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1 of 4 2 of 4 As a born-and-bred Vancouverite, I learned at an early age that Vancouver is vastly superior to Toronto (aka the Centre of the Universe). Rising from the shores of the languidly flowing Sumida river in Tokyo, Japan, are a pair of homages to another life-giving liquid: beer. More of a ride than a workaday building, the Orange Stinger temporarily brightened up Paradise Pier at Disney’s California Adventure Park from 2001 through July of 2009. Just like the state-of-the-art ships it directed across the seven seas, the White Star Line’s headquarters was a showcase of wealth, opulence and beauty. The 40-ft tall Hood Milk Bottle has stood proudly in front of the Boston Children’s Museum since 1977 but its history actually goes back to 1933. The Pysanka Museum was built in the year 2000 and is located in the Ukrainian city of Kolomyia. The Donut Hole in La Puente is one of the few remaining examples of programmatic or mimetic architecture left in California, let alone the world. Designing buildings that look like food is not a new trend, as The Pineapple in Dunmore, Scotland, proves most eloquently.
These groovy bus stops from Japan are curiously empty but that just seems to add to their surreal appearance. Amidst this review of buildings that look like food, one must digress for a moment to celebrate a building that is ABOUT food: The Food Building at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto. Why put up a billboard advertising your company’s wares when your company HQ can perform the same function more interestingly? While most modern architecture cuts out unnecessary details, ornamental elements like gates inspired by graffiti and bold graphic images are creeping in. Did you know that brick or stone-clad buildings you see today almost invariably hide a steel support structure that does the actual work?
In Toronto something happens every August that signals the beginning of the end of summer – the opening of the Canadian National Exhibition (aka CNE, aka The Ex). When I was 16, I got a job as a Taco Chef (…the official title was Taco Prepper) at the Mexicasa kiosk in the Food Building at the CNE.
As we were getting ready, my fellow Taco Prepper (Vi was his name) came up with the idea of selling the veggie tacos at ? price since they didn’t have any meat. What Tony taught me was that good ideas can come from anyone at anytime…and that you never know which ideas are going to homeruns and which are duds.
Back in those days, our kiosk was one of the only places at the CNE where you could get Mexican food (most would argue that a taco isn’t real Mexican cuisine, but it was the closest thing J). I really enjoyed my work at the CNE and I learned so much just being part of that Mexicasa team. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. Nobody ever gave me specific reasons for this, but we all knew it to be true.I've visited Vancouver's Pacific National Exhibition since childhood, but I've always wondered about the CNE.
These 10 mouth-watering buildings may look delicious but their designs serve a greater purpose: to project a brand image that warms the heart (while aiming for the stomach). Not only do the Azumabashi Hall and the taller Asahi Breweries Head Office look like glasses of beer, they are the center of the Asahi Breweries empire located on the spot where one of Japan’s signature beers has been brewed for over a century. Designed by architect Phillippe Starck and completed in 1989, the building is sheathed in black granite puntuated by portaholes representing bubbles rising in a mug of beer.
The Orange Stinger was a lot bigger than it looked from a distance as essentially it was a standard Wave Swinger style ride with a huge, semi-peeled orange built around it.

