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The extension adds a promotional footnote to your blog post, but that can be deleted (whether it is ethical to do so or moreover in breach of the Zemanta license is unclear. Personalized to the sender Include your social media links Provides market reports from NAR for your local area – no control over the number of areas included Newsfeed on the right hand side What you can’t see – banner advertising at the top of the page. Consumer-friendly video talking about the housing market More NAR market reports – seeing a theme here? And there’s more…(otherwise know as the obvious options)• Inside Real Estate News – Local Denver reporter, John Rebchook – Consumer articles• Local newspapers – Don’t forget about the Community newspapers!
Create your own• Don’t be afraid to create your own community tour• Uploaded videos on YouTube, specific to your listing, can be added to the MLS• As long as you get permission from the owner, source videos on YouTube for your site, too!
Market Reports• Shameful plug for Metrolist reports• Monthly Comparison, meant for professionals – Dull – Boring – But, packed with lots of information! Just click here and tell the Dakno Team how you want your content fed into your real estate blog.
Don’t Forget to Tell Us You Want to Subscribe to Our Content Feed for Your Dakno Blog! We are excited about this new, no-cost service and our clients are already excited about the news as well! When you’re generating topic ideas, targeting your content, and optimizing for search, your blogging should never be slowed down because organizing your ideas is time-consuming.
Keep your content authors & topics organized Track keyword & call-to-action use Ensure that content is developed on time & on target Fill out the form to download your calendar now.
Byron White and team members offer their two cents on business, life, and the content marketing revolution. Even if it doesn’t always help your task at hand, freewrites will help you in the future, I promise. Meg Cichon is a freelance writer available on WriterAccess, a marketplace where clients and expert writers connect for assignments.
Free content builds goodwill, and people love to share free stuff with their friends and followers on social media. Jay Baer wrote about giving content away, and one reason he believes it is necessary is startling: Your audience expects it now. Start by figuring out what your reluctant readers might need to convince themselves to open their wallet and buy. Free content, such as an e-book that knocks people’s socks off, is how you build your network. These reasons are particularly important for new bloggers, or bloggers who are still working at getting a serious readership. What might you give away? Knowing what to give away isn’t a trick, but the answer is going to vary for each blogger.
There’s a reason subscription services have become popular—people are signing up for boxes to be delivered each month with things like makeup, food, or toys for their dog. Marketers, provide training resources that are actually unique and not a rehash of everything out there already.
While on a quest to find or create the perfect weekly planner, I stumbled upon the chronodex. That chronodex created a positive reputation for Ng for those obsessed with planning and organization. Ng continues to provide updates, and he also highlights how other readers have been putting his chronodex system to work in their lives.

The reason there is disagreement on giving things away is because some bloggers are approaching it purely from the viewpoint of marketing, while other bloggers are actually trying to make their living off of content. For example, a blogger who is building a reputation for being a marketing expert might think giving everything away is a great idea. A blogger who is building a business creating knitting patterns and instructions can’t exactly do that. In this scenario, you ought to be giving away good content that shows you have the skills and potential for even better content, but you should not be giving away your best content. Everyone gets in, but only through specific channels. While no one is turned away, they have to meet certain standards or requirements in order to participate. If your sales model is exclusive training for members, you simply can’t give everything away, even for an email address. There is room for a shift in how much you give away over time if your goal was to build a reputation before reigning in your freebies.
For example, Copyblogger’s famous blog post on how to write magnetic headlines now redirects not to the easy-access blog post, but to a section of their site in which they encourage you to sign up for their other exclusive content.
People pay for #content that provides exclusivity, guidance, custom info, and great experiences. There will always be some who do not like giving an email address or anything else to get that freebie you are offering. Giving away content is a fine balance between attracting and reassuring serious readers and customers to buy, and avoiding a feeding frenzy of people busily collecting e-books and nothing else. I have a question: how can you make several downloads available to your subscribers without asking them to enter their email over and over again? Hi Giada, I am no pro, but just added the YIKES Easy Forms for MailChimp to my WP site and it has an optin feature that allows you to just that. As you type your post it searches the web for photos and graphics pertinent to your text and displays them in your blog editing sidebar.
It also suggests posts from other blogs and news sites (a list of which you can customize). To see it in action you can use their demo, just paste in any text and it will fire up the image gallery, related posts, and tag suggestions. But, even if you’re not blogging in English, chances are you will use some buzzwords or product names that will be picked up by the extension and give you some chance of finding pertinent images, links, and tags.
There is also a browser plugin available for Safari 3 (4 beta just released) and Opera 9 users. Check your moral code and your lawyer’s phone number before deleting the acknowledgments. As of today we have rolled out a brand new no-cost content writing service for you and your real estate blog.
It’s designed to keep you on track as you develop awesome content that your prospects, customers, and readers will love.
It’s called a freewrite and it’s one of the most helpful tools I have come across when writing.
For example, the first question of my freewrite above can be a great Facebook discussion topic. WriterAccess is powered by ideaLaunch, a full service content marketing agency serving hundreds of clients and thousands of writers since 2000. Just as pro guest bloggers advocate doing your best writing for your guest posts instead of saving it for your blog, you need to do the same for your blog giveaways.

Writers, give your readers writing help—from writing prompts to handy guides for fleshing out a plot.
It’s become hugely popular among planner fanatics, and a search on the chronodex will reveal people sharing their versions and how they use it. If he were to begin selling additional expansions to his chronodex, I’ve no doubt people would pony up the money. That is a free item that people look forward to every year because it naturally needs to be re-issued annually.
They are focused on establishing a reputation, and the more valuable content they have out there, the better. We like knowing there are people who are not receiving this special knowledge because it makes our chances of success better. This helps weed out those who aren’t as dedicated, willing to pay, willing to work, and so on. Give away enough to give your customer a chance for small success using your program or content so they trust you enough to make a purchase. Even if they do not have to pay, and even if they are free to unsubscribe and extract themselves at any time, they still do not care for it.
One download that became popular over the years was a printable navigation log for VFR pilots. As with anything, it’s a process that requires constant watch and slight tweaking to understand what is best given away and what is best held back. Click a thumbnail you like and Zemanta automatically inserts the graphic into your blog post. Click the image at the top of this post to see it in action on this very post via their demo. I regularly look forward to several designers who send out links to fun print-cut-assemble projects each month.
It makes the group who has succeeded at getting in know that everyone else is as serious as they are. Instead of a generic report on how to get more traffic, they’ll pay for a custom report that takes their specific situation into account. She has been blogging since 2002 at her Lone Prairie blog, and works as a freelance writer and visual artist. More than that it adds any necessary credits and links to sources so you don’t have to worry about breaching copyright or licensing.
It also finds the best tags for your post to help boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, which can help you rank for keywords that web users are actually searching for. This requires a product that is excellent, people have to be able to find it easily enough, and you have to have a method for keeping control of how it spreads (think DRM). Junta42 makes a great comparison in his blog post Why Small Content Wins Almost Every Time, “Taking your significant other on a cruise once a year without doing all the little things in between is a recipe for disaster.” So use freewriting as a platform for your important small content.
We like being part of what is special and exclusive both for how it makes us feel (important) and because we get a better view (imminent success). This requires a product that is so good, so clever, so desirable, such a status symbol, that people are frantic to get in on it.

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