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A free online antique price guide can help a buyer, seller or owner determine the market value for an antique. Kovels has maintained up to date antiques price guides since 1958 and is highly respected by antique appraisers and dealers. Find out the value of your Beatles Yesterday and Today memorabilia on this interesting site. There are several book searches online where you can find the market value of your old books.
If you are a coin collector, you will find the Coin Collector's Guide an invaluable resource for prices and other information. If you have an old violin or other stringed instrument you can find out the value with this stringed instrument price guide online.
You can also use other Internet resources to help you decide on a value for your antiques and collectibles. I have three Bone China tea cups and saucers that were made in England one is a Royal Crest with a 266 on the bottom are these of any value??? When it comes to assigning value to your treasures, nothing beats the wealth of information in free antique pricing resources. The Internet is an excellent resource for pricing antiques without investing in printed guides or pricey services. Before you use a free price guide to look up the value of your antique treasures, it's essential that you know your piece. Condition is extremely important when assessing value, and it's one of the main pitfalls in using free antique price guides. When you're ready to look up your item, make a list of all the information you have about it. If you want a really accurate value for your piece, it's a good idea to look it up in more than one free price guide.
If you don't know as much about your item, you'll have better luck "drilling down" through the categories on these sites. The type of value you are looking up will also determine where your piece falls within the price range. If you know how to use them, free antique price guides can provide valuable information for no cost to you. These guides list the current value of items, providing you with a convenient resource to evaluate your antiques and collectibles. While most online price guides specialize in one type of antique, Kovels lists antiques in almost every category.The website is easy to navigate, with antiques arranged according to type.
You can compare several copies of the same book in different conditions to most closely match your own book to it.

There are thousands of images of patterns and lists all of the colors that the item was made in. The items are listed by the auction prices categorized by month which can make it difficult to find specific vases but if you are looking for general prices this is a very helpful site.
W JOE Radio has an excellent price guide as well as parts to restore your radio to working condition. Check antique malls like Ruby Lane and auction sites like eBay to find the prices that similar items sold for.
Purchasing printed guides or subscribing to fee-based online valuation services can get expensive, so many casual collectors turn to no-cost valuation resources instead. You'll need to do a bit of research up front in order to make sure you're looking up the right item and getting an accurate price, but doing this homework can save you a lot of money. While you may love this item and overlook any flaws, try to examine it from an impartial point of view. Since you're doing the assessment yourself, you may miss small flaws that a professional appraiser would not. This is the data you'll need to input into databases or search indexes in free valuation guides. This is because the guides get their information from different sources, such as auction results or databases of insurance values. If you were able to find a specific model number or patent number, you can use the search field on any of these sites. Auction values, which represent the price your piece would fetch in an online or local auction, are typically lower than retail values. You can use this pricing information to determine a listing value for selling an item, to decide how much to offer for a treasure, or simply to satisfy your curiosity about a piece. I recently got to meet Elizabeth from My Sewing Machine Obsession and that was pretty cool. Such guides provides a reference point for determining the value of a particular item quickly and easily. There is also a chat board where you can ask questions and discuss your items with other collectors. You'll just need to be honest with yourself about the condition of your book to match it to one of the books on site.
There is also a section with images of fakes to help the novice collector identify reproduction and fake Carnival. The site also has a number of helpful resources for the collector such as, How to Spot Fakes and Markings.
Also vising reader generated Q&A sites like What's It Worth will allow you to review past reader questions to find similar items to help determine value estimates.

The key to finding accurate pricing information for your item is to really understand how to use free antique price guides. For instance, an eight-inch sterling dinner fork is worth a lot more than a seven-inch sterling dinner fork. If you get the same result from multiple sources, you can be confident that you have an accurate value. Then narrow the results as much as possible using your information about the size, materials, color, or any other descriptive information.
Use the condition assessment you performed before your search to help place your item's value within this range. The retail value is the price someone might pay for your item if it were for sale in an antique shop.
If you have a piece of pottery or porcelain you can easily identify it by using the images provided.
Using a variety of methods in determining the value of an antique will help ensure that you have a more accurate idea of the item's worth. This includes gathering all the necessary information about your piece before you begin your search. Although an appraisal service will gather this information for you, you'll need to do the legwork yourself when using free price guides. Look at the photos and information for each piece that may match your item until you find one that is identical. If it will take significant work to restore your item to its original condition or if it will be impossible to fix the piece, your item probably falls toward the low end of the price spectrum. Finally, you may also find the insurance value of your piece, which is the highest retail value. This can be time-consuming, but it is an effective way to use a free price guide to identify and assign a value to your item. Keep in mind that the insurance value you get from a free online valuation tool is only a guideline; you'll need to have a professional appraisal in order to list the item on your homeowner's insurance.
Even though this information seems general, it's the first step in using any antique price guide. Dealer pricing may also be misleading, as many times it will depend on how long the dealer has had the piece for sale; some drop the prices the longer pieces remain in inventory.

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