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11 Tips for Frugal Living does not include tired suggestions like, “Make espresso at home instead of buying drinks at expensive coffee shops” or extreme ideas like, “Take cold showers.” No thank you! Think differently – This is the start of frugal living – Think about “redirecting” of resources rather than spending them. Save first – put your paycheck into savings first and then live on less – Automate those savings!
Even when splurging, spend less – We all need to indulge, but find ways to spend less money while doing it. Find new pastimes or activities – This is tricky for women because most of us love to shop and for many, it’s a sport.
Turn everyday occurrences into fun “events” – This is all about how we view activities or how we “spin” things in life. Embrace healthy cooking at home – To become a good cook takes practice but the more you do it, the better you’ll become.
Start saving behind the scenes – The FAITH categories of spending (F – Food, A – Apparel – clothing for yourself and your home, I – Insurance, T – Transportation, H – Housing) afford plenty of places where you can spend less, and yet, not have it impact your  actual way of life.
Think “old fashioned living” – Look for ways to implement the rhyme from the Great Depression “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!” Whenever I buy coffee or a jar of peanut butter, I know that I’m keeping the can or jar to reuse it. Why we all need to balance our checkbooks regularly – checking your balance online doesn’t count! Sara, creator of Go Gingham, is passionate about cooking and feeding her family healthy, real food.
This site uses affiliate links and receives a small percentage from the sale of items at no additional cost to you.
We share recommendations of products, services, or brands and are not being compensated unless explicitly stated. I bought my most recent wnter coat, wool wth an nsulated lnng, at a Junor League thrft shop. In August 2012 I started somethng new that has been successful for me and may help someone else.
We refnanced our mortgage three tmes usng progressvely shorter-term loans, payng all three down early wth progressvely larger payments aganst prncple whch we were able to afford because our habts enabled us to save from our paychecks.
I’m a jean-lovng knd of grl, they are the backbone of my closet and they wear forever. Why Frugality is the Key to Living Your Dream Life: Frugal living will save you money and improve your quality of living.
How to Have a Successful Yard Sale: Yard sales are a great way to not only make money, but clear a bunch of clutter out of your home, as well. How to Price Match Meat at Walmart: Did you know that you can price match fresh (and frozen) meat at Walmart?
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36 Ways to Use Vinegar: Did you know that vinegar will clean your shower better than any shower cleaner out there?
How to Build a Grocery Stockpile: Building a grocery stockpile is one of the best things you can do for your finances. Frugal Breakfast Ideas: Looking for breakfast ideas that won’t cost a lot of cash and will leave you feeling full for hours?
Frugal Lunch Ideas: Do you pack a lunch each day or do you go out to eat because it’s convenient?
How to Save Money with Freezer Cooking: Another great way to save money on groceries is with freezer cooking.
Save Money by Cooking From Scratch: You can save a ton of money when you cook from scratch.
How I Plan Weekly Menus: I plan weekly menus because it saves my family a ton of money every year. Frugal Entertainment Ideas: Even if you are trying to be more frugal, you should still allow for entertainment in your budget. 5 Things You Should Always Buy at Yard Sales: You can find some pretty awesome things at yard sales these days. 5 Things You Should Never Buy at Yard Sales: Just like there are awesome things to buy, there are also bad things for sale at yard sales. 70 Frugal Living Tips to Save Money (Part 1): Here are 26 frugal living tips for saving money at home, including using a slow cooker, making homemade cleaners and getting organized.
70 Frugal Living Tips to Save Money (Part 2): Here are 19 frugal living tips for saving money on transportation and groceries, including washing your own car and buying generic groceries.
70 Frugal Living Tips to Save Money (Part 3): Here are 26 frugal living tips your finances, for saving money on entertainment and other frugal tips. Over 200 Ways to Save Money on Just About Everything: This is an extensive list of over 200 ways to save money on food, electricity, entertainment, clothing, and so much more. Here at Hometipsworld we look for interesting articles covering home improvement, cleaning and gardening tips from around the world. My wedding was a bit on the cheap side, and I think now in retrospect, it might have peeved a few people off.
