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If you have small or medium sized breasts, you can increase the size or improve the shape and firmness of your breasts through various natural breast enlargement methods such as breast massage. Beauty parlors and massage parlors, particularly in Asia, have used breast massage as a healthy form of lymphatic drainage, breast growth. A significant proportion of women who engage in breast massage to increase the fullness and attractiveness of their breasts do also use special herbal creams to help expand, firm and tone their breasts.
Many of these herbal supplement products can be purchased in pill form which makes them not difficult to take into the body. However, most doctors say that breast size is genetically determined and can only be enhanced by exercises. Manufacturers of these pills claim the pills stimulate the production of estrogen in a woman’s body, the same way estrogen is produced during pregnancy.
Breast enlargement creams are sometimes used in combination with breast enlargement pills or independently used to boost the size and firmness of the breast. Ingredients used in making breast enlargement creams include acids like stearic and ascorbic acid, algae extracts, chamomile, lavender, sage, oils like avocado and jojoba, glycerin, metylparaben, propylparaben, phenoxyethanol, sabal, damiana, blessed thistle, kava kava, dandelion root, motherwort and a host of others.
Majority of the breast enlargement creams are said to contain the same ingredients as the pills and therefore, are mainly designed to sustain the changes achieved through the pills. Breasts are also said to be improved or enlarged through the improvement of a woman’s diet, lifestyle, general health, and mental constitution.
Foods that are rich in vitamins A, C, and E guarantee a healthy skin and thereby facilitate breast improvement. In conclusion, one has to be very careful in using any of the natural way of getting bigger breast because there is no guarantee that they will work.
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So food chains make a full circle, and energy is passed from plant to animal to animal to decomposer and back to plant! With full support of the government, Roundup streamlines the start-up process for food-truck entrepreneurs, taking care of everything from licences and permits to delivering customised, fully operational food trucks. Kris Haggie, senior director of consultancy and director of Roundup, talks about the company’s vision for the country’s food-truck scene.
Before Roundup, there was very limited approval, support and authorisation of mobile food trucks in the UAE.
Imagine having a type of food that about 1.6 billion people want and only one-fifth of them can have it. Halal food label extends beyond meat and other fresh produce and includes processed food such as sauces, tea, coffee and fruit drinks, dairy products, and also agriculture produce like palm oil, cocoa, sugar and seafood. Over the past few years, this lucrative industry has attracted Asian giants China and Japan into the fray. Closer to home, non-Muslim majority countries like Thailand, Singapore and Philippines are vying for a bigger slice of the pie.
Thailand has built a reputation for itself as the world’s halal food research and is known as the world’s Halal Kitchen. Singapore has embarked on a major initiative to build its halal brand through product development, trade and consultancy.Its halal certification is highly recognised globally and houses one of the major ports for halal trade and logistics. In the Philippines recently, US$1 million has been poured into building a halal chicken with the primary aim to supply chickens to the Middle East. It was for this purpose that the Malaysian government set up the Halal Industry Development Corporation in 2006. By 2020, halal products will contribute towards 8.5% of total Malaysia’s exports, says Dato’ Sri Jamil. Business matching has also been going on where Malaysian companies work with foreign companies, including Chinese companies. The World Halal Forum, established in 2006, is a global forum for the industry and government players in the halal market. Malaysia has had a head start in halal certification and the opportunity to sells its expertise, and a strong backing from the government to further expand Malaysia’s halal food processing capabilities.
Meanwhile, billions of US dollars will continue to be made available in the form of loans and grants. Mr Othman Md Yusoff says that Nestle Malaysia has been conducting training in collaboration with SME Corporation and the Halal Industry Development Corporation in mentorship programmes.
Nestle then felt the same should be done for its companies worldwide and Mr Othman helped set up and now oversees the Halal Centre of Excellence for Nestle worldwide based in Malaysia.
The writer knows from first-hand experience as a senior manager in a hypermarket that it was a chore to get the young and upcoming halal food producers and suppliers to attend their free training courses. Lack of professionalism among Malaysian food producers and suppliers is often cited as a challenge. Mr Mohd Fairuz Haji Abdullah, chief executive officer of Flavour Innovation, says Malaysian halal food producers and suppliers should move forward and start thinking global. MyChef was launched in January 2012 and business has been so good that Flavour Innovation is looking at pumping in US$15 million in the next five years. He also feels there are new markets that need to be explored and Western Europe is one such market. According to Mr Mohd Fairuz, these challenges were raised at the Pemandu laboratory on halal food industry. One other matter raised at the laboratory is the need to have all agencies and organisations involved in the halal food industry to come under one roof.
