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Spending time together as a family seems to be more difficult for today’s parents and children than it was for past generations.
While the chilly winds of winter can be a deterrent against outdoor activity, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean an end to fun outside. When school isn’t in session and work responsibilities begin to slow down in the days surrounding various holidays, it can present an opportunity for families to spend more time engaged in activities as a unit than other times throughout the year. Though it may not be feasible for the typical modern family to make every night a family game night, instituting a policy of holding the event once each week, or even on a monthly basis, makes it easier for you to clear your schedules in anticipation. Creating art projects together that you’ll cherish forever may require less time than you think, especially after perusing the ideas set forth by these five crafty bloggers. A struggling economy means not only less money, but also that you may be forced to spend more time at work to make ends meet.
Getting kids off the couch and into the fresh air to engage in physically active play is less of a challenge when you’re willing to get out there with them.
For nannies seeking full-time employment, our extensive network of sister sites gives nanny job seekers access to one of the largest databases of parents currently seeking to employ a full-time nanny. If your kids are anything like mine, they might be starting to get a little antsy for this spending freeze to be over. Hide-and-Go Seek–Our family has had some of our funniest moments and biggest laughs playing this simple game.
Rake leaves or do other yard work—Working together as a family outside can be incredibly satisfying. Build a fort–Grab some old blankets and sheets and spend the afternoon creating a super cool hideout.
Make homemade playdoh–-let the kids help with the process of making the play-doh (find a recipe here or here), then spend the afternoon making your own dough creations.
Go for a bike ride–Explore an area of town close by your house or bring your bikes to a popular bike trail.
Do an up-cycling project together-this is a great way to create something useful AND teach your kids about recycling and re-using.
Make homemade Christmas gifts to give to friends and family—Making gifts together is a great way to teach your kids about the joy of giving, and the importance of giving from the heart, not just giving stuff. Visit a free local festival–check your local paper, library calendar, or community website to find out what free events are happening in or around your town. Watch a Dock Dogs competition—if you’ve never watched these amazing dogs leap off the dock, competing to see who can jump the furthest, then you are missing out! Your assignment today is to spend time as a family doing something you’ve never done before. Subscribing via email is the best way to stay connected to all the fun stuff happening here at Living Well Spending Less, and we invite you to join more than 300,000 subscribers in receiving regular updates!
With a mobile version of your website you can access local information via a website or app.
Whether you’re up for hosting a campout in the backyard or doing something easy, like serving breakfast for dinner one day a week, special traditions bring your family closer and create lasting memories for your preschooler. Please keep in mind that these worksheets are meant for your own personal home or classroom use only and may not be distributed to anyone else. If you appreciate this resource, please show your support by making a small donation, by leaving some feedback below, or by at least sharing this page with your friends and followers — thanks! This entry was posted in Vocabulary, Worksheets and tagged familia, family, free, puzzles, worksheets. I usually have to make up all of my worksheets because some of the worksheets don’t cover all the dfferent aspects of the lesson.

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Despite what parenting magazines and all the advertisers would have you believe entertaining children and doing things together as a family does not need to cost you hundreds of dollars every time you want to do something.
Using pretty paper, stickers and other craft supplies make some cards to use to give away at birthdays or other events. They could do simple hand stitched projects to begin with then learn how to make things on the sewing machine. Use some chalk, a rock and your driveway to play hopscotch or put some masking tape on the floor and do it inside if it’s raining. Learn some survival skills such as making a fire, setting up a shelter then go out and do it in the wild (check the laws on these things where you live first). Sand castle competitions are held at various beaches and some of the creations are so intricate and amazing you won’t believe they’re sand.
Create a list of things to collect and bring back (or photograph if you don’t want to remove the items from where you found them). Brainstorm about themes together then redecorate the kids rooms using things that you already have or have pulled from another room.
If you can find one, drive-in movies are so much cheaper than regular movies because they are charged per car and they usually have double features. The recipes are easy to make and can be tailored to suit what you want to do using different colours. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard using anything you have see how creative you can get.
This post is by contributor Kylie Ofiu who is a mom from Australia that blogs about ways to make money and save money on her site: Kylie Ofiu. Disclaimer: All data and information provided on this site is for entertainment purposes only. Between the demands of a career and running a household, parents have less free time on their hands, while their kids are so loaded with academic responsibilities and extracurricular activities that they seem to seldom have time to do more than finish homework and catch a few hours of sleep.
Bundle up and take a cue from these five bloggers, who discuss a variety of cold weather family activities that are sure to warm your heart and keep you all laughing. The subject matter of these five blog entries circles around the concept and execution of a successful family game night, and can serve as valuable resources for you as you plan one for your family. From holiday themes to every day fun, there’s something here to suit everyone’s tastes and abilities. When your much-needed vacation rolls around, these five bloggers suggest skipping the stress and pressure of a traveling vacation, and taking on the relaxing fun of a “stay-cation” instead.
These five bloggers offer advice, hints and ideas for fun and exciting outdoor games that can keep you and your brood outdoors and entertained. A Working together to build something big, like a castle or a city, is a lot of fun and helps your kids improve their construction skills by learning from you. A Collect shells, run from the waves, build a sand castle, or simply go for a walk together and see what you find.
A Award prizes for different categories–most creative, most beautiful, funniest, sweetest, etc. A You could do something more structured, like this handprint family tree or this fingerprint heart, or simply just let your kids lead.
A Home Depot holds theirs on the first Saturday of the month while Lowe’s offers one every other Saturday.
A Brainstorm some ideas for useful or thoughtful gifts you can make together, then get busy!

A Many libraries also often host reading contests where your kids can earn prizes for the reading that they do. Our newsletter offers a weekly dose of inspiration & encouragement, and many of our readers tell us it is the highlight of their week! So by creating a version of your site for mobile phones it allows your visitors to access the information while on holiday.
Here are seven fun family-activity ideas that cost little or nothing at all, plus common challenges that crop up with simple solutions for each (and ways to make your time even more fun). These are exactly the knd of actvtes I had n mnd for my 2nd and 3rd graders durng ths short Thanksgvng week! Yes, there are activities that cost a lot, but there are also a lot of free and cheap activities you can do instead. Younger kids could have cute patches put on or favourite pants which are now too short turned into shorts, older kids and teens could do things like turn a t-shirt into a funky bag or scarf.
There are different ones around to help us learn about and remember different wars and events. To play charades, you have to act out movie titles, songs and things without making a sound. The person (or team) with the most items (or images) or who completes the hunt the fastest wins. If you look in your local area you might even get discount vouchers around school holidays. And Then We Saved makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. These 30 blogs feature a variety of ideas for ways that families can spend more time with one another and less time in front of an electronic device. Second, there are still plenty of things you can do together as a family that don’t cost anything at all! Teach your kids all sorts of important & essential life skills such as problem solving, sportsmanship, math, reading, & more!
A We use 2 of these awesome Toobeez sets we bought the girls for Christmas last year, but you can just as easily use tables, chairs, & other furniture to build your creation. A Let them help gather the supplies or check for free stuff on Craigslist, then get to work.
To make it more special you could fill the inside with sweets or treats, then wrap the houses up and deliver them to friends or family. The kids run around and hide and you try to spot them with the flashlight or they can run around trying to get away from the light. I want you to have a debt-free life too so here you'll be able to read all about: How to do a Spending Fast®, saving & making more money, DIY's, & a lot about living awesomely with less. For parents interested in learning about current candidates seeking employment in their area, they can simply enter their zip code for a general candidate search.
A The cards in each persons’ hands are the chores they must do, but everyone is allowed to trade cards (and tasks).

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