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Whether you are tackling your debt or looking for ways to ensure you stay out of debt, these 101 frugal tips are for you. We were out running some errands today and every street we drove down was filled with beautiful colours. Do you feel good about the current state of your personal finances or do you feel stressed out about your financial situation?
This is a great site for finding the best rewards credit card out there based on your preferred criteria and reward preference (airline miles, cash back, etc.). Another great comparison tool for finding recommended credit cards based on your spending patterns and reward preference. Find the best gas stations with the cheapest gas based on your actual address and primary destination points.
Lastly, based on select variable it will make suggestions on ways to save on cell phone service. Another tool by a very reputable source is MSN’s Credit Card Analyzer which finds the best card for you based on the criteria that you select. Another type of rewards card to look into is one that pays off the principle on your home mortgage. With the new credit card laws now in place, it is much harder for credit card companies to impose sneaky fees. You’re exactly the kind of person we’re hoping to reach, so if you have any feedback on our site or what we could be doing better, please drop me a line and let me know! In the meantime, here are a couple of resources I found helpful in setting up our site and blog.
I had already been a saver even before my kids were born, so when I learned I was expecting my first, I knew my frugal habits would serve me well. And here’s what I learned: Financial doom isn’t inevitable just because you’re going to be a new mom. Unless you truly enjoy decorating rooms, don’t worry about fixing your baby’s room with themes. These things add up: For about two years, we didn’t have to buy clothes for my eldest thanks to generous hand-me-downs from others. Before struggling financially during the time you need to rest and bond, secure yourself a nice cushion by saving as much as you can now while you’re still working.
With little inclination to cook, you’ll likely order food pretty often during those first months. Get a head start on your baby’s college savings fund and open one up now, however small the amount. Sure, some things I still won’t or can’t buy at consignment stores like shoes, socks, and underwear, but you’ll find some great picks at much lower prices. Once the little munchkin is ready and able to eat solid food, save a ton of money by making your own. What do you do for your family during those special nights? Read our bloggers' posts and see how they celebrate family nights with Red Baron. Why I'm Teaching My Sons to Think Like a WomanMilitary Wife and Pug Life9 hours agoThis is a great post!! Frugal Mom Eh!Canadian Mommy Blogger sharing reviews, recipes, crafts and great parenting advice! Don’t use the toilet as an ashtray or wastebasket, every time you flush a cigarette butt, facial tissue or other small bit of trash, five to seven gallons of water is wasted. Another small thing you can do to save water is to keep a pitcher of water in your fridge to keep cool rather than running the tap for each glass. We have a well so we don’t really need to save water but these tips will help us save on our electric bill to run the pump! Subscribe to my weekly newsletter and receive an eCookbook with our top 16 recipes of 2015 & Exclusive Code for Bonus Giveaway Entries. Get up close and personal with wild and wonderful animals at the Philadelphia Zoo, including Big Cat Crossing — an extension of Zoo360, the revolutionary, first-in-the-world animal exploration system. Most know that following frugal living tips will have a positive effect on your pocketbook but the health benefits derived from this lifestyle should not be overlooked. For example, you will be a smarter shopper at the grocery store and not waste money on junk and fast food. The most obvious of the frugal living tips is to avoid eating fast food and steer away from restaurants. Along the same line, large meals are rarely beneficial for health and have a significant impact on a budget because of their expense. One of the important frugal living tips that you should put at the forefront is that you do not need to pay for an expensive gym membership when it comes to exercising.
This is another of the frugal living tips that will save you a bundle while improving your health at the same time. The automobile is probably the top convenience innovation of the last century but it is not without its expense and bites a significant portion from the household finances. Finding new ways to get entertainment can be one of the frugal living tips that are both beneficial on your finances and your health.
It has an impact on your health when you spend too many hours of inactivity in front of it.
Weight loss is a popular topic these days and it is probably because so many are having trouble with obesity.