Possibly the best by-product of being super frugal and strict with my saving is that the fruits of my labours are finally starting to show. We only have one car as well even though we live in the ‘burbs and its very unusual not to have at least one vehicle per person (oh, and the public transit here sucks too).
I actually gave up my condo in order to became a roommate for some time when I was paying off debt.
A great reminder that living a frugal lifestyle also helps provide peace of mind and allows us to slow down and think about our decisions. March 18, 2015 by Rebecca 66 Comments Despite having good intentions, there are times when our efforts to save money backfire. Oh, as a fellow crafter, the one about different dye lots made me cringe–that would be so sad to find out! My biggest frugal regrets are mostly just little areas where I insisted on going without or buying something cheaper (usually food) when something slightly more expensive would have been a whole lot more delicious and would have given us a more enjoyable meal.
I once bought $100 worth of cake baking materials to make a birthday cake for my daughter, then ended up paying a professional $75 to make it for me. I’ve even justified the cost of materials by how much I would save on buying finished products, or how much I could make selling them, and then still never made them. I have a true frugal spirit, and I am always pushing the limits to make things last longer and to re-use things in unusual ways.
Here are five of my favorite frugal living ideas from Amy’s book, The Complete Tightwad Gazette. Toilet Paper Tubes – Use an empty toilet paper roll to gather up the excess electrical cord on kitchen appliances, lamps, and electronics.
Crayon Bits – My grandchildren love to peel the paper off their crayons, so when they break I place a variety of colors in a muffin tin and melt them in the oven. I don’t use dryer sheets either since I use a clothes line but our church members save them for me. What a great tip I am going to share this with my mother who does a great deal of quilting!
Other people buy pretty coffee table books my Tightwad Gazette sits on my coffee table and is usually a topic of conversation to who ever picks it up! My Mom always thought I was a funny kid because I would pore over The Complete Tightwad Gazette when I was about 8 or 9.
My hubby comes in very dirty and I have started leaving one of those mesh bags out by the faucet on the side of the house. Great list #3 is my favorite so glad I came across your blog, looks like a great book to read. Here is where you will find informative ways that will help you to save money and the environment. The Christmas tree is looking wilted, it’s time to mothball the tinsel, the hangover is setting in and many of us are feeling as deflated as yesterday’s New Year’s balloons. Post-Christmas buyer’s remorse: if there’s a more demoralising way of beginning the year, I don’t want to know about it.
At that point in time, I was a very overworked single mama who did buy an awful lot of expensive take away food. I am passionate about frugalism; not because I am a sack-wearing skinflint, but because I like the freedom of having more say in where my money goes. Over the coming weeks, I will share some of the ways that I have saved myself thousands of dollars and funded a number of adventures and projects.
In part, this was the norm for many working class people in the late 70s and early 80s, before sweatshops and cheap labour drove clothing prices down. These days, more clothing is donated to charity shops than they can possibly handle, and in some cases the REALLY bad stuff (including rags) is actually shipped back overseas to poorer countries. Nevertheless, living with cheapskate parents, I have been known to darn the odd sock or make my kid wear pyjamas that come halfway up his calf because they still fit around the waist.
Do we even want to think about the cheap two dollar shop cars with missing wheels and other rubbish toys that end up in landfill?
My aim is to convince as many people as I can that frugal living can be a very rewarding hobby, it needn’t feel like denial and it can actually be a whole lot of fun. Frugal Frannie is a fictitious character based on a real-life mama who loves nothing more than to pinch a few pennies. Over the coming weeks, she will share frugal tips on all sorts of things, including family entertainment, budget date nights, dirt cheap gardening, home maintenance, setting up a frugal craft cupboard, luxury on a budget, cheap entertainment for kiddies, tricks to curb the spending urge and more. Big Batch Chocolate Date and Chia Balls and Apricot Coconut Balls – Vegan, Raw, Nut free and Lunchbox friendly! Free Printable Downloads: We offer many free printables for our readers, including a printable shopping list, freezer inventory, printable calendars, master to-do list, stock-up price list, and our very popular budget template.

