abilities and intuitive power.
Recommit to a regular practice of release as a buffer against the pull of the emotional tides. Welcome these intense emotions to the full spectrum of your experience as a living, breathing creature. When she's not writing or practicing yoga, Amy loves to read, research and have adventures with her husband and twin sons. The public library should carry a copy or message me at my Twitter address below and I will mail you mine. The timing is also very important when it comes to New Moon Meditation and other such meditations as well of course. Giving yourself this edge gives you a powerful key that you can use at will to shape your reality. Doing this in the right way, on the day, or even on the day and the day before, will see you moving into an energetic space that likely you have never experienced since you were a baby. From then on work within the mental and then spiritual spheres to achieve the results that you decided upon. Chances are, the negative feelings will lose their luster once they get some attention and appreciation.
And the part about embrace the dark side, its necessary, to exorcise your demons and not entertain them. I tried to find it on the site without success although I'm sure you could find other resources on the topic.
Yet for others a waking acceptance comes to pass that enables them to utilise this key at will, and to far greater effect. For a full moon meditation, especially if you are working on release work, I recommend working with Frankincense and Myrrh as they are excellent for cleansing and release work. So to know that I have produced something that is easy to understand and gets the right information to you is fantastic! We will also be working with embracing your WHOLENESS, a quality of the Divine Human. You will have a better knowing of what it means to be a DIVINE HUMAN!! So again, thanks so so much and if you know any more about the powers of our moon I’d be very interested! Though also Rosemary and Rosewood are great to consider, they are also good from a release perspective, though they work on a different level mentally. This combined with a bad break up, my career seeming shot, being 40 and excessively lonely, all in the wake of losing my house and so much more, I put a gun in my mouth last night.

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