Following recommendations for frugal living not only gives you more money to save and invest. A 40 something mom of 4 wild and wonderful boys and a grandmother to one perfect little princess. This frugal idea list will give you tips on becoming the ultimate cheapskate when it comes to saving money on hair care and clothing.
Some people say that this is not the area to be the ultimate cheapskate on, but if you want to really keep money in the bank as a stay at home mom, consider the following money saving options. Simply click the link for more information on how you can participate, and save some money this year. It's simple to purchase an all-over color from the store, follow the box directions, and create a new look for a fraction of the price of a salon visit. Children's hair is especially easy to cut, but if you aren't comfortable with doing this, then consider going to a local beauty school.
If you haven't discovered the joy of thrift stores or garage sales, make a date to check them out this weekend.
However, if this type of shopping isn't for you, skip the expensive department stores and try the discount shops. A few other frugal living tips to think about regarding clothing are to change out of your "good" clothes when you get home.
There is a big trend lately to buy organic and while doing so can be a healthy thing, it's also an expensive option. Using baking soda for toothpaste is a good example of how you can save money and whiten your teeth. Facial products are expensive, too, and come with claims attached to them that may or may not be true.
Did you know that buy mixing a little salt and cornmeal together in a shaker bottle you can create a simple dry shampoo?
Of course, if going natural isn't to your liking but you still want to save money, be sure and keep an eye out for coupons. Following frugal living tips is an excellent way to keep your budget in check and save your family money!
11 Tips for Frugal Living does not include tired suggestions like, “Make espresso at home instead of buying drinks at expensive coffee shops” or extreme ideas like, “Take cold showers.” No thank you! Think differently – This is the start of frugal living – Think about “redirecting” of resources rather than spending them. Save first – put your paycheck into savings first and then live on less – Automate those savings! Even when splurging, spend less – We all need to indulge, but find ways to spend less money while doing it.
Find new pastimes or activities – This is tricky for women because most of us love to shop and for many, it’s a sport. Turn everyday occurrences into fun “events” – This is all about how we view activities or how we “spin” things in life. Embrace healthy cooking at home – To become a good cook takes practice but the more you do it, the better you’ll become. Start saving behind the scenes – The FAITH categories of spending (F – Food, A – Apparel – clothing for yourself and your home, I – Insurance, T – Transportation, H – Housing) afford plenty of places where you can spend less, and yet, not have it impact your  actual way of life.
Think “old fashioned living” – Look for ways to implement the rhyme from the Great Depression “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!” Whenever I buy coffee or a jar of peanut butter, I know that I’m keeping the can or jar to reuse it. Why we all need to balance our checkbooks regularly – checking your balance online doesn’t count! Sara, creator of Go Gingham, is passionate about cooking and feeding her family healthy, real food. This site uses affiliate links and receives a small percentage from the sale of items at no additional cost to you.

We share recommendations of products, services, or brands and are not being compensated unless explicitly stated. I bought my most recent wnter coat, wool wth an nsulated lnng, at a Junor League thrft shop. In August 2012 I started somethng new that has been successful for me and may help someone else. We refnanced our mortgage three tmes usng progressvely shorter-term loans, payng all three down early wth progressvely larger payments aganst prncple whch we were able to afford because our habts enabled us to save from our paychecks. I’m a jean-lovng knd of grl, they are the backbone of my closet and they wear forever.
Over the past few months it seemed like other things occupied most of my time and I really cut back on the number of posts I did on here. Do you struggle to keep your eyes open or are you quick, focused, and productive all day long?
If you’re going to use credit cards then maximize the positive returns by using the best rewards credit card or cash back credit card. Just enter info on your general monthly charges, or you can use the set defaults, and the site sorts through 400 credit cards and recommends the best cards for you.
While there are not as many cards overall, it calculates the cash back amounts for you over the select period of time. It will show you who has the cheapest gas and also calculate if it’s worth going out of your way to fill up by factoring in the cost of your detour to get there. It’s certainly worth checking out a few different sources to determine the best card for you. We had recently refinanced our home (to save money, of course) and got a phone call from our new home loan lender, Wells Fargo. As a result, they are giving out fewer rewards and finding good cash back and rewards cards is much more difficult.