Shoppers Optimum Guide: Are you a member of the Shoppers Optimum rewards program from Shoppers Drug Mart?
Shoppers Optimum Points Offers: Right after you read the Shoppers Optimum guide, you should take a look at this page full of points offers. Mail-in Rebates: Mail-in rebates are a fantastic way to save money, as well as try products you may not normally have purchased.
Earn Swagbucks Faster: Here you will find 15 ways that you can earn Swag Bucks faster than normal, which means you will be able to get free stuff faster.
Price Match Policies: Many stores price match now, and we have the price match policies you need all on this one page. These 11 tips for frugal living are attitude adjustments and ones that can implemented over time – as in baby steps – so that they become normal, stick around, and are habit forming. Instead of thinking of having to make cuts or doing without and sacrificing, consider that your money is going into your savings account rather than into someone else’s profit category.
When you receive a paycheck, have it direct deposited into your savings account first and then have a lower amount transferred into your checking account for living expenses.
Get creative and don’t buy “off the rack” – whether it’s for clothing, food, or hotels. Find a new activity to do with your girlfriends other than “retail therapy” and have zero regrets when the credit card statement arrives in the mail.
Bring a picnic to pick berries and you’ve got a fun outing and fresh berries for smoothies all winter.
To make my clothing last longer, I hang it dry rather than let it get ruined by a full cycle in the dryer. If you really use coupons for items you and your family eat and use them, by all means, continue utilizing them.
If you look at t from the perspectve of savng for later, wastng less and lvng healther and better, you wn. I have learned so much from you and I really apprecate when you say that we can take baby steps and make real changes that wll stck. My wfe and I have especally had fun wth cookng at home more- t’s one of our bggest hobbes now.
I got n the habt when I was sngle, lved n the cty, my pay was about $100 per week and my rent was $100 per month (serously!). Bought a house, used the furnture we had from our cty apartment, toted that to the second house.
I’m a good cook but we were healthy on very smple meals, love sugar free jello and whpped cream for dessert, or cheesecake made from the recpe on the plan gelatn box topped wth berres or whpped cream, or panna cotta that I make usng an old recpe. In this article I share some of my ideas on how to make the cost of having children more manageable. Read this article to learn the best time to buy certain produce, clothing, patio furniture, barbecues, toys and more.
Here are some tips for throwing a frugal birthday party for kids, including food and decor ideas. This article shares 21 ways that you can go green at home, which will end up saving you lots of money. This article shares tips for stocking up – when to do it, how much to spend and how much you should stockpile. You can have thousands of dollars worth of groceries on hand at all times and only pay a fraction of that price for it all. Cook extra meals, freeze, and have food in the freezer the next time you don’t feel like cooking!
And on top of that, it’s much healthier for you than buying pre-packaged grocery items. Here are a bunch of frugal vacation ideas that will allow you to have a great time for very little money.
That’s right – even if you are trying to save money or pay off debt, you are still allowed to spend money on yourself!
But there are some things you should ALWAYS buy when you see them, because you can’t get them cheaper anywhere else. Read this article for tips on losing weight on a budget – weight loss doesn’t have to be expensive! We're dedicated to helping you learn the exact strategies to saving big money every time you shop.
I house sat a 400 square foot cottage for over a year, I ate nothing but and peanut butter sandwiches for more office lunches than I can count, and I went without a haircut for way longer than is socially acceptable. This doesn’t always fly well in a society that considers the ultimate signs of success to be the accumulation of material wealth. This is partially because there is absolutely no public transit in this area, and partially accepted custom.
