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Cal Newport writes a lot about the importance of hard focus to produce meaningful accomplishments.
Cal: The counterpoint is that serendipitous networking is pretty common among super high achievers (think Einsteins frequent meetings with mathematicians).
Spending time on hard focus and spending time on serendipity are both important things to do, but perhaps not with equal emphasis at the same time. If there aren’t avoidance patterns or strong fears of failure, the brain is very good at choosing which activities to focus on.
Avoidance and distractability are probably the two biggest impediments to meaningful accomplishments.
A related note: being open to randomness means exposing yourself to promising opportunities. When you are on a mundane task (peeling potatoes), years of practice could allow you to switch to auto-pilot, dilute focus and still finish the task early. But while on serious projects, Focus helps in creating conditions necessary for generating desired outcome even as it cannot guarantee it. It seems to me that Cal’s philosophy can be acutely utilized by people in their early twenties, while yours can by people who are likely more established in their career (post college). The relationship between focused, Deliberate Practice and Serendipity is an interesting one.
Seems DP should be done early on, to build your value, and then court serendipity as value increases.
Bottom line: The more value you build by practicing deliberately, the more valuable your time spent exploring, or courting serendipity, will be. I would co-sign on the importance of avoiding an all or nothing approach (speaking from experience). As a young twentysomething myself I’ve definitely experienced the dilemma between spending time on courting serendipity and spending time mastering.
Financial factors aside (splitting utility bills, etc), how do you know when the time has come for one to brave the world alone in an undersized apartment? Business Focus on Enforcement – the programme which puts scrutiny of the way the law is enforced or implemented into the hands of business – has reached a milestone with publication of the first reports. On Monday 23 March, we are publishing the first three Business Focus on Enforcement reviews alongside responses from the relevant regulators. Business Focus on Enforcement is a great opportunity to improve the way the law is implemented in different business areas and for business groups to scrutinise how regulators enforce regulations affecting their sector. Third parties suggest or imply to companies that they need to do or buy things that the law does not actually require. The 2014 Autumn Statement announced that the Business Focus on Enforcement programme was to be made permanent and launched a new opportunity for business groups to express interest in running a Business Focus on Enforcement review. Join techUK, the Fresh Produce Consortium and the National Farmers’ Union (our first successful bidders) by tackling enforcement issues in your sector. If there is an enforcement issue causing difficulty for your sector, you can register your potential interest in running a review at any time.
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Hoping we have the ability to improve and reach our goals is important, but believing you can get the ability is so much more important.
Also spend some time thinking of ways how you could work smarter, instead of only trying to work harder.
Quite often, people ask me for advice regarding their job search and, in particular, whether there is something universal that companies look for.
Focus is more than applying for the right job.  Focus is about knowing what you want to do, why you want to do it and, most importantly, being able to articulate your thoughts. As you approach your job search, you need to constantly be asking yourself what it is you want to do and why. If you are not sure what you want to do or if you are choosing between a few different options (i.e. When you apply for jobs, companies want to see that you are passionate about the position that you are applying for. Attention to this type of detail will allow you to focus your search on only those opportunities that could be a fit for you.