Still, I needed tips for those first few months before and after the baby was born—tips that come in useful especially for new moms. Instead, I outfitted my baby’s crib with a mattress and a tight-fitting beige sheet (organic, at least!). Babies won’t notice them, and most moms I know have had to re-do the room once the baby outgrew the decoration. I also suggest a changing table so you don’t have to bend down on the floor every time, but I know others who have gotten by without this as well.
Maybe you realize your baby is entertained with a mobile, or that middle-of-the-night feedings are much easier with a rocking chair.
Once you’ve announced your pregnancy, you’ll likely be inundated with fellow parents unloading themselves of baby gear their kids have now outgrown.
I’ve bought and continue to buy recurring items from bulk stores including formula, diapers, wipes, baby lotion, and other items used daily. The figures vary, but expect to receive less than your normal pay for a chunk if not all of your maternity leave.
Before running to the store and buying everything now, consider saving them for after the baby is born. When the time comes to buy six-month-old clothes or you’re out of diapers, those gift cards will come in handy. This is also a frugal option for one-time-use items like snow clothes or heavy coats you only need for an upcoming vacation. Both you and your partner should buy life insurance to cover the remaining spouse or children should one or both of you pass away. It’s much easier to prepare, store, and use baby food than buying jarred or packaged versions.
The Philadelphia Zoo was America’s first such attraction, and today its 42-acre Victorian garden is home to more than 1,300 animals, many rare and endangered.
It is a simple fact that by saving money you are less likely to engage in behaviors that tend to waste money plus negatively impact your health.
However, if you are going to do this then the evening meal is probably the best candidate to get axed. If you do go to a restaurant where the portion is rather large, cut it in half and take the uneaten portion home for another meal.
All that you need to do is get information from the vast number of resources available on the internet. The tip is to take a hard look at your situation and see if you can run your errands and get to work without using an automobile.
You can ride a bike, use public transportation, share a ride or just walk if your destination is nearby. For example, the television is probably the most popular form of home entertainment yet it can be the most expensive in terms of money and impact on your health.
Menu Planning for at least one full week will save you time and money. Making a weekly menu plan will not only cut down on impulse buying but it will also save you time when it comes to preparing your meals. Use Coupons and mobile apps whenever possible. There are plenty of places to get FREE Printable Coupons online. Freezer cooking saves time  and money. When you are preparing meals such as Baked Zitti, or  Chicken Cordon Bleu it takes no time and very little money to make a double batch. I remember when growing up in a large family, sometimes the teen boys would eat the snacks almost as soon as they came out of the grocery bag. While the overall effect may be stunning, there are a few frugal living tips you can try at home that won't cost a fortune and will still get you a well groomed look. Just remember, it's always easier to go darker than lighter, so it's still a good idea to see a professional for lighter hair.
Don't be fooled into buying a shampoo and conditioner costing $20 a piece when it's possible to purchase products that are just as good for a cheaper price. It may seem like an old fashioned idea or that you are being the ultimate cheapskate, but it's not as difficult as you might think.
These organizations offer free or inexpensive haircuts so that their beauticians-in-training can practice their skills. Many places offer great deals and though it's good to support one hair stylist, it's also important to shop around.
You'll be amazed at the things others want to get rid of, including designer or name brand clothing. Many frugal living tips point out that it is possible to create your own toiletries yourself and save money in the process. With a mixture of essential oils and witch hazel, you can create your own facial toner that is just as effective as any name brand product on the market.
The Sunday paper typically has all the manufacturers' ads in it which makes coupon clipping fun. These 11 tips for frugal living are attitude adjustments and ones that can implemented over time – as in baby steps – so that they become normal, stick around, and are habit forming. Instead of thinking of having to make cuts or doing without and sacrificing, consider that your money is going into your savings account rather than into someone else’s profit category. When you receive a paycheck, have it direct deposited into your savings account first and then have a lower amount transferred into your checking account for living expenses. Get creative and don’t buy “off the rack” – whether it’s for clothing, food, or hotels.
