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Dabney is a Southern-born, New England-raised, current Midwesterner who writes about design, obsesses over dogs, and can easily read a book a day. And your thermostat is already down as low as you can handle it (in the winter) and you don't even know where the nearest gym is located. If you are like me and fit all those categories above, how are we supposed to further cut costs and save money? Since I had 2 categories that varied greatly I couldn't add everything up neatly but just know that if we do all the thigns above, our savings per year will be more than this amount!
I don't know about you, but I would love to add an extra $4900 to our yearly income for things we don't need to spend money on! Sign up for our weekly newsletters for new articles sent right to your inbox plus get a free copy of my Gardening and Preserving Journal, just for signing up! I don’t know what your phone bill was before but I was paying 106 a month with verizon.
Mine, which we use for business, is the main phone and it has unlimited text, voice and Internet. Another tip for using pay as you go phones, at least my experience with Tracfone, is to manage it online. I still need to look at cutting some of the usual’s but as a family we have decided what we will and will not cut. As 2013 draws to a close, many of us are considering how we can “do better” in 2014.  This short series on creating a frugal grocery budget inspired quite a few families to hunker down and reign in their food expenses for the New Year. Eat like you’re going on vacation.  No one likes to come home to moldy leftovers, or expired food, after being out of town. In the Crumbs household, our grocery budget is $330 per month, or $82 each week.  By making it a habit of eating like we’re about to go on vacation every so often, we saved nearly $250 in one year! Looking for more ways to save money in 2014?  Subscribe to Don’t Waste The Crumbs weekly newsletter.  It’s free, filled with exclusive content not found elsewhere on my site and it always includes tips to help you eat real food, on a real budget!
And while you’re at it, be sure to sign-up for Kelly’s new weekly The Nourishing Home newsletter, which launches in January 2014. I love the tips, but I would have liked to see the price comparison on scraps vs no scraps smoothies made at home instead of or in addition to scraps vs restaurant smoothies. I don’t know of any store in my area that sells bananas by the bag, only by the pound. I like to save veggie scraps such as onions, garlic, celery and carrots (and anything else I have) and freeze them until I have enough to make either chicken or vegetable stock. But let me not seem like such a Debbie downer and follow that up with I have thoroughly been enjoying your blog!
All content (recipes, photos, text, etc.) on this site is the creative property of Kelly Smith of The Nourishing Home. Big budgets make decorating easier at times, but they aren't necessary for stylish, comfortable, and personalized homes.
And really, even it some of the idea do take a bit of time,  wouldn’t it be a better feeling to know that you are not starting a new year with some newly acquired debt?
Here are some of my tips to save money during the holidays.  Even if you try just a few of them, it will reflect in your bank balance! Can you think of some other ways to save time and money during the holidays?  Please leave your ideas in the comments below. I come from a long line of gardeners and have always love to experiment with food and recipes. Images: You have my permission to use one or two images if you clearly provide a direct link back to this site wherever my image appears. Winter is in full swing and the cost of heating your home has been steadily increasing as temperatures plummet. If you’ve been watching your meter spin trying to keep up with the demand of frigid temperatures, follow these frugal heating tips and you can save big on your energy bill. 7.  Schedule an appointment to have your chimney inspected and cleaned if you have a wood-burning fireplace.
8.  Use sunlight to help warm a room by opening the curtains to take advantage of direct sunlight.
We just purchased our house in November 2013 and our goal is to have it paid off (and all our other debts) in just 5 years.
Well any frugal family knows that sometimes it takes more than the easy things (like those above) to really save money and cut costs! My husband is a construction worker so his phone gets dropped and dirty beyond normal wear.
It gives me internet access (very slow but I rarely use that on my phone), 400 mins talk time and unlimited texts. This is year #2 that I’ve not bought myself any new clothes and when I do need something, knowing when our thrift shops, consignments, Goodwill have days where their items are reduced or on clearance to reduce inventory. But, if the idea of crunching numbers makes you cringe, here are five super simple, frugal ways to save on groceries – any time of year – without using a calculator.
