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However, one of the hallmark traits of successful people is to be OK with asking for help when they need it.
While it’s true some folks might be unable or unwilling to help, it all comes back to the bite-sized sales approach I mentioned a few months ago. Anticipate needing help if you’re venturing into new territory where you have limited knowledge and prior experience.
Before you tackle the problem yourself, you can use the bite-sized sales approach to ask for help. For example, I was recently approached by a startup founder to teach a 30 minute course online based off of material I had previously taught.
Join 5000+ techies & receive a little inspiration in your inbox weekly, to help you create, innovate & do your most meaningful work! Jerusalem, March 30 – The maker of the Get Out Of Jail Free cards necessary to secure the freedom of dozens of Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israel has been unable to meet demand for the product, resulting in delays in the next expected round of prisoner release surrounding Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.
Company spokesman Marvin Gardens explained that Parker Brothers currently lacks the manpower and ink required to make the cards, and is not expected to have all the materials in stock until at least the middle of April.
The Jewish holiday of Passover begins on the night of April 14, and the Israeli government will all but shut down for more than a week.

The previous prisoner release proved particularly traumatic to Israelis, as it included a large number of Palestinians who had murdered Israelis.
For some reason, masses of people do not click on the annoying ads that appear on this page. Asking for help seems like a sign of weakness, you feel like you’re burdening someone by taking up their time, or worse yet you might have overlooked the importance of building up a support system.
This actually makes it harder for someone to help, because the helper has to first get you out of the mess you’re in, before they can propose a solution for the root cause of the situation. To sum it for new readers, the bite-sized sales approach means you start by having conversations with people to understand why they might object or push back. He identified my strength in teaching, provided a clear alignment of interest with my startup Femgineer, and the ASK was small enough that I said yes.
Israel has no alternatives to the orange cards, as Parker Brothers has a monopoly on the product.
Any delivery of the cards, and their subsequent use, would have to wait until close to the end of the month, by which time the Palestinians may already decide to declare negotiations a failure and roll the dice on unilateral moves in international forums to pressure Israel into capitulating. Having rent their garments over the affair, many Israelis see any further release as mortgaging their future against highly unlikely returns.

He's afraid that his teacher is going to tell his parents that he has to repeat the fourth grade. It also creates anxiety for the helper, they fear making the situation worse, before they can make it better.
You can then proceed to carve out a piece of your problem, by using their key strength to solve it, and show alignment of interests. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has tied continuing the negotiations to implementation of the release, but Israel insists it remains unable to do so.
So Hank creates an elaborate scheme to have his parents win an out-of-town trip so they're gone during the conference days. Seems like a lengthy process, but it’s got a much higher success rate especially in environments where people will easily reject new ideas or have many constraints.

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