Find a new activity to do with your girlfriends other than “retail therapy” and have zero regrets when the credit card statement arrives in the mail. Bring a picnic to pick berries and you’ve got a fun outing and fresh berries for smoothies all winter. To make my clothing last longer, I hang it dry rather than let it get ruined by a full cycle in the dryer. If you really use coupons for items you and your family eat and use them, by all means, continue utilizing them. If you look at t from the perspectve of savng for later, wastng less and lvng healther and better, you wn. I have learned so much from you and I really apprecate when you say that we can take baby steps and make real changes that wll stck.
My wfe and I have especally had fun wth cookng at home more- t’s one of our bggest hobbes now. I got n the habt when I was sngle, lved n the cty, my pay was about $100 per week and my rent was $100 per month (serously!). Bought a house, used the furnture we had from our cty apartment, toted that to the second house.
I’m a good cook but we were healthy on very smple meals, love sugar free jello and whpped cream for dessert, or cheesecake made from the recpe on the plan gelatn box topped wth berres or whpped cream, or panna cotta that I make usng an old recpe. This certainly only makes sense if you use your credit card(s) responsibility in the first place … which means only buying what you can afford and paying them off monthly. After a few minutes on the phone my husband informed me that we will be getting a new credit card in the mail from Wells Fargo. If you are going to use credit cards in a smart manner in which you pay them off monthly, then why not get money, cash back or some other tangible benefit. Diapers can go into cubbies and shelves, and your baby won’t need bumpers or blankets just yet—they’re safety hazards anyway.

And I’ve happily given away a baby bathtub, maternity tops and bras, and baby food storage in addition to the above mentioned. Pace your spending so you have some cushion after delivery when you may be more strapped for cash and time. But having sold clothes to consignment stores (aka, thrift stores for babies), rest assured that they only take the highest quality clothes. By connecting people with wildlife, the Philadelphia Zoo creates joyful discovery and inspires positive protective action for animals and habitats.
Here are some ways that you can adopt this lifestyle and save money plus get healthy at the same time.
Among the pleasures of life are eating treats that taste delicious but are not necessarily healthy for us.
This is because we typically do nothing to work off the evening meal so it is the one that contributes to the most weight gain. This way you don’t get stuffed which usually results in lounging around and sleeping thus causing the unused calories to get stored as fat. Actually, frugal exercising can help save money for you in another way and that is something to occupy a portion of your free time with. If you use alternative transportation, you will undoubtedly walk (or pedal) more and this is healthy for all ages. You will be shocked to find just how much you spend each year for it and you maybe watch 10% of the programs. This is because the combination of eating right, exercising, using alternative modes of transportation will have their payoff on your waistline if you stick with them.
Following frugal living tips saves you money because you need not visit the doctor often, buy prescriptions, and pay for expensive procedures that result from an unhealthy lifestyle. Before you browse your sale fliers, before you start making your grocery list, take an inventory of what you already have at home. Wrap your cooked meal properly using these Freezer Tips, and there is one less meal you have to work into your budget next week or the week after. Not blowing your hair dry every day helps save on the electricity bill and is also better for your hair. With a little patience and practice, you can create simple haircuts that save money and look great. Places like Supercuts have email lists of their clients and keep them updated on weekly or monthly deals occurring in the shop.
This is yet another inexpensive way to keep your wardrobe up to date without spending tons of money. The great thing about this idea is that when you are ready to purge your wardrobe, you can be the ultimate cheapskate and resell these outfits on eBay.
Consider buying clothing in neutral colors so they can be worn all year, not just at certain seasons.
It may seem like you're being the ultimate cheapskate, but believe it or not, this form of deodorant does work!
Once you see how easy it is to live a more frugal life, you’ll wonder what  took you so long to come around. Go to a beauty school cosmetology institute and let students “practice” on your hands for a lot less than what you’d be paying at a salon.