So we make a practice of pretending we’re about to go on vacation to ensure we’re making use of all the food we’ve purchased to eliminate any wasted, expired food. I’ll be posting a review on her book and sharing one of her delicious recipes next week!

She’s got some great budget-saving tips and other real food resources and recipes in store for you in the New Year as well! Join Tiffany and the Crumbs Community on Facebook or Google+ for encouragement and small, simple steps to healthier living. But you’re so right, you can apply this principle to apples and oranges which are often sold by the bag at supermarkets. However, you can apply this principle to apples and oranges which are often sold by the bag.
For example, I’ll make a double batch of rice and serve the rest later in the week as part of another meal. I have a compost pile but the scraps work great for stock since they are strained out after they are done cooking. Eating healthy should never be so restrictive that you’re filled with anxiety over it or are tempted to break the bank to afford it.
My heart in creating this blog is to help you by sharing helpful meal planning strategies and nourishing GF recipes that are healthy, easy and delicious with thanksgiving to God! You are welcome to share a photo via social media, as long as it contains a link back to the corresponding recipe from this site. If you know what you like, have some patience, and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, it's possible to stretch your decorating dollars and save money. Get your family out the week before Christmas and go on a drive to the areas near you that decorate in style. Make her some peanut butter vegan fudge and put it in a cute Christmas tin saved from last year. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
We’re about to see a 2nd snow storm in a week which is practically unheard of in my area of VA! If you’re not already on the budget plan for your utilities such as gas and electric, you should look into the option. Filters get clogged with dust and dirt, so changing them frequently will help with your heating bill and the air quality in your home.  Consider investing in a permanent furnace filter which can collect more debris and contaminants than standard filters.
This small investment will allow you to automatically turn the heat down at night when you are sleeping and while you are away for extended periods of time during the day. Seal cracks around windows with caulk and add weather-stripping or door sweeps to exterior doors.   Have older windows?  Keep cold drafts out with plastic window insulation kits. I'm Dana, the writer behind the scenes of The Coupon Challenge, a Hampton Roads, VA based coupon blog. I strive to help you save on the products you need, so you can spend more on the things you want. But here’s the good news: it’s completely possible to save money and still have a happy, fulfilled existence. It sounds daunting and a little impossible but we are determined so we are going to give it our best shot!
I found this pretty chart that talks about all the different ways you can save up to $11,244 a year!
While those 2 options may not be viable or smart for everyone, a much  better option is to use any extra money to make extra payments on the debt you already have. A good way to save money on washing clothing of course is to hang dry your clothes and not use the dryer, however if you have allergies that's not an option and if you don't have a yard that's not an option, and in the winter that's not an option. If you've already cut these habits from your budget it's time to look for another way to save. If you are like me you already don't have a landline and drink water from the tap or filtered so you are unable to cut out both of those things.
A good way to do this is a pick up a Kill-A-Watt and actually see what is costing you the most money to run.
I don’t get to keep unused balance at the end of the month, but it is not contract so I choose when and if I wish to renew without any fees.
During our busy work season we use monthly plans that give us a little more minutes than we need so they accumulate, then we switch to just airtime plans in the slow season. Weather permitting I hang things on a line outdoors to dry, if it’s wet outside I have an indoors airer to hang things on.
I really need to organize the house and garage better and hopefully that will help with the things I want to work on. Each month, she’ll be sharing some of her favorite frugal tips for Real Food on a Budget. If you incorporate “pre-vacation eating” into your meal plan (planning meals around what you have left in your fridge and pantry), you’ll most certainly rack up the savings in your grocery budget.
It may not be as dramatic of a savings (using scraps vs not in homemade smoothies) but it would still be a frugal and economical way to utilize all the food you buy rather than throwing it out, thereby saving you money.
Living a healthy lifestyle instead should be centered on keeping priorities where they should be … seek first the kingdom, be a good steward of the blessings God has given you and enjoy the life He has given you for His glory and in service to Him. Great perspective I had just come back from the grocery store so I couldn’t see the forest through the trees at the moment haha.