Combine that with the relative scarcity of good rentals and the result is that most people I know own their own home, and don’t rent. Being debt free at my age is just unheard of, let alone having cash in the bank or retirement investments. So far, as we price stuff out, it should be possible, but who knows when we actually start booking things what the final costs will be.
It might take a while, but it would be better for me in terms of health and exercise and hopefully, we will save on gas and car maintenance costs. I personally enjoy eating the same food for weeks at a time (if I could take pb to work and could eat bread that may be a choice). I found a lovely sweater at a thrift store and nearly bought it before realizing it was the same one I had donated. I convinced my husband to use a $5 off coupon for an oil change at a place where it ended up costing much more than normal for the same service. Many times I have bought unpalatable food, and then made myself use it up despite the taste, because I didn’t want to be wasteful.
We tend to go through periods where we crave certain foods for weeks, and then grow sick of them. This one drives my husband crazy: I have nearly run out of gas waiting until I pass a cheaper place. I confess to having bought supplies for many DIY ideas to save money, that I still haven’t made. A lot of dinner mishaps have resulted from my not labeling food containers and then thawing the wrong thing. Planning and making meals ahead — when I get so lost in multitasking that I have no idea which ingredients I have added to which bowl. Way underestimating or overestimating the amount of garden plants needed or number of canned goods we can consume.
Growing, harvesting and drying herbs but still using store bought because I don’t want to waste them. Not making the garden fence high enough to keep out deer three years ago, and having our plants eaten.
Finding just the right outfit for a friend’s baby girl, at a great price, and then not getting to see her until the child had outgrown the clothes. Saving money on the cost of yarn for a big project by buying one skein each week with a 40% off coupon, then realizing the yarn is from different dye lots and looks awful together.
Not getting rid of the reusable water bottle despite the crack near the lid that makes it drip onto my shirt.
Thank you so much for sharing your own frugal fails — it is so much more fun when people join in I like your Rule of 2 idea. I am so guilty of #1 – it took me forever to realize I needed to split meat up before putting it in the freezer.
Even though the edition I have is over 15 years old, most of Amy Dacyczyn’s tips still apply, and I am always looking for ways I can incorporate her ideas into my life. It fits perfect for under the car seats and they double as a protector when I take the dog to the vet.
She strives to preserve the art of homemaking and homesteading on her South Carolina farm.  Join her as she shares the ways she has found to slow down and live a quiet stress-free life. I still remember some of their stories and tips–and I starting washing and reusing ziploc bags at the age of 8 because of that book and never stopped. This would be like a soap on a rope for our outdoor faucet that hubby uses to scrub down before entering the house. Some of the informational posts may be about choosing cheaper cuts of meats in bulk, how to make homemade laundry detergent, and much more. I’m ‘Frugal Frannie’ (ok, that’s not my real name) and I’m a mum struggling with all that grown up stuff like work and money, just like you. For me, life has never been so luscious or soulful than when I began to create it as I wanted it, to direct my cash and siphon into the things I truly dreamed about. Back then, it was perfectly normal to buy shoes a couple of sizes too big for kids to ‘grow into’.
Most people think nothing of popping into K Mart and picking up a few $5 T Shirts for their kids.
She’s a saver, socially responsible and a bit of a greenie, with a strong interest in the DIY movement.
You’ll definitely want to take a look at this post where you can find a huge list of freebies for babies and toddlers. If so, you’ll want to download this FREE eBook, which teaches you how to earn Optimum points faster, without spending much money out of pocket.
Most manufacturers offer mail-in rebates that allow you to try their products absolutely free.
Swagbucks is a legitimate way to earn money online (I’ve been doing it for awhile now).
Read this post to learn how to use our weekly coupon match ups to save big money at the grocery store. Once you see how easy it is to live a more frugal life, you’ll wonder what  took you so long to come around.
Go to a beauty school cosmetology institute and let students “practice” on your hands for a lot less than what you’d be paying at a salon. If you truly LOVE to shop (which I completely understand because I do!), round up your friends and go to estate sales, vintage stores or root through the Goodwill Clearance store bins.
