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If you are one of those people who just recovered from depression and you want to fix your marriage, you came at the right place. Researchers are studying the relationship between marital discord and depression identify the nature of the problem. Depressed persons avoid social situations or social gatherings and will not just withdraw from their spouse. Depression can affect the energy of the spouse which also impacts whether or not the task gets done. To get information about depression is one of the great things to do in marriage, your depressed spouse and for oneself. To know how depression impacts the behavior of the partner is one step on the road for a couple to handle the disorder together. Some studies suggest that men who take them may be at increased risk of heart attacks and strokes, and women may have an increased risk of developing breast and ovarian cancers. There’s also a very clear correlation between mood and levels of omega-3 fatty acids in your tissues.
The country with the lowest incidence of depression worldwide is Iceland, which is surprising given how cold and dark it is there for much of the year, but the people there eat a lot of fish that are rich in omega-3s.
Intrinsic sadness is sadness from within and without cause.[push]Intrinsic sadness is pain without cause.
Extrinsic sadness is a relief for me, because it means there is actually something I can do about it. There is actually a danger that extrinsic sadness will turn into intrinsic sadness and finally depression.
This fundamental difference between intrinsic and extrinsic sadness is what people do not understand about depression. I’m an extreme example, but my life is actually crafted to defeat sadness, decrease depression. Yes, there will also be choices that suck, and potholes you can’t avoid, but happiness is there, waiting for you.
So it seems to me, that if you’re lucky enough to have a brain that works, and neurotransmitters that run around pretty much as advertised, then for gosh sakes fix the extrinsic crap that makes you unhappy.
What if intrinsic sadness is the only thing you have known since a very early childhood and reinforced with parental abuse.
When I start having problems with depression, I always look for something external, just as something of a self test. Nevertheless, I think it’s entirely appropriate to understand that some moods are just bipolar-driven and nothing else. Before I was medicated properly, I had repeated, consisted rapid cycling: 2 weeks normal, 2 weeks hypomanic, 2 weeks depressed, over and over and over again. I believe external environmental factors can be TRIGGERS, but I don’t think they are the cause of intrinsic sadness, nor mania.
I’m bipolar too, and I really liked the way you clarified the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic sadness. But even professionals treat you like the disorder is something you have somehow brought upon yourself.
It’s nice that there indeed are distinguishable characteristics about extrinsic and intrinsic depression. And yes, beating back misconceptions is something I do every day and I can attest to the fact that it isn’t easy. If you suffer from depression or mood disorders you may be deficient in one of the nutrients below. There is much research in Neuropsychiatry that proves the link between B-Vitamin deficiencies and mood disorders including depression. About Latest Posts Follow meMichelle TooleMichelle Toole is the founder and head editor of Healthy Holistic Living.
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (Called SNiP's) are at the root of most deficiencies, as one reader below commented on reversing depression.
Chantal Joly if you are still being exposed to chemicals via cleaning agents, laundry detergents, beauty and hygiene products, or any processed or non organic foods, this could easily still affect your energy. Denise Gamble I used to be on medication as well and whenever the dosage or type of med was changed I got suicidal too.
The spouse who is not suffering from depression might also end up having no social life since couples are anticipated to socialize with other couples. Responsibilities heavily fall on the other spouse when the depressed spouse cannot cope with the children and household tasks.
This awareness is not frequently reciprocated even when spouses know the effect of depression to their partners. Another step is to discuss about the impact of depression on major life decisions, such as supporting the family and having children.
There is accumulating evidence that even in severe depression, the SSRIs, such as Prozac, work no better than placebos. There was even a study in the Archives of General Psychiatry suggesting that the children of women who take these drugs in the first trimester of pregnancy have a modestly increased risk of autism.
They artificially boost mood-enhancing serotonin, which in turn prompts the brain to make less of this feel-good chemical and to reduce the number of receptors for it.
Within those categories there are is all manor of sadness, but for our purposes, we will make this single distinction.

