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Excess stuff causes us stress (living with piles of stuff surrounding us is exhausting), money (we buy things we already own but either can’t find or forget we have) and time (the constant search for that thing we can never find). It’s time to free ourselves of the excess and focus only on what brings us happiness with these decluttering tips. Can’t stand to part with little Billy’s three foot pile of drawings from Pre-K? I gave my girls garbage bags and told them to fill them up with anything they didn’t use or need anymore. Now that you have the world’s most organized home, be picky about what you bring into it. I love the idea of donating to friends and those that could really use our castoffs – good luck Eloise! Decluttering is usually one of the most emotional portions of redecorating, moving or simply reappropriating a room in your house. If you’re moving to a new location, shipping, hiring a mover or renting a truck can mean big bucks.

Often, many of us are derailed on our attempts to declutter and reorganize because we have an unrealistic attachment to the stuff we own. It looked so cute on the rack, then you got home with good intentions but you never wore it. Put things you feel emotional about in a box, if you don’t use it or think about it in 6 months, donate the box without pilfering through it, activating another emotional cycle.
If you have a penchant for knick-knacks & small items that don’t have a good spot to display or get in the way- remember not everything has to be on display at once! Ask yourself: ¬†What emotion (that isn’t love or usefulness) is causing me to hold onto this item and how is it holding me back? Filed Under: Home Tagged With: cleaning tips, declutterSign up for free updates from Frugal Beautiful! I know in my area there is a FB page where you can post things you no longer have a need for and then others can buy it from you. This is great, I just set myself another goal today to get organised, I need to de-clutter and get things done so this post is a great help!

I keep seeing ideas and checklists all over Pinterest and Facebook for decluttering your home but they require you to do something every day or once a week. If you have things you’ve been holding onto for a friend for over a month or you keep forgetting to give to her- there might be a reason you haven’t passed it on so go ahead and donate, toss it or put it in your purse, car or put it in the mail right now! The gifter probably won’t remember, and if they do- let them know you passed it on to someone special who loved it as much as you do. I just can’t commit to doing something every day or week so I came up with a more generic checklist that covers every area in my house that I can do whenever I have time.
It’s crazy how much emotion and energy we attach to objects and how good it feels to let that go by de-cluttering.

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