If you truly LOVE to shop (which I completely understand because I do!), round up your friends and go to estate sales, vintage stores or root through the Goodwill Clearance store bins. Declare a no small packaged food snacks rule and bake cookies or muffins and freeze them for school lunches or snacks. The savings come in less money spent at restaurants but also less money spent on health care costs!
Or, give a call to your mortgage company and ask to refinance –without fees – because you’re such a good customer. Instead of tossing out food, I look for ways to freeze it, make it into fruit butter or bake with it, or use vegetable scraps and meat bones for homemade broth. At the end of the day, fnancal ndependence and mastery bols down to habts and temperaments. Frday nghts used to be pzza nght, but we both have the gluten problem, so that expense was offloaded.
You may find you’ve instead avoided buying another “must have” that you really didn’t need. Or, if your family is like mine, expect to receive tons of food during those first few weeks, saving you the time, money, and trouble of finding your next meal.
Because while your extra cash will be tied up with child-related costs, at least you can still set aside a few dollars here and there for your child’s long-term goals.
I now buy clothes from consignment stores, using store credit I earned from selling my kids’ old clothes back to them. As always, the key to not spending a fortune on these types of food is to do so only in moderation.
By occasionally turning down an evening meal, you reduce your grocery expense and keep your weight in check.
You are far better off to cancel the cable subscription and find a more active pastime or discover the enjoyment of reading. When you learn How to Stretch Your Grocery Budget you can eat healthier, prepare meals faster, and best of all save money. Try to use any ingredients you may have that will be expiring soon or that you have an abundance of already on hand. If you have a green thumb and have the space to start a garden even if it is a small one, just do it! Not to mention the time savings, something just as precious as money to a stay at home mom!
This is especially helpful if you have children who are constantly out growing their clothes.
If you can keep your expenses low while your income goes up, you’ll be saving without thinking about it.
What if your budget is zero and you have to get by without spending anything (or at least not much)? For me, I love cashmere (anything!) but I shop for it second-hand and then I’m willing to mend a hole or two so that I can have gorgeous clothing but I’m spending a lot less money to have it.
Believe me when I tell you my early meals were from boxes and were processed foods that I wouldn’t dream of eating today. There’s nothing new about old fashioned living – we just need to get back to it!
Buyng thngs you do not need or wll never use s not really savng ts spendng, no matter how others try to sell t to you. I stll use scarves as accessores, stll lke black or brown shoes and neutral bags, have a couple of dramatc hats, and coats that are beautful and n good shape but are old. It’s basically a cash back credit card that pays down your mortgage based on certain spending levels. The baby food cookbook I used was Petit Appetit by Lisa Barnes, but there are a ton more out there as well.
Keeping a diary of when you indulge in these treats is one way to keep consumption of them in check.
Reading actually helps to reduce stress and everyone knows that stress reduction has a positive impact on mental health. Over the years I have learned how to save money and stretch our grocery budget so we are able live comfortably and eat well. Compare prices and always check back to your Menu Plan for the week to see if it is something you actually need and will use. The exception to this rule is when something is on sale for a great stock up price you should definitely do just that. Many people make the mistake of buying a size that is too small, thinking they will fit into it one day.
Cooking at home from scratch doesn’t take much longer than buying mixes and is so much healthier for us.
I lke dong ths so that I don’t have to post pctures onlne, trapse to the post offce, etc.
Had a couple of nce suts, bought a few tops that could be worn wth both suts, and two pars of shoes (brown and black) one day handbag that was black and brown, an assortment of slk scarves (whch were cheap then), and lttle makeup (mascara and lpstck). Use your pantry list and your local store ads, plan your meals around what is on sale and what you can make from things you already have. Stock Up! If chicken is regularly priced for 2.99 a pound and this week your local grocery is having a .99 cents a pound special, BUY MORE! If you live in an apartment or just don’t have access to space for an outdoor garden, start a small window garden. Use apps such as Walmart Savings Catcher, Ibotta, and Shopular for money saving mobile coupons and cash back programs on stuff you are already buying.

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