As you begin applying for different roles, apply only for ones that you are relevant for.  If you are applying for a role that is a reach, explain why you are relevant.
When applying for jobs, ensure that your resume and cover letter are tailored for each role.
The key to any successful venture, including looking for your next big thing, is first and foremost FOCUS, second FOCUS and finally FOCUS!  Finding a new career can be daunting, but it can also be a wonderful opportunity to discover your passion for an exciting new career.
Lauren Celano is the co-founder and CEO of Propel Careers, a life science search and career development firm focused on connecting talented individuals with entrepreneurial life sciences companies.  Propel works with current leaders and actively cultivates future leaders through full time placement, internships, mentoring, career coaching, and networking. Posted on March 13, 2012, in Careers, Guest Bloggers and tagged Biotech, Focus, Futures in Life Sciences, Lauren Celano, LinkedIn, Propel Careers, Resume builder. Very impressive Lauren, searching for a job should requires focus, passionate and creativity in it!
Great points – we agree that along with focus, passion, & creativity, networking is essential! Get MassBio Email UpdatesSelect the topics that interest you and subscribe to those email lists!
April 3, 2014 by Matt Leave a Comment When you begin to write with intention and regularity, you’ll quickly notice the difficult balance of writing for the practice and writing with a focus.
In the past, I would get bogged down in over-thinking my writing, making the process of starting more difficult than it had to be.
One option is to keep a journal, where you can steadily practice your writing without the pressure of sharing something you feel comfortable with.
There is certainly flexibility around your mission, but your mission needs to frame your blog and why it exists. The other direction to take is to have a very specific focus to your blog, like Nerd Fitness, The Art of Manliness, No Meat Athlete, or Smart Football.
Helps you live in a way that not only serves others but allows you to experience fullness in your own life.
I tend to write about the core underlying philosophy of remarkability: mastering valuable things.
But I also think there are time tradeoffs. When I think of people who are focused on creating phenomenal products (or when I read about Steve Jobs), it seems that those people single-mindedly and obsessively focus on shipping product. I think the occasional conversation with other experts in related fields is not the thing keeping people back from focusing on shipping. They are strict about no distractions, but also frequently collaborate with very smart colleagues within their trusted network. Preventing those two things is probably more important than finding a perfect balance between serendipity and focus. The more skills and value you have, the more serendipity that is likely to come your way — People will want to talk to you at conferences, and even have you speak at them. Though the counterargument is that in youth you should spend more time exploring and experimenting, and later zone in in a focused way on one or more crafts. In Apple’s case, shipping a product is short-term goal, but the long-term vision is to build something beautiful or to cause people to think different.
I also like the idea that different stages of life require different tempos between the two. The reviews examined enforcement arrangements in respect of livestock farm inspections (led by the National Farmers Union), imports of fresh produce (led by the Fresh Produce Consortium) and the classification of electronics exports (led by techUK).
If you come in and tell me you want to lose weight, yet you post on Facebook about how you partied all weekend, you’re NOT focusing. They want to see that you are eager to join their team and excited by doing the activities of that position.
Don’t just gloss over it and assume that this will be obvious to the HR person(s) reviewing your resume.
People generally want to help individuals get connected and find the right opportunities, but it is really difficult to do this if you cannot articulate to them what you want. Focus is to know what you really want to do, passionate helps you be innovative and creative in you job search.
Our Futures in Life Sciences program (mentioned at the top of the post) factors in networking time for participants so that they can talk with industry professionals while learning about life sciences career paths. When your blog is young, it’s tempting to write about anything and everything that crosses your mind.
These authors craft their sites around specific content and topics, leaving the generalities to others. As mentioned before, it was thanks to Jeff Goins’ Intentional Blogging course (free, register here) , I was able to visually get down what interested me. Ben’s book does a good job of capturing all the tactics and strategies that orbit such a quest. When I focus on a vision, serendipity happens, as all the world starts teaching me new ways of thinking about achieving that vision.

As a result, we focus on goals that are all about proving ourselves, rather than developing and acquiring new skills. If you come in and tell me you really want a pull up, yet you always skip Tuesday (barbell bent row strength) then you’re NOT focusing.
When you are juggling multiple tasks at the same time, your brain is literally switching continuously between all the balls you are trying to keep in the air.
Personally, if all site owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will probably be much more useful than ever before. If you can’t make it perfectly clear why you are a good fit for a particular role, chances are you won’t get a second look.
Informational interviewing is a wonderful way to find out if a specific role or company would be a fit for you. I know this sounds incredibly basic, but so often, it is hard to assess whether people who are applying for roles are really interested and relevant. The pros of the general curation model are that you feel free to write about a variety of topics, and thus can (ideally) crank out more work. I’d write about spirituality, writing, sports, outdoors, business, productivity, personal matters, education, creativity, and more. Write about lots of topics, and see what resonates with you, where your passion can meet the needs of others. This is true, but when I thought about it more, I realized that each of these writers has a focus and mission to their sites. It’s fine to have a general blog that shares about your life, and communicates with friends and family. Make sure you pick a mission that resonates with you, because without that internal drive, the grinding days will feel that much worse, and your great days will not feel that great. Those people want to ship their product and a minute focused on anything else is a minute not focused on shipping. But who has a long-term vision of excusing yourselves from conversations to meet someone more important who just arrived?
Fortunately, decades of research suggest that the belief in fixed ability is completely wrong – abilities of all kinds are profoundly malleable. Instead of “Work hard — Play hard!” our Marketing Superhero looks for “Work smart — Play hard!”. If you need to focus on writing for example an article or build a presentation, it is best that you temporarily become invisible to your coworkers. Ensure you have a power adapter for your laptop with you — especially when you work outside the office for a longer period of time. One that comes up over and over again is “Focus.” Focus is one of the most important characteristics that companies look for when evaluating potential hires.
Take an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, the pros and cons of potential career paths, and your long term goals. If you have the right skills to fit their job description, then make it clear and tailor your resume and cover letter to the job. All of those are topics worth tackling and wrestling over, however they didn’t give readers a clear reason as to why they should stick around. My primary reasons are a lack of accountability (no one gets upset if I don’t journal) and the presence of ego (I want the social proof and affirmation). Embracing the fact that you can change will allow you to make better choices and reach your fullest potential.
You want to lose weight so you’re focused on coming to the gym 5x a week, but you still drink like a college senior on homecoming weekend. But you can’t just sit around waiting for inspiration to strike, you have to get to work and keep practicing. I recommend Medium because of the curated collections and the simple beauty of their layout.
Amongst many things we can set goals about is getting better at important aspects of our lives, taking difficulty in our stride and appreciating the journey as much as the destination. You want to get the pull up so you focus on learning the kip, but you totally skip the strength. You want to get the snatch so you focus on training seminars, but you don’t work on ankle mobility for your squat. Most importantly, make mini-goals along the way, and celebrate the HELL out of those goals.

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