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FlOw PS3 is the natural extension of the original flOw web browser game on the Playstation3, distributed through the Playstation Network. Initially an MFA thesis, flOw is a game about piloting an aquatic organism through a surreal biosphere where players consume other organisms, evolve, and dive into the abyss.
In flOw for the PLAYSTATION3 you can play as one of 5 creatures, each in a unique environment. From the makers of the #1 hit app Flow Free, comes a fun and challenging new twist: Bridges!
A Simple and Addicting Game where you Match Pairs, Collect Themes, Unlock Levels, Track Stats, and Play Endlessly. The game starts out simple with only a few types of pairs, but quickly gets harder as you unlock more difficulty levels. Challenge your friends on immortal mode by endlessly matching pairs to obtaining the highest score. All you have to do is match adjacent, same-colored squares, but dona€™t let the bars block your matches! Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is a psychologist who has devoted his career to researching happiness and fulfilment. I have had several articles published when I lived in the UK, I moved to Australia nearly 2 years ago with the hope of continuing my writing. Shame there isnt someone like you in Perth because you are the first person I have come across that I feel would really be able to help me. Keep up the good work and I hope that by checking out your ebooks and keeping up with your site, I will get there and rid this invisible wall that is stopping me from doing what I love. Free ebooks for creative people, about creative blocks, time management, entrepreneurship, motivation, coaching skills and managing money.
Mais do que apenas um relaxante joguinho independente, FlOw e tambem uma pequena peca artistica e uma viagem introspectiva.
Pode parecer estranho citar a filosofia de um jogo que nao tem nenhuma palavra, mas sua filosofia esta justamente nessa simplicidade. Sua atmosfera imersiva, que mergulha cada vez mais nos confins do oceano, parece nos levar numa jornada aos primordios da vida – quando tudo era mais simples, ainda que suficientemente complicado. Voce se alimenta de coisas, cresce, evolui, novas coisas surgem, evoluem, alimentam-se de voce, e tudo aquilo parece circular por entre o mundo do FlOw como se fosse tudo parte de uma unidade muito maior.
Pode parecer viagem tudo isso, mas imagino que quem tenha jogado entenda a experiencia quase transcendental que o jogo proporciona.
Nao ha uma mensagem ou historia a ser contada, nao ha objetivos e grandes desafios e competicoes a serem travadas.
Estudante de Letras, aspirante a escritor, futuro professor e apaixonado pelos mais diversos tipos de filmes, livros, animacoes, quadrinhos, musica e jogos. E como uma forma de arte como todas as outras, o videogame pode ir muito alem disso – e muito alem dessa definicao descabida (quem editou essa wikipedia!?) de que um jogo requer vencedor ou perdedor.
Imagine playing your favourite video game, undertaking a challenge that uses more than 100% of your best-honed skills, or immersing yourself in a truly stimulating social environment; this state is the reality of “living in the moment”, or as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced me-hay cheek-sent-me-hi) explains flow. Whilst Csikszentmihalyi complied research for Flow in the late 1980’s, and published the book in 1990, his findings and illuminations are still valid, if not more relevant today than on first publication.
At times, there was a danger of Flow becoming too brief in descriptions and analogies in an attempt to cover each area of our lives where we can achieve flow. In our modern culture, we often adopt a post-modern approach to our lives, whereby our faith lies in our own achievements, meritocracy governs our success, and the individual is king.
Approaching Flow with a degree of scepticism, my greatest concern was that Csikszentmihalyi, whilst carefully covering each area of our lives from a psychological perspective, would in the end, reveal flow as we already know “living in the moment”, as a matter of paying more attention to the immediate time and restricting moments spent dwelling on the past or future. An enthusiastic digital marketing professional, with a passion for consumer psychology, philosophy and culture.
With an embedded design of DDA (dynamic difficulty adjustment), players with differing skills levels can intuitively customize their game experience and enjoy the game at their own pace.

You can purchase it through the PlayStation Store on your console (after hooking it up to the internet, of course!). Gameplay ranges from simple and relaxed, to challenging and frenetic, and everywhere in between. You can remove bars by matching squares across their direction, and you can rotate the board to create new matches around bars! Knowing what you are trying to achieve gives your actions a sense of purpose and meaning. Whenever most of the elements of flow are occurring, the activity becomes enjoyable and rewarding for its own sake. Found your post after an HBR post on managing creative people mentioned Csikszentmihalyi, which sent me off down the Google rabbit hole looking for more on his work. O jogo nao fala apenas de si mesmo, de sua propria simplicidade no mundo cada vez mais extravagante e complexo dos videogames. Apesar de fazer parte do universo cada vez mais rico e complexo dos videogames, FlOw atinge um nivel de maturidade artistica que busca os jogos de volta a simplicidade. These experiences, or the brief moments of ephemeral euphoria can be glanced upon by many, but mastered by very few. Living in our “technological era”, we are constantly plugged into a world of real-time information, happenings and social events occurring past, present and future. However, Csikszentmihalyi managed to maintain a happy medium between over labouring sections with research and information, and skipping important details entirely.
We have been de-burdened from traditional pre-industrial work roles giving us “ultimate” freedom and control. I was pleased to see this was not the case, with flow taking an altogether more complex position in our lives, where the psychology meets the philosophy and very the creation of meaning. Use the SIXAXIS wireless controller for an organic experience that will allow you to glide, flit, and flOw though the universe.
Additionally, you can purchase download vouchers on Amazon and at participating GameStop stores.
When we were poor kids out of college, Sony offered to fund three games from us, which was a dream come true.
I feel it when the wind blows, when I see children laughing, when I’m creating especially personal work. Tudo no jogo interage de volta com voce; e isso inovou nao apenas nos aspectos tecnicos de programacao, como no proprio prazer artistico de interagir se interagir com um jogo. Aos poucos voce entende aqueles microorganismos, e logo vai concebendo o funcionamento daquele mundo… estranhamente, em FlOw, voce aos poucos se percebe como nao sendo nenhum protagonista.
Jogue sozinho num quarto escuro, e e perfeitamente natural que as mais diversas reflexoes acabem aflorando.
E misturando arte com sua discreta tecnologia, seus desenvolvedores criam jogos que promovem experiencias e sensacoes como essa, aproveitam tudo que a simplicidade tem a oferecer. In Flow, Csikszentmihalyi explores the notion of flow as the optimal human experience, and how such an ideal could be achieved in our everyday lives. Modernity and the fabric of our lives are built around a nexus of opportunities for experiencing flow, from our involvement with employment, to time spent in our domestic environments.
The result is an extremely accessible publication, one that gets to the heart of many of our 21st century issues. Yet as Erich Fromm in The Fear of Freedom (1941) so succinctly argues, our modern lives have just as much potential to create chaos and psychic entropy as they do true freedom.
Without revealing all the secrets of Flow for now, Csikszentmihalyi provides an excellent examination of what it takes to make the most of our lives, to truly control the consciousness of the mind without self-consciousness, and how to shape our work and domestic lives into flow activities brimming with meaning. I wish to explore ideas and concepts through this medium, focusing on current affairs whilst also exploring trends of the future. While flow lasts, we can even identify with something outside or larger than our sense of self a€“ such as the painting or writing we are engaged in, or the team we are playing in.

