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The Five-Minute Christian Meditation app will assist Christians with learning the important art of meditation.
In Christian meditation the object is to focus on our Lord and the empowering words He has given to us. Taking time for yourself every day is important, as it allows for space, in which you can gather perspective, de-stress, or just simply BE within the wonderment of the moment.
It’s easy to get caught up in what you think meditation “should” be, however I believe it’s simple and needs to fit your life.
So how about setting 5 minutes every day to just sit, close your eyes, be quiet and breath.
This was a nice introduction to the basics of meditation, but it was a bit shorter than I had anticipated.
Very shortBook had some good suggestions but was too short.I would have liked some suggestions for guided meditation and use of music. Excellent instruction and encouragement for anyone wanting to start meditating, and for those of us who feel like beginners. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.

Don’t need to change your breath, or do anything fancy, just take a few breaths and notice what comes up, without judgments or categorizing your experiences. Handmade in Bali our malas help people live a more conscious lifestyle, manifest their dreams, and meditate deeply. Lisa writes in a way that is easy and positive which makes her mini books and full books so nice.
Meditation has long been known to increase awareness, focus our thoughts, promote creativity and clearer thinking. With warding off Alzheimer's, reducing colds, and improving nearly every aspect of life.But who has time for it?This quick, simple book lays out exactly what you need to get started with meditation.
While meditation may seem mysterious and elusive, anyone can do it, if just for five minutes. It offers a variety of ways for you to meditate, so you can find one that fits into your hectic routine. Five quick, easy minutes to improve your life.Take that first step, and see what wonderful results will follow!This book Five Minute Meditation is intended to be free on all systems, to help those who are in need of support find a step toward a more contented life.
If the system you are currently on requires a charge to download, all author's proceeds will benefit battered women's shelters.Feel free to contact Lisa if you have any questions about her routine - she's happy to help!

Listen to the sound the breath makes, feel it as it travels through the nostrils, into the lungs. Imagine you can feel the breath travel throughout the body, all the way to the cellular level. When thoughts or frustration, impatience arises, acknowledge those thoughts, but don’t dwell or continue them. Even just five minutes of cleansing breaths, along with a mind clear of thoughts, can better prepare you for the challenges of the day. And soon you’ll begin to feel the lingering effects that a simple meditation practice can bring.

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