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A towering hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, you can’t miss it if you are going away from Beirut towards the highway to Jounieh. The Royal SPA, spread over three levels and 3,500 m2 of space with a panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, an indoor swimming pool, indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, sauna, mud bath and Turkish bath, aerobics classes, personal training, squash, and tennis, in addition to many unique SPA treatments is the highlight of my trip.
During my stay, I was prepping for a 14 day detox diet with Kay Bodanza in Dubai in the American Academy of Cosmic Surgery Hospital in Dubai. The Iyashi Do?me concept: the Japanese technology that purifies and shapes your silhouette by restoring balance and youth to your body.
The heat (Far Infrared Rays) emitted by the sun warmed the sand giving it precious helaing properties for the body.
This tradition is carried our today through the Far Infrared Technology by the Iyashi Do?me. As a treatment, it does lots of things to the body but I was more interested in the detoxification before my program. During the treatment, a therapist explained to me the benefits and answered any questions I had.
Simplified to the very best and very well maintained with the greatest comfort and view of the sea.
During my stay, I was fortunate enough to have been around the same time they have started a wellness month. Yesterday morning we started with a visit to the Sri Mariamman Temple which dates back to 1827 and is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. Surfing and yoga were all Eloisa Mayers had in mind when she went to Nicaragua four years ago.
Recently I was reading an article on the teachings of Buddhism and I couldn’t help but draw certain correlations between the basic philosophies and how we can easily apply them into youth sports today….particularly competitive gymnastics. In today’s fast paced world where everyone is trying to get somewhere as quick as possible, we often forget that what is happening around us is happening for a reason. They need to learn and grow from these experiences, to help them be stronger and much wiser on their journey. Yes, as parents you will sacrifice and suffer through the endless car rides, unanswered questions, doctors appointments for injuries, as well as through the tears and frustrations of your athletes at practice and competitions… Its all part of the journey and there are times when both you and your child will want to quit to move to an easier lifestyle yet, you will suffer and push through together… Just accept it and know that nothing is permanent, there will come a point that this too shall pass, so just take a deep breath and learn to B-R-E-A-T-H-E.
Parents listen, the reason why you are so frustrated is because we feel this need to be involved in the process. The bottom line is, if it gets to a point where the activity causes more pain than pleasure perhaps it is time for this part of the journey to end and a new chapter to begin. In order to attain liberation one must practice wholesome: View, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and concentration.
Not only do you have to talk the talk you must walk the walk… Take action and push through the tough times and I guarantee something great will come out of it.

All of these truths are simple reminders and can be applied though any life stage or challenge that comes our way.
Additionally, when we are calm and practice compassion, especially towards ourselves and others, they will too. For centuries, the Japanese would bury themselves in hot sand to purify the body and eliminate toxins. A homemade juice with lemongrass for detox and dried fruit pastries was the cherry on top of my preparations for my detoxing program when back in Dubai. In winter, the Sunday buffets are everyone’s favorites, while in summer, the Barbecue nights by the pool are popular with the in-crowds. It is dedicated to the goddess Mariamman, known for her power to cure illnesses and diseases.
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Our children don’t fail on purpose, don’t get injured or have mental blocks to spite us, we forget…. It only makes sense to zoom out and look at things with a wide lens because it is so easy to zoom in and focus on the wrong or negative aspects. When you are content in other areas of your life it reflects in your performance. You get out what you put in, so push through the bad days and learn to celebrate yourself and others in all aspects of your life.
Don’t dwell on past mistakes and don’t let the fears of the future rob you of your joys in the present.
If we are mindful and practice these truths and model them to our athletes they can then apply them towards their own challenges.
If we can learn to stop pointing the finger at coaches, other parents and judges and realize that everyone is fighting their own battles we can enjoy the journey with a lot less stress… so be kind always and have faith that everything happens for a reason. Unlike Lebanese politics, the spa and property has accelerated and emerged in a strong way. Spread over 20,000 m2, the WaterGate is a thrilling theme park that offers a host of entertaining rides, activities and restaurants!
I am super excited to show you my trip and even more excited to announce that we will be giving away a 3 nights stay in Singapore for two lucky winners inclusive of flights!! Additionally please clear both your browser's cache and cookies - How do I clear my cache and cookies?
Our job as parents is to help them, support them and encourage them to keep pushing and moving forward. So the next time you are stressed, frustrated and seeking answers, I hope you consider applying these teachings to help put things back into perspective.

We must become aware and learn at certain points to detach from situations and circumstances so they they can fully experience what they need to learn, especially when it comes to their sport.
We bought coconuts as an offering to the gods and broke the coconut on a metal platter as a sign of breaking a person's ego before any requests to the gods. It?s characterised by beautiful architecture, an extinct volcano and elongated coasts and will soon become a Unesco world heritage site. If they need to fail because they are not doing their part or it will help them get better, let them. My center is where (at that moment) I needed to be and somewhere I can utilize the full potential of being in Zen at a spa therapy.
Le Royal is in between highways facing the Mediterranean sea and to me, one of my favorite locations because I am so used to being in Lebanon by the sea away from the city life. I needed to find a place in Lebanon away from the busy street life, away from traffic and somewhere close to the sea and at an award winning spa. I did not experience any life alter changing moments, but I did feel I have sweated off some toxins. If Beirut city life is what you need but away from traffic, then the hotel is a perfect 15 minutes drive to downtown Beirut. Let them know that there is always something better ahead and that the “best is yet to come” no matter where it takes them.
I found that in Finding Zen at Le Royal Hotels & Resorts and as part of The Leading Hotels in The World, the property itself over met the expectations of a 5 star hotel in Lebanon as to maintenance standards and keeping the hotel looking brand new. In addition to the poetry readings, there are musical concerts, art exhibitions and theatrical shows on offer.
Two popular choices are Volcano Mombacho and Volcano Masaya, less than 30 minutes from Granada. Laguna de Apoyo, a volcanic crater lake which is ?a wonderful place to swim or paddle board and relax?, or Ometepe Island.
The latter is a volcanic lake island, which is the home of two volcanoes, Maderas and Concepcion. Accommodations such as those at Maderas and Concepcion ensure you?re making the least possible impact on the environment around you. In Grenada you can stay in an eco-lodge on the hills of the volcano and hike, swim in the waterfalls and explore the island. The popular destination on Nicaragua?s Pacific coast offers an exciting mix of local culture, nightlife and restaurants.

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