Declare a no small packaged food snacks rule and bake cookies or muffins and freeze them for school lunches or snacks. The savings come in less money spent at restaurants but also less money spent on health care costs!

Or, give a call to your mortgage company and ask to refinance –without fees – because you’re such a good customer. Instead of tossing out food, I look for ways to freeze it, make it into fruit butter or bake with it, or use vegetable scraps and meat bones for homemade broth. At the end of the day, fnancal ndependence and mastery bols down to habts and temperaments. Frday nghts used to be pzza nght, but we both have the gluten problem, so that expense was offloaded.
Learn how to build a grocery stockpile with the money-saving tips and tricks in this article.
This article clearly explains why you should start menu planning and how to do it (with step-by-step instructions). The result is that although we saved a lot of money, there were a few things that got overlooked and might have been a bit of an annoyance. Cutting down on things that most people find necessary really does free up some money to put towards debt. I would love to have made some choices in my life so we could have one car, but I made the choice to have the job I do which requires me to have a car and then we made the choice to live in the country which means we have to have a second car (or I have to quit my job).
I decided to save money by buying boneless skinless chicken breasts in bulk at the butcher counter.
Tired of wasting space in my closet, I donated cold weather items such as sweaters and flannel sheets. I used to stockpile too many of the items when I found a good price, and then they would be wasted when our tastes changed. This was especially bad when making two baked items and getting confused when both bowls had a number of white dry ingredients. Not repairing the sagging part of the deer barrier before planting last year, and having our plants eaten. The jars of homemade strawberry jam that were frozen to the bottom of the freezer until it died and defrosted.
The same is often true with having clothes, shoes or other items repaired instead of replacing nowadays, since they are often made so cheaply.
Buying thrifted clothes that just don’t fit right, instead of buying new that do (work clothes). I also have about $26426246262 in craft supplies for DIYs I haven’t gotten around to yet.
Make sure to stop in at Emily’s Frugal Tips and the Frugal Living page for the latest tips. When we’ve bought a few things we shouldn’t, and it was all fun and games until the reality hit: there’s a cost.
Imagine, though, if you were able to minimise that debt, freeing up money and possibly time. One day, I was reading an article in Reader’s Digest at the doctor’s when I read about the false economy of buying the family a meal at McDonalds. I knew I wanted to work less and I also knew that in order to do that, I needed to cut back on spending.
Do you think, ‘faddish hipsters making everything out of mason jars and posting photos on Pinterest’?
With a bit of cleverness and nouse, everyone can make changes that will vastly boost their bank balance. Whether you are going through a rough patch or just want more money in your holiday savings, I believe I can help.
All of us can enjoy the freedom that those savings can bring, whether it means working less, worrying less about money, saving for a holiday, saving thousands in interest on a mortgage or not becoming destitute every Christmas.
My parents were very frugal people who created a whole lifestyle around minimising spending.
I remember it being quite normal to begin the school year in a shiny pair of shoes that looked vaguely clownish. Given this glut, I have found it is easy to find clothing that is reasonably socially acceptable at local op shops. If we are to believe the results of many studies on genetics, it is just about impossible to live like a miser if you are more naturally someone who appreciates the finer things in life. Much has been written about maxed out credit cards and overflowing wardrobes stuffed with ugly impulse buys, children’s rooms cluttered with broken, cheap toys.
Not only do they rob the quality of life of the thousands of workers who earn a pittance making them, not only do they clutter our houses and get broken in no time, but they pollute the planet from the moment they are raw materials being mined or mixed in chemical vats until they land in rubbish piles, where they will outlive us for millions of years.
Learn all about price matching and mail-in rebates (they will help you save a ton of cash).
If you can keep your expenses low while your income goes up, you’ll be saving without thinking about it.
