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The events in your life contribute to the amount of stress you feel, but it is your body’s energy that enables you to manage that stress in a healthy way.
If you know that a chakra imbalance is contributing to your stress levels, you can combine the effectiveness of two popular healing therapies in order to achieve calm. If you have a chakra imbalance, you can jump start the healing process by starting to work with your energy.
Find out if your stress is stemming from a chakra imbalance.Take the Free Chakra Test today! Today I train tens of thousands of people across the world to use their Chakras to improve their lives in every aspect–be it with money, fitness, relationships or emotional wellbeing. Sign up for our Email Newsletter, Advance Notice of Events and a chance to WIN a 30 minute Energy Clearing for you and your home! Imagine the complexity of the parts that are working together in the span of only a second.

When you really feel as though you’re drowning in feelings of anxiety and exasperation, it’s a sign that the energy in your body – at one of your seven chakra sites – is imbalanced, closed, or weak. Reiki is an energy healing method that enables you to clear your chakra centers, effectively ridding yourself of negative energy. Without a conscious intention, you can breathe, move your limbs, address the thoughts that come into your head, and still focus your attention on whatever is going on around you. Although you may be able to function for some time like that, it’s not a healthy way of life.
Meditation, touted all around the world as the most beneficial way to access tranquility, inner peace, and mental clarity, can also help you succeed in feeling less stressed. Try to make your space as soothing as possible: light candles, play relaxing music, or surround yourself with objects that bring you comfort.
And just like that machine, you too are susceptible to ‘overheating.’ When you take on too much at work, when your home life is hectic, and when you feel overwhelmed by all you have to do, you’re likely to feel some amount of stress or anxiety.

Over time you’ll get run down, and until you address the source of your problem, you won’t be able to feel well again. By taking some time to learn more about energetic potential housed in the chakras, you can begin to tackle the source of your stress. Combined, these two therapies will enable you to use your energy in a positive way to find the sense of calm you deserve.
I found out from the surgeon afterwards that it was absolutely necessary as he found polyps that he wasn't able to see. Without moving your hands, allow yourself to feel the energy emanating from that particular source.

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