Ha todo um ecossistema a sua volta, e a verdade e que o que voce controla e apenas parte de um todo. Yet so often this is not the case in our multi-tasking culture with its many distractions, and we slip into what Csikszentmihalyi explains as psychic entropy, or subjective information that runs contrary to our intentions. Taking the popularly covered Hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow, namely the construction of “self-actualisation”, and other commonly believed theories, I strongly feel there has been a miss-match between what Western society denotes we should see as optimal experience, and the reality of living in the moment. The way we choose to spend our preciously earned free time, Csikszentmihalyi mentions, is paramount to both experiencing flow, and also creating a meaningful path of flow throughout our lives.
Todo o resto dos controles e feito por nada alem de movimentos com o controle sensivel do PlayStation. When we are presented with ideas about living in the moment, or flow, as I will now refer to it, we are often quickly bombarded with self-help guides offering various remedies to the ailments of the modern age, and answers on how to return to a simpler state of life. Csikszentmihalyi provides a thorough analysis of the concept of flow, by first focusing on the anatomy of optimal human experience, and then investigating how flow can be achieved in each sector of individuality, from our consciousness and thoughts to how we engage with sports, music and social interactions.
According to Maslow (and whilst this has already been in deliberation), we can only achieve self-actualisation, or the point where we reach our full human potential after our more basic needs for food, shelter, social interaction and self-esteem are satisfied.
Quoting within Flow, the American sociologist Robert Park over 80 year ago now said “It is the improvident use of our leisure, I suspect, that the greatest wastes of (American) life occurs”. Nao ha pontos e objetivos definidos – voce joga, afinal, pelo simples prazer de jogar. De certa forma, o jogo parece proporcionar uma certa meditacao e equilibrio, uma viagem introspectiva que facilita em lidar mas ao mesmo tempo nao foge dos seus problemas. Through popular psychology, well-known maxims and strands of clinical psychiatry, we have become overly familiar with techniques to overcome the issues of tomorrow and the worries of the past. What became clear through Flow was (and whilst this is a commonly approved thought), that in order to experience flow, we need to form intrinsic motivation for each of our tasks and undertakings. On the contrary, Flow argues the opposite that even in our daily interactions, our work lives, no matter how menial or complex they may be, there are ample opportunities to create and live in flow.
By redesigning the way we choose to spend both free time, and the methods we use to construct goals and ambitions in work we can actively control the level of success we have in creating flow experiences.
It was actually very refreshing to read Flow, which was largely devoid of prescriptions and instead drew on extensive psychological research and empirical studies that shed a new light on flow. Csikszentmihalyi, goes on to warn against the cancerous impact of placing a too great an emphasis on the immediate self, through egotism or narcissistic behaviours, and rather that we should involve our energies more deeply in our actions, so as to “lose ourselves”, with the ultimate result of developing the self through the wealth of experience afterwards.
E ai, voce comeca a pegar os movimentos, e parece ter a sensacao de jogar videogame pela primeira vez de novo. E no final, em vez de te jogar de volta no mundo caotico das nossas vidas praticas, o jogo te situar de volta numa forma neutra e renovada antes que voce desligue e volte as rotinas da vida. Mais do que isso: a sensacao e a delicadeza promovida por FlOw da quase a impressao de se manusear pela primeira vez um instrumento desconhecido.
Sinceramente, eu nao duvido nada que jogar isso seja bastante saudavel aos mais diversos estados de espirito. E uma mistura de uma experiencia desafiadora com curiosa e relaxante, que se desenrola num gradual dominio tao subjetivo que nao ha teoria que supere a experiencia pratica de lidar com aquilo.
Voce segura o controle, revira pra la e pra ca… e finalmente, em algum momento, comeca a pegar o jeito e entender o que esta acontecendo.
Nao que tenha uma historia ou objetivo, mas o simples prazer de jogar te faz explorar e tentar aos poucos entender aquele estranho mundo de pequenas criaturas abstratas, causas e consequencias.

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