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Election Day 2012 came and passed—Barack Obama remains in the White House and FOX news continues its assault on the integrity of reporting. With all this talk of a post-2012 Republican reinvention in the news lately, the GOP is beckoned to reconsider its relationship with FOX news as a whole. FOX does feature some personalities, such as Charles Krauthammer and Bret Baier, who articulate the conservative philosophy in an intelligent manner. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal summed up the GOP’s mission in a speech he gave to the Republican National Committee in Charlotte, NC after the election. Author SpotlightBenjamin ShullBen Shull (FCRH '16) is a double major in political science and philosophy at Fordham University, where he served as editor-in-chief of the Fordham Political Review. Sheya just wrote a post on this with more detail as well as a back story so go check his out. NOTE: If the comments don't load properly or they are difficult to read because they are on the blue background, please use the button below to RELOAD DISQUS.
Sorry RS, I’m just really tired of these yokels that come in here and instead of constructive discourse they want to nitpick and disrespect you and your work without any consideration of the actual work you put into this site. You criticize another individual’s writing and yet you are obviously too lazy or too ignorant to spell two.
Saracuda doesn’t need to run away from her agitators, she needs to face them head on.
I’ve always harshly criticized Palin, but to have this kind of presentation on a NEWS show is beyond childish— Who would do this if their product was to be respected, with their product being reporting impartial facts? I was light in my criticism before, but I’ll be a little more forward now- This is what our colleges are pumping out- put a child behind the wheel and you get immaturity, regardless of the venue. Since all of our viewpoints are so badly skewed, I’d say we need to look to impartial judges on the subject of bias. This link sums up a Pew study that shows that FOX viewers are evenly split among partisan groups.
In this day and age, you’ve got to actually do your research and find TRUE INVESTIGATIVE journalism anymore. Although those of you who think liberals are behind this might want to see this video of a group hacking into their scroll outside their building. Your point is well made, but if I may offer this critique: even big newspapers make honest mistakes. Hey steprock, the thing you miss on newspapers, is they tend to NOT do research, and run with a point-of-view before getting the whole story, hence the retraction. As I read each of these comments, I am wondering how many of you work in or have worked in the newspaper or other media industries yourselves…just curious. I was thinking the same thing too Norman- I was just checking in for the first time this morning and was kind of surprised at the results since last night.
Say, about these serial dislikers out here today…I wonder how they would go down with milk, sugar and a spoon.
Larissa Riquelme   is a Paraguayan model and actress at the city theatre in the Paraguayan capital Asuncion.
Fox NewsEarlier, it was reported that the FBI had specifically investigated a Fox News reporter as part of an investigation into leaks. Reyes also wrote that the FBI had exhausted all other alternatives in the leak investigation when applying for a search warrant, short of asking Rosen to voluntarily provide his email communications. The Washington Post brought renewed attention to the 2009 investigation with a report late Sunday night.

The report comes at a time when the Obama administration is facing renewed scrutiny over leak investigations, a week after the Associated Press said that the Department of Justice hadA obtained more than two months of some of its reporters' phone records. Stage machinery manufacturing contractor for theaters, auditoriums, broadcast studios, entertainment facilities, corporate and retail installations. Over 3,000 photo galleries with celebrity photos, daily celebrity updates, photos, pictures, famous celebrities, famous people, asian models, and singers. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
That was back when I was perfectly comfortable having my political opinions made up for me by a television channel, back when I would enthusiastically eat up any type of “news” that made my political party look like the good guys and the other side look like the bad ones.
FOX has paradoxically become an obstacle for the Republican Party, a reality that might illustrate to the GOP that the conservative movement need not rely on the slanders of a news channel in order to promote the cause of fiscal responsibility.
FOX, as previously stated, is the number one cable channel in America and it is the news outlet for a large part of the Republican base.
These men do the conservative movement a great service, but their efforts are diluted due to their presence on the channel.
You pay her for commentary and she should be treated with respect as does everyone who works for you.
There are no liberals working for Fox News, backstage or otherwise, so the comment makes no sense.
Therefore I would surmise that you are either the Northbound end of a Southbound mule or the classic example of the end product of the bad chili dinner eaten by a Berkley Professor. To demand she get preferential treatment is childish and makes it look like she can’t handle criticism. They also did something similar to Ron Paul after the straw vote electino he won at the GOPAC convention. The conservative news channel was of particular enjoyment to me during the 2012 presidential election.
An easy end to a political argument with conservatives goes something like this: “stop watching FOX news for once in your life”. The GOP will be best served going forward if it is able to distance itself from the FOX news propaganda machine, and re-invent itself as a relatable, viable political party that is able to work with the other side for the benefit of the country. Noted Republican strategist Karl Rove, a considerable force in the GOP ranks, appears on the channel several times a week. Such individuals underscore the fact that the tenets of conservatism and the ideals of the Republican Party can be communicated intelligently, despite FOX’s best efforts. His work in journalism earned him an acceptance to the 2015 POLITICO Journalism Institute, a training program where he worked alongside some of Washington's top reporters and editors in the POLITICO newsroom.
She should be treated with respect regardless of that, but even more so because she works for you. Although RS was right,your survival time here is severely limited, in fact your meter has just expired. She’s all but said she was going to run and Fox dismissed others for even hinting at it?
FOX coddled me; doing everything it could to make it appear that an Obama defeat was a foregone conclusion, and that Mitt Romney would be our 45th president. The “I hate FOX News” Facebook page has close to 15,000 likes, and the number increases every day.
The station’s anchors, including Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly, frequently interview notables in the GOP, like Senator John McCain and Senator Marco Rubio It is legitimate to ask whether Republican appearances with the two aforementioned hosts cause more harm than they good.

