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When hitting the sack is the last priority, eating foods that help you stay awake serves the purpose.
If you don't like to depend on caffeine to disrupt sleep, then go for foods rich in tyramine. Diet poor in dietary iron triggers a feeling of extreme tiredness and forces us to take frequent naps. For all those times when you need to start your day very early, or need to pull an all-nighter, you require foods that help you stay alert, active, and most importantly, awake. Foods that are low in carbs and high in protein and essential vitamins are the way to go if you want to pull an all nighter working on assignments or cracking on an important project that needs to go in first thing in the morning. Ever wondered if that late night cup of latte you had before bed is the reason you’re unable to sleep tonight? Bananas are perfect as night time snacks as they are filled with potassium and magnesium, nutrients that help with muscle relaxation. Besides being rich in calcium, yogurt and other dairy products are also rich in sleep-prompting tryptophan. “This particular amino acid is used by your body to make serotonin, a neurotransmitter  that slows down nerve traffic in your brain, allowing you to fall asleep more easily,” says Woan Fei. Papi Zak talks about Her World Stand-Up Comedy Series and his Happy 55th Anniversary wish to us. Joanne Kam talks about Her World Stand-Up Comedy Series and her Happy 55th Anniversary wish to us. People who need to stay alert should avoid turkey and other foods with high levels of tryptophans, which can cause drowsiness. Food has the ability to bring a rush of energy followed by a crash, especially when eaten in large portions or in carbohydrate-rich combinations.
To stay awake, try eating whole wheat crackers with low-fat cheese, a small handful of nuts with a serving of grapes, or half a turkey sandwich. Eating the right foods is only one part of staying awake; you should move around regularly as well.
It reminded me of my college years when I needed ways to stay awake in order to study for an exam.In order to say awake at night, I would take a small nap of no more than twenty minutes in the early evening.
Again they help you crush cravings because they contain natural sugar and are filled with water. Reasons for this may vary from preparation for an examination to completing a job assignment. When the situation demands that you need to have too little sleep, a cup of coffee can be a good option. These foods prompt the body to secrete certain hormones that stimulate the brain to stay awake.
People with iron deficiency anemia (poor red blood cell (RBC) count) also experience lack of energy, which makes them drowsy. Having dinner that has too much of refined carbohydrates can restrict your sleep and allow you to stay awake at night. Sleepiness after having a large-sized meal is common and so eating food in moderation is necessary to ensure that sleep does not get the better of you.
Food has a direct impact on how sleepy or lazy we feel, so it is essential for us to train our body to consume foods, which help us stay awake. So a nice, big bowl of watermelon in the evenings can help you stretch your working hours a little more, and will also build up your appetite well for a good dinner.

It avoids dehydration, and also keeps the body cool, which eventually helps one to feel less drowsy, and more alert.
It has magnesium, which is reportedly important for everyone involved in a lot of physical activity. Whole grainsWhether it’s a simple, home cooked whole grain bread or cereal, the low sugar content and high levels vitamin B-complex helps to keep the brain alert and stimulated. CheeseCheese contains high amounts of thyamine which helps you keep energized, alert and stimulated.
RaisinsRaisins too contain high contents of thyamine which leads to hormone secretion that helps your brain stay stimulated. ApplesFresh, red, cold apples from the refrigerator with high iron content helps produce oxygen in the body. TomatoesTomatoes are tangy and the zing of vitamin C can really help you prevent sleep and push you to stay awake. Green beansGreen beans are no magic but the Vitamin B 12 content activates the nervous system and keeps you awake and active for long.
Worry no more, as Kong Woan Fei, a Columbia Asia dietitian, shares what foods help you stay awake and foods that help induce sleep. People who suffer from restless leg syndrome and night time muscle cramps often lack magnesium and should consider adding bananas to their diet. If you need to stay awake, whether it's to make it through the last half of the day or to pull an all-nighter, your best bet is to eat small amounts of lean protein and healthy carbohydrates about every three hours. The idea that eating turkey will cause drowsiness appears to be a myth, since the levels of tryptophan, a compound that causes drowsiness, in turkey is about the same as in other meats.
Take frequent breaks, since eye strain and sitting in one position for a long time can cause drowsiness. While I’m not denying the pleasure of having deserts and fried meat, I must try to consume everything in moderation. Not sure if it’s correct to classify coffee as food but nevertheless, one or two coffee a day can not only help you stay awake but also helps your metabolism. But research shows Tofu helps stop food cravings so if you want to feel full quickly, try tofu. Although staying awake and alert is crucial in such a scenario, it's not simple, especially when one is feeling extremely sleepy at night. Tyramine is an amino acid that boosts the secretion of norepinephrine, a hormone that increases the attention span of brain. The best example of refined carb is white flour that is found in ample amounts in cakes, donuts, cookies, white bread, muffins and cupcakes. This is especially important for those who work on night shifts, or are involved in professions where work hours are long and sleep is at a premium.Here are some foods that help you to stay awake. Moreover, it is a healthier option as compared to most other breakfast choices that people tend to make in a hurry. Moreover, fruits in general take lesser time to digest on an empty stomach, and hence, give a boost to your body. This is because the more physical activity you engage in, the more oxygen will be used, thereby tiring your body.
Since it works directly on improving your metabolism, it fights against CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and keeps you more active and alert for a longer period of time.

Having water every 30 minutes will keep you on your toes, feeling refreshed and mostly because you’ll have to use the rest room so frequently that you won’t be able to catch a nap.
When the oxygen reaches different parts of your body, it stimulates your brain and keeps you active.
National Sleep Foundation, having a heavy, spicy meal before bedtime may lead to discomfort and heartburn, and in turn lead to a sleepless night. Eat regularly so your body will be constantly digesting and delivering a steady, even stream of sugar into the blood system. Other energy-boosting snacks include yogurt, an apple with peanut butter, and cottage cheese with fruit or vegetables. In addition, drinking water will force you to take more breaks — for obvious reasons — which can help prevent eye strain if you're staring at a computer or book.
Consuming large quantities of caffeine usually causes an energy crash later, however, and can make you feel worse the next day.
Create a strategy to stay awake that includes eating healthy foods to give you the energy you need, drinking water to stay hydrated, and taking frequent breaks to help keep your mind sharp enough to get the job done.
A 15 year study has found that oats lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease. However, curbing sleep pangs is not that difficult as it seems, if you eat the right food during meals. Also, frequent urination that follows with increased water intake can deter you from taking sleep. To help replenish that flow of oxygen and keep the metabolism going strong, magnesium is needed.
You can snack on plain cheese or whole wheat bread and cheese to help you pull an all nighter.
Fruit is often a good choice to help you stay awake, because it boosts your blood sugar relatively quickly, but doesn't make you crash the way candy or other sugary foods can. Getting up and walking around briefly can also help wake you up, as can the cold of the water itself. Espresso has a higher caffeine content than regular coffee so it helped be stay awake at night.
Unlike alcohol that depresses the nervous system, caffeine is a stimulant for the central nervous system, which is the reason why we are able to stay awake for long periods of time after drinking coffee, tea or green tea. While both caffeine and sugar may help you stay awake for an hour or two, be sure to consider the long-term ramifications. Other caffeinated beverages that can help you to stay awake are mountain dew and diet coke. So, if you are serious about staying awake at night to meet your job deadline, eating these foods would work in your favor.
Avoid over consumption, instead prefer to drink it in small quantities at regular intervals to prevent dehydration.

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