The shipping line never really recovered from the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 and by the mid-1930s the headquarters building stood vacant. That’s when Arthur Gagner built the Coney Island style bottle to sell homemade ice cream beside his store in Taunton, MA. The need to attract newly mobile car-driving customers that arose in the first half of the 20th century has faded now that other advertising venues such as the Internet have taken over.
The pavilion was built in 1761 by John Murray, 4th Earl of Dunmore, as a birthday present for his wife Susan.
Not so strange – though first discovered by Columbus in 1493, pineapples had been grown in Scottish hothouses (a phrase you hear everyday) since the early years of the 18th century. One might expect the Cat Bus from Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro to pull up and, perhaps, begin nibbling on the shelter for a snack. The CNE opens in the middle of August, runs for 3 weeks and ends on the weekend before school starts in September.
We had no food, our oven didn’t work, half the lights wouldn’t turn on and we had only 1 cash register.
He didn’t freak out, he didn’t reprimand Francois in front of the team , instead he stayed cool. We borrowed utensils from neighboring kiosks, we negotiated with the GE dealer onsite and got a working convection oven to use until ours was fixed and with about an hour until opening, most of our condiments and other foodstuffs arrived. At the same time, I put forward the idea of putting up a sign to promote the fact that the “hot dog taco” was an exclusive offering for the opening day only.
There were several ideas that we all thought were sure-fire hits that turned out to be flops. From real estate offices, to sales centers to multi story office buildings, Walden’s modular buildings can be assembled to offer incredible versatility. The controversial Flame d’Or (golden flame) on the roof is, well, open to interpretation. The museum’s central hall measures 46 ft (14m) high by 33 ft (10m) wide, and is designed to resemble a classic Ukrainian Pysanka and is painted in traditional themes inside and out. Judging from the vase-shaped chimneys along the roof of the pavilion, historians assume that many exotic plants were grown in greenhouses just beyond the outer wall.
By the way, be sure to stop by the Tiny Toms Donuts booth (since 1960) to watch ’em being made and buy a fresh bag to chow down on!
The family-owned business, likened to the Tupperware of baskets for their corporate and marketing methodology, built a giant, 7-story replica of a Longaberger Medium Market Basket to house their corporate offices and staff. Things were so disorganized that our line manager, Francois, blew a gasket and began throwing utensils and other kitchen objects out of the kiosk into the aisle. In fact he managed to turn a negative situation into a positive one because the way he remained professional really inspired the rest of us. You guys really worked hard as a team, but we have a problem, our taco meat isn’t going to arrive until well after lunch. During the course of the 3 weeks we ended up implementing over a hundred small improvements that people had suggested: Roasting the taco shells in the oven before serving them, forgoing heat lamps in favor of made-to-order, races between Taco Preppers and adding sprite to the taco meat prior to heating it in the ovens to adds flavor and moisture (my idea!). It was only years later that I realized that it didn’t really matter which ideas worked and which didn’t, it was more important that there was a constant flow of ideas.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but towards the end of the CNE I asked Tony how he decided what got recognized and what didn’t. Banks, retail kiosks, strip malls, fast food restaurants, cafeterias, restroom buildings, and convenience stores are just a few of the modular buildings we offer.

Therefore it must be bigger, and—dare I even think such a thing—better?I happened to be in Toronto last year during the CNE, and jumped at the opportunity to visit its fair. Best of Vancouver, BOV and Golden Plates are trade-marks of Vancouver Free Press Publishing Corp.
It was really comforting to know that our leader could handle a crisis like this in a calm and level-headed way. If we don’t have anything to sell, we’re going to have to shut the kiosk down and unfortunately that’d mean you’d guys would have to go home with only 2hrs of paid time. Sometimes it was a simple “thank you” in private, sometimes it was a “good job” in front of the team and if it was something truly special it was an extra 30min added to your timecard or a bit of overtime pay. The bottom line: good leaders and good examples of leadership are everywhere – even in a fast food kiosk. When I was 16 I got the chance to actually work at the CNE and it was during that short stint that I got my first real lessons on leadership at work.
I didn’t realize it back then, but the way Tony ran the operation and the way he treated us as his team left a huge impression on me. He waited until the tantrum ended and simply asked Francois “Are you feeling better?” After a moment of stunned silence, Tony thanked Francois for releasing his frustration: “Thank you Francois for helping all of us release our frustration. After the events of the first day, we really bonded as a team and we did a lot of things simply because we wanted to help each other out. It was important to recognize someone who cleaned up a spill caused by someone else, to acknowledge someone who covered for someone else who had an emergency come up or to say thank you to someone who decided to keep working rather than take their lunch break. The overhead Sky Ride, a kind of flat gondola that stretches across the fairgrounds, giving a bird's-eye view of the action. We covered for each other when unexpected emergencies came up, we took turns cleaning the appliances, we all got there early so that opening would be smoother – anything and everything.
I can’t promise you things will get better, but the team and I could really use your help in these next 3 weeks if you’re up for the challenge. He also told me that he felt EVERYONE on the team deserved to be thanked and that he tried to ensure that each one of us got “thank yous” at least once every couple of days. He helped out when it got busy and even when he was in the back office, he kept his eye on what was happening through his window.
Things are likely to be very frustrating for the next few days and that isn’t for everybody.”  Tony then took Francois aside and by the end of the conversation, they shook hands and Francois left – never to be seen again.
Carolyn Ali As a cat-lover, I also enjoyed the Cat Show, which brought over 100 very fancy cats to the fair (with their owners) for some serious competition. I've never seen cats as beautiful as these, and many of the owners were happy to show them off to the public as they waited their turn to be judged.
The CNE has a whole building housing everything from Bacon Nation to waffle and doughnut sandwiches. A whole building, I say!  The PNE used to have a food building, many years ago… How can you not appreciate a fair that has a whole building devoted to food? Ho booth when I'm tired and then end up semi-seriously considering buying one of his contraptions.The Fair at the PNE runs from tomorrow (August 17) to September 2 this year. And no matter what excuse was given by the PNE when the chairlift was demolished, the only real reason was that all the crap-food, cheap-sunglasses, and T-shirt vendors below were screaming about being bypassed by the neverending stream of grateful, tired PNE visitors enjoying the ride and the view.

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