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If you can only afford the minimum payments, look for ways to trim your budget and bring in extra money.3. I do use my auto-calculating snowball worksheet, but I also use a debt snowball worksheet to keep track of each payment.
In the course of developing our own free sample budget form, I ran across several free printable budget spreadsheets on the web that were pretty useful and ended up helping me develop my budget spreadsheet into what I needed.  And you can’t beat free! Almost all of theses are in Excel format so most everyone should be able to use them, but if you don’t have excel, check the links at the bottom for more spreadsheets that are in Google Docs format and PDF. This is similar to mine, but I actually think it’s easier to understand and see the big picture of your finances in one spreadsheet. It’s Your Money offers a huge list of 33 excel budget spreadsheets for you to browse.
If you have a budget spreadsheet that you like, please leave a comment or contact us so we can add it to this list!
When you attempt to layout your first budget, the absolute first thing you need to do is understand your own spending habits.  This is especially true when you have a family with more than one person spending the money (wife buys household stuff, husband buys gadgets or vice-versa!). The biggest reason people spend more than they make is that they have no real clue where their money is going.  Money leaks will kill your budget and rob you of a stable financial future. Then, use the free sample budget spreadsheet to get you started with your new household budget.

Enjoy and please leave a comment with your feedback contact us to let us know what you think!
I share my love for saving money, do-it-yourself projects, organizing, crafts, and WAHM Life on my blog One Cheap Utah Chick. I need to update the Printables page with all of these sheets I’ve been releasing for 2015, and will soon. Good too hear you are close to your goal of paying off debt and is nice you share for free. It can be the one with the highest interest rate, the smallest balance or just the one that weighs on your mind the most – the choice is yours.4. I will admit, I only started using this method after my Mom went through the Dave Ramsey program and I saw how well it worked for her. I highly recommend writing down the confirmation number (which is always provided with online payments, including bill pay through your bank). Include all of the important details – current balances, interest rates and minimum payment requirements.2.
That way if a payment isn’t credited or received, you have proof right there at your fingertips! Make the minimum payment on the rest of your debts, until you've paid off the first debt.

Last year we paid off only one debt, but this year we have already paid off two – and it’s only February! Then, go over your budget to figure out how much more you can afford to apply to your debts.
Then, choose the debt that you want to go after next, and calculate a new monthly payment for that debt.
So, depending on your debt situation and how much spare cash you have each month, it could take you a year to start seeing stuff go away. It should include all of the money that you applied to the first debt, plus the minimum payment requirement for the second debt.6. Hang on to your Debt Repayment Worksheet as a reminder of all of your hard work (Fridge magnets were made for stuff like this).

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