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The next time you’re in Winn-Dixie look for a new coupon booklet called “take The First Step To Healthy Resolutions.” It  contains the following sale items! Dr Tracie O’Keefe provides some inspiring examples of men and women who have not let their age stop them from participating in robust exercise.
The great Ernestine Shepherd at 80 is a world champion body builder, but only took up body building in her late 50s.
Alan and Janette Murray-Wakelin ran a marathon a day around Australia for a year at 68 and 63 respectively. Fauja Singh was still running marathons at 100 years old and he only took up running at the age of 89.
At Feros we do offer slightly gentler activities to help you with fun exercise classes in a group setting or a one-on-one program in your home.
Forever Young is our group class set to toe-tapping music, scheduled for eight weeks with a maximum of 10 participants.

Now if you are perhaps not so mobile or have multiple chronic conditions, Feros’ Strong Foundations exercise program may be more suitable.
Your clinician will also do a pre and post assessment to measure your improvement and ring you as a follow up to the program. It was a HUGE relief knowing I could build JCF with a single Craigslist ad back in July 2008. Start with your WHY or reason – this will drive you so no matter how cold or imperfect it is outside your drive and fire burns within. Be accountable to something or someone other than yourself – find a fitness community that will help you achieve your goals, provide encouragement, and even carpool with you to ensure you workout. No more winter blues – remember how good it feels when that 1st step is behind you and the emotional life that follows.
Regular exercise is an activity proven to boost overall health and happiness; indeed widely acknowledged to even help improve depression. The chronologically young do not have a monopoly on this Healthy Happiness gig – regardless of your age you too can take steps to start or increase your exercise activities. Feros only uses qualified physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to conduct our classes and performs pre and post assessments so you can be confident and boast about your fabulous improvement.

Again Feros only uses qualified physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to assess your strengths and areas for improvement.
So far our Strong Foundations people overall have improved their strength and balance test scores [there are 3 tests] by a whopping 28% , 23% and 15%.
Make an active decision to invest in your own health and wellbeing – it needs to come from within and then Feros can help you start and maintain the daily habits that will set you towards Healthy Happiness. At Feros we can help you by providing and supervising personalised exercise programs catering from those who are not mobile or living with chronic conditions to those who are relatively active. The Strong Foundation program runs for seven sessions, generally on a weekly basis, and feel free to provide your own exercise music to groove to.
Our Strong Foundations average age at 82 years is still younger than Mr Singh starting his running career at 89 so there are still goals to be kicked! Combine that with the fact that it’s brutally cold outside and you have the perfect recipe for analysis paralysis!

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