It’s the type of sadness you feel when you hate your job, feel trapped by your marriage, or find out someone you love has died. There is evidence to suggest that if a person dwells too long in a sadness, no matter how external the source, it can actually lead to full blown depression.
Oh, it might be hard, but believe me when I tell you, it’s much easier than bipolar me just trying to not get more unhappy. Just as an FYI, Feedburner handles all of that and you can subscribe or unsubscribe through them. This had nothing to do with external factors, the cycle would never alter no matter what was going on in my life. With the number of meds out there and the number of combinations that would virtually be impossible. When you go to your doctor, their answer is often a prescription for one of the various popular anti-depressant drugs. Researchers have found that many people who suffer from depression and mood disorders are deficient in not just one nutrient but several, all contributing to the symptoms. A deficiency of Omega-3 fatty acids or an imbalance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids may be one of the contributing factors to your depression.
Buy gel capsules instead of tablets with at least 25 mg for each of the different B- Vitamins included in the formulation. The thyroid, part of the endocrine system, is one of the most important glands in your body. You need to eat a variety of different foods to furnish the body with all the amino acids needed to be healthy. The problem is often your standard medicine doctor will not give clearance for the tests, nor will your insurance pay for them. The feeling of being suicidal was amplified and caused in many ways by the medication itself. However, several studies established that marriages with poor communication patterns where depression is present result of greater conflict in marriage. Withdrawal from social situations might be related to low serotonin levels in the brain, a condition also related to depression.
This frequently results in resentment on one side and guilt on the other, which can develop unless the couple deals and recognizes the root cause. It is also hard for spouses to admit that they cannot take their partner out of depression.
The result is that it becomes harder for you to function without the pills, so they create their own need. The intervention that’s most studied is walking, but whatever form of activity you choose, the point is to do it every day. Research suggests that a serious deficit of this type (depression) rarely rights itself without proper medical intervention. The extrinsic sadness essentially “trains” the neurotransmitters of the brain to behave in a depressed manor.
And if I don’t realize that I can make myself (ahem) crazy trying to figure out what the heck is going on to cause them. The first med that ever worked for me is one that we tried _after_ my doctor gave up on me. Whereas, as you said, we, the people experiencing it, know that there _is_ no external cause, just an illness to blame. If you suffer from depression or mood disorders, start a food diary of the foods you eat every day. The Journal Clinical Nutrition in Jan 21st, 2013 published the result of research that analyzed over 18000 British citizens for Vitamin D deficiencies and associated mental disorders links. The thyroid gland affects every function of the body including body temperature, immune function, and brain function. We grow herbs, Moringa trees, and organic vegetables along with a flock of ducks and lop rabbits.
Decreased enzymes = decreased ability to utilize nutrients, even if they are present through the diet. Try switching your house over to get rid of all chemicals- there is a company called Melaleuca that delivers cheap and green household items without any toxic chemicals in them to get your house toxic free. And there is a way to gradually wean one off of the drugs they have become dependent on, while increasing the needed and proper doses of right nutrition.
The spouse who is well needs to offer support and seek education, while the spouse suffering from depression should take steps to deal with the disorder. The couple cannot tackle their problems or even talk to get comfort if they do not communicate.
However, it is helpful for the couple to go to a third party for the validation of the symptoms of depression. Of course, medication is appropriate for very severe cases of depression, but not for more than a year. Exercise probably works in many ways-for example, by increasing endorphins and other neurotransmitters that are involved in mood.
John’s wort can help with mild to moderate cases of depression, but bear in mind that it can take 4 to 6 weeks to have an effect. Intrinsic sadness is the stuff I feel most of the time in varying degrees thanks through my bipolar.

These people do tend to recover better and more quickly from their depression, but really, I don’t recommend it. When I tell them there is no reason, that the sadness is intrinsic, that it is simply driven by depression, they look at me with disbelief.
They found that a deficiency of Vitamin D was present in patients with depression and panic disorders. Iodine is found in foods such as potatoes, cranberries, Kelp, Arame, Hiziki, Kombu, and Wakame. Even though both of them played different roles because it is through working together that helps in fixing the marriage.
Communication is one of the most important aspects of a relationship so it must not be compromised. Interestingly, there’s some research showing that moderate exercise is more effective than intense exercise. SAM-e, a chemical found naturally in the body, works much faster-sometimes in a day or two-and is very useful. Luckily most “normal” folk will only experience very limited intrinsic sadness and it’ll probably lead to just a blue day, and not depression. Other than her – I have no one here locally that understands what I am really going through. When are people finally going to understand bipolar and depression for what it is: an ILLNESS outside of our control?
Researchers have found that many patients with depression and mood disorders are deficient in Omega 3 Fatty Acids.
The study results stated that people who are deficient in Vitamin D are at higher risk for developing depression later in life.
Your brain uses the amino acids found in the food you eat to manufacture neurotransmitters needed for optimal brain function. Dopamine, noradrenaline, and GABA are three important neurotransmitters often deficient in depression. Saying that, a few companies and health providers exist who do have preventive health programs. It is important to buy fish oil that has been cold processed and tested for heavy metals and other contamination. Orthomolecular physicians have found that treatment with amino acids including tryptophan, tyrosine, phenylalanine, and methionine can correct different mood disorders like depression. The reality is a majority of people do not get quality preventive healthcare, especially those on Medicaid or Medical. If you are living life in a job, relationship, or city you hate, then that could be draining your energy a lot too.
People shopping for their family fill their cart with junk sugar filled cereal, chips, candy, soda, , TV dinners, and over-processed food in general. The Orthomolecular doctor first takes urine and blood samples to test your amino acid levels. Medication is not a healthy solution, and does not even fix the problem, just masks it and makes your numb to what your body is trying to tell you. Doctors prescribe these drugs from information they get from the drug sales rep which often is only part-truth.
Then if he finds imbalances, you will be given amino acid supplements in the optimal dosage to correct the problem. I was furious when a new doctor tried to tell me I could fix the imbalance with nutritional therapy, good sleep, and elimination of certain foods. Prescription drugs should only be prescribed after other medical problems have been ruled out. If it is a nutritional imbalance such as a Omega 3 deficiency, you will be prescribed that supplement. I was so mad because I didn't want to change, and I just wanted a pill as an easy fix and felt threatened by anyone telling me I could heal myself. Instead of treating with drugs, they treat the deficiencies that cause the mental symptoms with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Because then I couldn't live at the level I was as a victim and would have to do work to get better.
They do not give you interpretation for the tests nor how to correct the problems found by testing.
I quit my meds cold turkey one day feeling empowered to change and to say no to living on pills for the rest of my life. So take it from someone who really knows what real depression is, having been there for years myself, went through the healing process, and came out healthy and happy on the other side.
You must take control of your health and find a doctor whose goal is holistic and preventative medicine.

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