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For all those who live in fear of never quite "measuring up," this honest account of one woman's spiritual crisis provides a new look at the transforming power of God's grace in the midst of weakness.
I understand Miller's ultimate goal and I appreciate her honesty in revealing her move from fear to freedom. From Fear to Freedom is an account of one woman's realization over many years of how she was living in a way that contradicted what she thought she believed about God and the world. I'm grateful to Miller for introducing me to Luther's image of the caterpillar in a ring of fire.
Up until last year, I’m was feeling pretty good, I was in a good teaching groove, getting good teaching gigs, learning, growing, all that good stuff. In other words, all of this time, for the past 11 years, I have been showing up with these false expectations of what I think I should sound like, act like, and be; everything except to be myself, exactly as I am.
When I returned from Montana after the training, I felt fresh, with no fear and new tools in my teaching tool belt. Sharon Marie is a yogi, a writer, a blogger, a Harley girl, and a CO-FIT Facilitator for Live Love Teach.  She is happily married with children, two goofy dogs, two cats, friends, and a fulfilling teaching career.
If we all could practice these same things in our regular life, we would be more happy; less stressed and able to enjoy more out of life. Readers will be encouraged to relinquish the role of spiritual "orphan" and embrace a forgiving heavenly Father. I had a hard time connecting to this book in some ways, but I think it may be a good thing. If one comes from a legalistic, righteousness based performance background, this book will resonate and free you. She talks about the discussion between Luther and Erasmus regarding the nature of salvation and our need for grace.

Although she tells many stories, I appreciated that unlike some memoir or autobiography-type books, the focus isn’t ultimately herself, her story, or her life. Then I signed up for a five-day training in Montana with the founders of Live Love Teach, Philip Urso, Stacy Dockins, and Deborah Williamson.
Her Path is loving God, cleaning house, and helping others find peace and grace in the process known as Life.
You notice so much its almost onerous to argue with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). The book is like a sermon on discouragement where instead of actually encouraging, it ends up just yelling at you for being discouraged in the first place.Yes, I understand that I'm not an orphan. The message that was so life changing for Rose Marie, her paradigm shift from an orphan to a daughter mentality, is one that I have been taught well for many years, due in part to her family's influence. This is the author's personal story of finding freedom in the concept of God as her loving Father and she His daughter. Still not finished, I continue onward to obtain my 500-hour certification as a yoga teacher. I had no idea I was doing it, but these three very loving, compassionate teachers showed this to me without making me feel self-conscious about it.
And this simple shift is actually a skill––a skill that can be taught, practiced and cultivated. With 14 years of practice, and 12 years of professional experience in the fitness industry and the healing arts, Sharon has been able to blend all that she loves into incredibly simple, powerful, transformational, life changing programs and workshops for people of all ages, all walks of life, all over the country. But you don't tell your kid that he's yours by scolding him for not submitting to your love. I'd recommend this book to someone coming out of a more legalistic tradition, or that struggles to believe that they are loved by God.

Knowing other women (stronger than I, by far) struggle with fear and anxiety and hearing their journey in faith helps a good deal in and of itself. A friend recently asked me what I like to do to relax and just chill out while other people are eating french fries and watching movies.
Their disarming approach took out of the way all of the personal attachments I had about myself and about my teaching. Plant your hands behind your shoulders, wider than your shoulders, and press up only to rest the crown of your head on the floor. Basically from living in fear and worry and doing her own will to living a life of freedom and mercy following God's Will.
I cannot have any meaningful relationship with Jesus if I don’t experience forgiveness from him. One of the Live Love Teach principles is called “instant forgiveness.” Whew, I love that one! What could you do, right now, without that story?” I can still see their faces, their expressions of pondering the possibility that maybe––wow––who would I be and what could I do without that story? I think I’m not so bad, or usually only sin because of other people or circumstances.
I must ask God to do the impossible in my life – to show me I do not have any real strength on my own and cannot be self-sufficient.
I also learned a lot about prayer, and the power of prayer when we truly believe in it's power.

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