What if your budget is zero and you have to get by without spending anything (or at least not much)? For me, I love cashmere (anything!) but I shop for it second-hand and then I’m willing to mend a hole or two so that I can have gorgeous clothing but I’m spending a lot less money to have it.
Believe me when I tell you my early meals were from boxes and were processed foods that I wouldn’t dream of eating today.
There’s nothing new about old fashioned living – we just need to get back to it!
Buyng thngs you do not need or wll never use s not really savng ts spendng, no matter how others try to sell t to you. I stll use scarves as accessores, stll lke black or brown shoes and neutral bags, have a couple of dramatc hats, and coats that are beautful and n good shape but are old.
It’s important to understand those differences in order to save money and live better. I’ve made this pretty clear the last few times my in-laws or parents have suggested this or that house for sale in the area, but it definitely means we stand out amongst our crowd. Life is always about choices, and the choices we make for our goals, so good for you for doing what you need for your goals.
I had to dump one bowl out and start over, while crossing my fingers that the other bowl was on track. The worst one I did was pull out a bag of chicken breasts from the deep freeze, and accidentally left it there! This has been my goal for a while now, and while I’ve not been perfect, I’ve learned a few pretty cool things along the way.
While this might appear to save working parents a truckload of time and energy, it also costs maybe an hour’s wages. Because I tried to be healthy, I spent even more than what I might if I went to McDonald’s.
I cut the credit card in two (that’s not for everyone) and vowed to do whatever it took to reclaim as much of my life as I could. Over the past several years, I have become a major league frugal living enthusiast, and as a result I have built up a series of practices and habits that have empowered me to do some pretty cool things, despite my rather limited budget. They grew enormous fields of vegetables, bought lentils and rice by the sackful, slaughtered their own meat. Does this mean that those of us who enjoy extravagance must live and work in eternal servitude to our credit card debt?
According to Foodwise, the average Australian household throws out $1036 worth of food every year, weighing a whopping 523kg!
Cooking at home from scratch doesn’t take much longer than buying mixes and is so much healthier for us. I lke dong ths so that I don’t have to post pctures onlne, trapse to the post offce, etc. Had a couple of nce suts, bought a few tops that could be worn wth both suts, and two pars of shoes (brown and black) one day handbag that was black and brown, an assortment of slk scarves (whch were cheap then), and lttle makeup (mascara and lpstck). These little bits and pieces of extra cash add up after months and months of saving, and it feels good to know that I can afford a minor car or pet emergency, and a major one if I wanted to bring my emergency fund into play. A couple weeks later, I was very confused to find the entire 10 pounds frozen as a giant mass of meat. My whole life had become an exercise in chasing my own tail, piled up housework, parental guilt, leaky purse and incontinent spending.
Most of the kids I knew wore hard-wearing corduroy pants with faded, thinning lines around the cuffs where they had been taken up or down. I think that’s the number one thing each of us must consider: how much of a skinflint are we prepared to be? I’m trying not to go all preachy on you folks, but I’m so passionate about this, it is hard NOT to get on a soapbox. I can pick up and leave whenever I please, and I can just call my landlord whenever something needs to be fixed. What if you were able to cut your work hours and enjoy more family time, without living like a pauper. Clothing was passed around families and was not discarded until it was completely clapped out. While many of us can afford to waste it, wouldn’t we rather have that money for other things? What I hope to do is support people who want to take control of their finances and have fun in the process. I realised that I had become trapped by this crazy cycle of paying a premium to save energy and time that actually ended up costing more than it saved. I am not interested in counting squares of toilet paper or lighting candles every night to save electricity. Why not make 2014 the year that you make your money work for you, rather than the other way around? I love good food and all pleasures of the senses, and I don’t think I could stick to any lifestyle in which I was forced to give these up.
Clothing generally did not make it to op shops unless it was hideously ugly and unfashionable or utterly worn out.
My trip is all about devising as much sensual trickery as I can to give myself the proverbial champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

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