There is a lot of fine-tuning to do at government level and industry level especially since a lot has changed in the halal food industry worldwide. Will Singapore reform its equity capital markets to drive the next phase of economic growth?

It works magic just like body massage!Breast massage helps by boosting healthy breast growth and facilitating breast tone, besides making the breasts flexible and firm.
This, breast massage does, by shaping, toning and encouraging the growth of the breast and also the area around the breast. It has also been used as a post operative therapy for women who have experienced breast surgery, mastectomies, or distress to the area around the breasts.
In this way, herbal breast enlargement combined with breast massage repairs sagging breasts or breasts that are out of shape.
So they discourage the use of herbal supplements due to the fact that such supplements interfere with the body’s metabolism.
Thus, the breasts would enlarge just like they would during pregnancy but without the production of milk.
Makers of breast enlargement creams claim that they shape up the breasts and improve the tone and texture of the skin around the breasts. Some women who have used breast enlargement creams claim they got fuller breasts with firmer tissue, which kindly saved them from undergoing surgeries for breast enlargement or improvement.
For best results, it is advised that breast enlargement or improvement creams should only be used temporarily for not more than 45 to 90 days.
It is traditionally believed that if a boyfriend constantly caresses or sucks the breasts of his girlfriend more often than not, or if a woman is very sexually active, her breasts may tend to grow bigger. Since breasts are merely fatty tissue covered with skin, healthy living and eating would no doubt improve the quality of breast tissue and skin. Drinking lots of water also helps to flush out toxins from a woman’s body and improves the condition of her breast tissue. If you successfully lower your blood pressure with helpful natural ways, you may no longer need any medication.
After a hawk dies, fungi (like mushrooms) and other decomposers break down the dead hawk, and turn the remains of the hawk into nutrients, which are released into the soil. By the end of next month, 12 new food trucks will hit the streets – and there are many more to come, a result of the Roundup Food Truck Division from 54°east, a company with a focus on the food and beverage industry. The food trucks you have seen before Roundup are basically pop-up shops and did not provide the access and mobility that food trucks deserve and are known for. At the speed in which China’s going, it only needs a couple of years before it becomes a major force in the global halal food industry. Dato’ Seri Jamil feels the halal food industry is so huge that no one country can dominate the market. Its export value for all halal products for 2011 was US$10.7 billion which was slightly over 5% of the total export for that year. The Codex Alimentarius Commission, a body under the United Nations responsible for regulations of food preparation globally, has cited Malaysia as the best example in the world in halal food certification. In 1982, way before any other country, Malaysia set up the body to oversee halal production.
This is part of the government’s plan to make Malaysia a global hub for production and trade in halal goods and services. Many say the government has been hand-holding these producers and suppliers all this while and that it is time to wean them off. Just this year alone, the SME Bank will be adding US$60 million to its Halal Industry Fund that will be available to halal food producers and suppliers.
Apart from government agencies, many multinational corporations have been pumping resources into training and guiding SMEs so they can produce world-class products, especially hypermarkets that need more halal food products for their shelves in Europe.
They have so far trained more than 100 companies since they started this programme in 2010.
Nestle Malaysia today exports to more than 50 countries with export sales of over RM1 billion and is the biggest halal producer in the country and within the Nestle group.
And we’re working towards getting Tesco to bring our products to the Middle East and China markets,” he says. He is the Deputy Managing Director for Century Logistics Holdings, the first local company to have been certified as a halal logistics provider.
Malaysia has been great at leading the private sector to water, but a lot more effort needs to be put into making it drink. Breast massage does actually help to make your breasts more attractive and even bigger, and is also a beautiful method of being aware of the healthy or unhealthy condition of your breasts. That is because breast massage helps melt scar tissues and stimulate tissue regeneration and healing besides giving women back their femininity, confidence and peace of mind, just like other forms of body massage. Fenugreek, wild yam, soy, ginseng, dandelion, and blessed thistle are also said to be useful in breast enlargement and improvement. The mixture is used in massaging the breasts in order to firm up drooping breasts and prevent breasts from sagging. In other words, if a man or lover can use his lips, tongue and hands to constantly work his woman’s breasts, they just might grow bigger. In addition, foods, such as fennel seeds and saw palmetto change the balance of hormones in a woman’s system, which leads to the release of greater levels of estrogen.
Again, what works for one woman may not work for another woman because body constitutions differ from person to person. We understood this missing aspect and wanted to offer the full benefit of food trucks in the region. Millions of companies around the world are producing tonnes of halal food a day and yet there is just not enough to meet the demand. The demand is going to be there as long as there are Muslims,” Malaysia’s Halal Industry Development Corporation chief executive officer Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin told The Establishment Post.