Your honest comment is completely one we can all relate to and you certainly are welcome to share your opinion here.

You should save about 3 percent on your heating bill for every degree that you set back your thermostat.
The budget plan allows you to avoid seasonal fluctuations, so you don’t get a surprise bill one month and have your whole budget thrown off track. While that's impressive and the chart is very pretty, as I read it I just realized it was the same thing that I'd seen before. If you are paying any kind of interest rate this is going to save you in the long run (although you might not notice it as much as the savings above).
We finally sat down and drew up a budget for our family, cut many many things, but my phone is cheap and as I am on the go dropping every one every where constantly, I decided to keep it as an expense.
I have paid $6.99 all winter for my phone and since he managed to accumulate years of airtime buying cards before we learned how to manage this way, he has had no phone bill for 3 months. They dry eventually, but this may not be practical for folks with kids who need stuff dry quickly.
We were doing an envelope cash system with a budget but I get busy and slack on it but need to do that and then I can put any extra in savings since we need to building a savings in-case of emergency. Peace of mind, lots of food stocked in the pantry, bills paid, garden growing, and being debt free by the time I’m 45. Likewise, when you’re chopping fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks and meals, don’t toss the scraps – save them to make smoothies!  Strawberry tops, apple cores (minus the seeds), the ends of carrots, etc.
When you buy produce by the bag, get the biggest bag possible for the same amount of money. I’m feeling really discouraged because I want to feed my family healthy, real food but the cost is overwhelming. Additionally, please refrain from adapting recipes without properly linking back to the original recipe, and keep in mind that simple substitutions do not constitute an adapted or original recipe.
You could also organize a movie exchange with friends or family, I'm sure one of your friends has some movies you haven't seen yet! Not only will this help save us money on gas but it will also save us money on un-necessary things we might buy while we are in town. For the sake of this article let's make that; Frozen Waffles, Applesauce, Pizza Crust, Hamburger Helper, and Rice Roni. Used clothing saves you at least 75% off the regular retail purchasing prices so if you normally spend $100 a month on new clothes, it would be like spending only 75% of that instead by purchasing the clothing new.
There are great alternatives to just about everything, cloth diapers, cloth pads, cloth napkins, and cloth towels! For the other phone, if we have extra money, we’ll pay the $50, or if not, we pay $15 to keep the number and so both of us have communication. Not a fan of WalMart but they did have a very good selection of pay as you go phones and plans to look at and choose from (much easier than trying to sort it all out at various locations). Use what you have in hand to minimize waste, and try doing things for yourself instead of purchasing them at retail( the smoothie example). If space is an issue for you like it is for me, you can always do a wall drying rack instead. Both of our phones are finished with their contracts this spring and we will not be renewing with the company we are with. My husband just paid cash for an older model iPhone using some Swagbucks gift cards and his own pocket money which we budget for monthly. As for land lines, where I live not having one is a dangerous option (one good storm and my cell phone will not be able to call out). Thank you for the list, it is always nice to know new options because even if we don’t want to cut the basics that every one talks about does not mean I am not willing to try other things.
By saving overripe produce and scraps, you’ll reduce your waste, stretch your food AND enjoy the health benefits of real food smoothies.
Could totally add other fruit scraps too for different flavors as you mentioned with smoothies. We looked around to see who had the best pricing for local only calls and then got a Google Voice number to manage long distance calls at no charge. Oh we are also starting a bigger garden then last year, my plan is every year to build on it more, maybe composting next winter or a greenhouse type set up since we don’t get a ton of cold weather here in Houston. It is fun to do, and I choose things that will be done quickly and inexpensively like this DIY Candy Cane Vase project. The peace of mind knowing I can call 911 if necessary makes the small monthly payment worth it!
It is just an example.) The rest of the world buys a phone and then loads minutes on it as they need them and they pay way less than we do. My phone has developed some problems lately so I will be establishing a budget category for replacing phones. I plan to put a small amount, like $15, into that budget each month and then we will have the money to replace phones when we need to, as long as mine hangs on for a bit.

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