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Here is a great collection of one the most popular backgrounds used in photoshop for texturing photos and pictures.
Excellent vintage and old yellow and brown parchment paper Hi, another old paper texture, added more yellow and some nice grunge dirt and watermarks, enjoy! Hi, This is a bit of odd one and more of an experiment and I can’t decide if I like it or not.
Two images of a shrine in vietnam – standard photo and on old vintage paper Here are two free stock images of shrine in the jade emperor pagoda in vietnam.
Here is two parchment paper textures that I generated one day using a collection of filters and stuff.
In this page you can download image texture or background - old paper texture background, free image. We grant you a free royalty-free license to use these pictures on your websites and in designs, however copyright is not transferred. They may seem a bit strange, but as I have a fancy for old, weathered wood, and spend a good amount of time in alpine landscapes photographing it, and as some of that makes interesting backgrounds and textures, I thought I will prepare another set of royalty-free stock photos (and let people download them for free). All the textures on this page are free to download and use, although please read Terms & Conditions first.

It is made by pressing together moist fibers of a cellulose pulp, usually wood, rags or grasses. Paper spread from China through the Middle east to Europe  in the 13th century, where the first water-powered paper mills were built.
Although the modern word is derived from it, paper is different from Papyrus which was used in Ancient Egypt and other Mediterranean cultures as the two are produced very differently.
Like the last one I posted, this makes me think of the old vintage pirate treasure maps, especially with the dirt, grunge and watermarks. I added more contrast and grunge, dirt and marks to add age and make it more of a vintage grunge paper texture. Another I made the other day as a composite from some of the images on the site and a floral design that I picked up somewhere. I took an old photo of some flowers that I had taken a while back then some of my other parchment related images and combined them all to get the texture and effect I wanted. Distribution or resale of the images themselves is not permitted, especially not through stock photo related sites.
On a trip to Thailand I went to an elephant sanctuary where they made paper from elephant dung and gave a great story of how a guy first made it using the kitchen blender, not surprisingly his wife was not impressed While paper is most commonly used for writing and printing upon, it is also used for packaging and in cleaning products as well as a number of industrial and construction processes and sometimes even as a food ingredient (particularly in Asian cultures – hmm, hope no-one uses the elephant dung paper).

During the 19th century new processes for pulping wood fibers where developed in Canada and Germany and with lower manufacturing costs the use of paper grew.
You will probably recognize the grunge borders brown paper texture or parchment paper with ornamental border edge Free old brown paper texture or parchment paper with a nice ornamental floral border edging.
I?m sure you designers can do something with these textures… As usual, these are free royalty-free stock photos, which means, use them freely in your designs or on your web sites, but please don?t resell or otherwise re-distribute the images themselves.
As always, you can download them individually by right-clicking the image or download them all in a ZIP file. This is another old parchment background that I created long ago and when I went to uploaded I looked at it and went hmmm…. Anyway one stop was the museum, after wandering around for a while the guide asked what the most valuable item in the place was, after the usual responses of the pile of gold coins, religious artifacts etc he mentioned that it was the ancient paper in a case that we had all seen as it was oldest paper in the world. Well parchment is technically dried animal skin that is limed, scraped and dried under tension to be really really thin.

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