It’s time for us to articulate our plans and visions for America in real terms.” Apparently FOX missed the speech. He's also interned with Reclaim New York, a government reform non-profit, where he blogged on public policy issues pertinent to New York State. The picture is small and tina fey looks a lot like her, most people wouldn’t notice it. If they believe Palin would lose against Obama or has a weak grasp of the issues, they have every right to say so in their analysis. The channel employed all of its usual tricks—distortions, slanders and often outright lies. The channel is openly derided as FAUX news, an acknowledgement of the channel’s lack of journalistic integrity, and is nightly fodder for Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show on Comedy Central.
William Kristol’s Weekly Standard publication offers knowledgeable foreign policy insight, often presented in a humorous manner.
Jindal’s pleading for a new GOP that offers credible, intelligent solutions is a necessity if the conservative movement is to find success in the future, yet FOX News continues to promote conservatism in a defamatory manner, based on misrepresentations and lies. An amateur philosopher, he lists Friedrich Nietzsche, Marcus Aurelius and Aristotle as his favorite thinkers. Yet it remains the number one cable channel in the country, and its distorted analysis of news attracts viewers nationwide. O’Reilly, FOX News’s golden boy, certainly has a large following, but the disdain with which he is held greatly outweighs his support.
While the Standard is certainly critical of Barack Obama, the magazine will occasionally praise him when praise is due. The channel is the poster child of the Republican Party stereotype that it is a group of out-of-touch old men dedicated to protecting the well-off and refusing to cooperate with the other side. Since FOX is widely considered the propaganda wing of the Republican Party, conservative causes are promptly discredited due to their apparent association with the channel’s misrepresentative nature. He is constantly an object of derision, not so much for his political positions but for the arrogant and insensitive way in which he presents them. The editorial board of the Wall Street Journal (ironically owned by the same company as FOX) is the product of fastidious political analysis, and features thoughtful columns by the likes of Daniel Henninger and William McGurn.
This will not and cannot be the Republican Party of the future as the GOP transitions from the Grand Old Party to the Grand New Party, seen in the likes of Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio. His rhetoric on “Traditional America,” so to speak, is exactly the type of sentiment that the GOP must distance itself from if it wants to win elections going forwards. The Heritage Foundation, a hugely influential think tank, is the intellectual powerhouse of the GOP, as it combines a scholarly pursuit of knowledge with accurate research on key policy issues to be marketed to the conservative community. FOX News’s brand of dishonest reporting reflects poorly on the GOP, meaning that as the Republican Party moves forward, it will be forced to ask itself whether the time has come to dissociate from the FOX News propaganda machine. Take O’Reilly’s thoughts on the growing political influence of the Hispanic population, for example: “The white establishment is now the minority,” he said on The O’Reilly Factor in early November.
This list of insightful sources of conservative commentary also includes the National Review and The American Spectator, among others.
O’Reilly goes on, but his views on the Hispanic community’s feelings of “dependence on government” sum up the GOP’s failure in 2012, and underscores why it should distance itself from FOX News.

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