About 90 per cent of the global halal market is controlled by multinationals like Tesco, McDonalds and Nestle.
The government wanted a body to coordinate the overall development of the halal industry in Malaysia.

Over the last few years, food producers and suppliers in Ningxia, China, have moved in to the annual Muslim haj pilgrim market with their fast and low-priced ready-to-eat food.
It was the Committee on Evaluation of Food, Drinks and Goods utilised by Muslims under the Islamic Affairs Department in the Prime Minister’s Department.
A 12-year halal master plan was created to address issues of certification, sectored development, halal integrity, implementation, timeframes and responsibilities.
There are only 3,000 or so halal certified food producers in Malaysia, according to Dato’ Sri Jamil. Another reason often cited is the lack of creativity in business expansion plans, and product and market development, lack of professionalism, and lack of willingness to learn.
In April, US$500mil was to be raised for local businesses to tap global opportunities in the halal industry by Azka Capital, a private equity advisory firm that focuses on halal industry initiatives.
He is the Chairman of Nestle Malaysia Corporate Halal Committee which was formed in early 1980s. Mr Othman feels that the local halal food industry needs a lot more done in terms of raising the quality and knowing the compliance guidelines in other countries. Ignorance of the industry requirements in other countries has hampered many local producers and suppliers. Despite all this, only a very small number of producers would actually produce consistently and make their business grow. The company enlisted the services of top Malaysian chefs to produce meals ranging from beef stroganoff to Nyonya dishes like ayam pongteh. Local producers and suppliers enlisting global players is one way of leveraging on the resources of these MNCs and getting quickly and effectively into global markets that would be otherwise challenging for a local company. We must target Western Europe and the richer West where halal products now have a value because the consumers there are willing to pay premium prices for halal food products.” The need to look for new markets also extends to other areas.
Pemandu stands for Performance Management and Delivery Unit and is a government unit that oversees the implementation, assesses progress, facilitates and supports the delivery of the Government Transformation Programme and the Economic Transformation Programme.
It is reported that getting bigger breast through surgery and medication can have a greater risk of breast cancer and other negative side-effects. This is because by regularly massaging your breasts, you may become aware of any lumps or areas that indicate breast cancer. After the breasts have been massaged with this mixture, the woman may be advised to wear a bra throughout the day and overnight before bathing the following day. However, makers of breast enlargement pills claim that these pills increase the size of the breasts by one or two inches within three months of usage.
However, this myth, which is similar to breast massage above, is yet to be scientifically proven.
The increase in estrogen levels caused by these foods thus stimulates the growth of the breasts. Here are some classics fast food advertisements that look a lot bigger then we actually get. This includes the development of halal standards, audit and certification, and capacity building for halal products and services. Minister of International Trade and Industry Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed said Malaysia is of halal products and the biggest among OIC countries.
Trade between them and Arab nations was worth US$1.42 billion last year and the halal food industry accounted for 47% of it.
And many non-Muslim countries within the region seem to be outperforming Malaysia in terms of economic output. Most of the bumiputra (sons of the soil, Malays and other ethnic races) producers are at primary level, making curry-puffs and samosas,” he says. Plans are underway to launch a new range of products under the label Delights to target the middle-range market in Q4 this year. The cost of getting halal certification should also be looked into so as to make sure it does not burden a young enterprise. She has an MA in journalism at Ateneo de Manila University as a fellow of the German-based Konrad Adenauer Foundation. These herbal tablets are said to contain ingredients that work by stimulating the estrogen receptors in breast tissue thus permanently enlarging the breasts. Also exercise caution with far-fetched, extreme or unconventional methods of breast enlargement like vacuum pumps and hypnosis. Australia is the biggest for beef.” He feels there are so many areas in the halal food industry that is still unexplored or not developed enough. Apart from food, halal products also include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, finance, logistics and tourism. Ningxia, where Muslims make up 38% of the province’s population, has developed a halal food industry that can feed not just the Muslims in China but also in other countries. The success of Ningxia to a large extent is due to a Malaysian company.
In Malaysia itself, there is US$500 billion worth of halal business opportunities waiting to be tapped. Dato’ Sri Jamil says: “We want to bring our expertise to other countries and create a win-win situation for all. Fahim Technologies has been working together with the Ningxia provincial government to develop Ningxia as the first hub for its halal integrity management solution in China.
Over the years, technical committees were set up and guidelines were issued to fine-tune halal certification, monitoring, education and development.
Tax incentives and other benefits were given to help churn out halal food producers and suppliers.
Many countries have collaborated with us because they do not have their own expertise,” he says.

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