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This blog post is dedicated to one of my best friends who passed away two weeks ago at the very young age of 28. Only one or two people said they would continue to do what they did with only minor changes. Looking for your passion and doing work you love requires a lot of courage, bravery, time, effort, creativity and much more.
I asked her how she liked her job and she told me that she is mainly looking forward to the weekends and holidays.
I offered her some advice to change her day to day work organization to make it more pleasant.
My favorite speech from Steve Jobs is the one he gave to the graduates of Stanford University in 2005. I mean you need to find the thing that gets you up early morning before your alarm clock because you are so excited to start the day. One thing that always fascinated me about him was that he had his own will, no matter what. Plenty of people told him that it was a bad idea to leave a well paid job to start something he had never done before. Are you wasting your precious time of your life with something you dislike doing or with a job that is merely OK?
If you are looking for a new job right now, I urge you to first think hard about if what you are doing is truly what you love.
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The key to a happy life is something we all search for and it does mean very different things for each person.
However, we think making the smallest positive changes to your life life can make it a much happier one.
Have a look at our 4 commandments for a happy life that could help you put a smile back on your face and improve your year!
Offering money to someone who is a pound short on the train may have resulted in them being able to get to that life changing interview, or maybe that sandwich you gave a homeless man prevented him from going hungry for a night. Once you start doing even the smallest of kind actions, you’ll see how much better you feel about yourself.
You might look at someone and believe they are more attractive than you or really lucky because they have a lovely home. How would you feel if someone you knew kept telling you that you aren’t as good as someone else they know? Because of this, in the future, you could become bitter towards your ex, or you might be afraid of it happening again (which is completely normal).
This could mean that without you even knowing it, you could be blocking out potential love in your life that could be even better than any of your previous relationships. If you’re not meant to be with the person who you believe is truly “The One”, how amazing is the person going to be that you are meant to be with?
If you’re really struggling with letting love in, perhaps try and surround yourself with animals that give an unlimited supply of affection, or go out with friends as often as you can. Once you’re used to this, you might feel a little more optimistic about meeting new people, which could lead to your next loving relationship. People can go through life having a difficult time finding what they are really passionate about. You might have been someone who has changed university degrees or careers a couple of times, constantly on the search for what keeps you ticking. Whatever you do, don’t think changing your mind is a bad thing because it only gets you closer to the complete joys of passion.
If you are a creative person, yet you aren’t the best artist, cooking could you right up your alley.

Although I eventually made my peace with the word, I still go a little crazy when people talk specifically about finding their passion. The way I see it, a passion is not something that lies within you, dormant, until some bright and shining day when you suddenly discover it nestled away in its little hiding place. You may be born with an aptitude for something, an affinity for something, a natural inclination, a personality that is well suited for something. Your affinity or natural talent for something is like a spark – the teeniest, tiniest spark – that needs to be protected, nurtured, and coaxed into a flame. So you need to add some kindling and slowly start to build that flame up, until it grows bigger and brighter. And then, when it’s time, throw a log on that fire and watch it turn into a bona fide inferno.
That’s when you start to figure out if this is going to turn into a real flame, or if it’s just going to die out.
But if your spark does take hold and become a flame, then you really need to start feeding it – taking more classes, reading books, connecting with others who share the same affinity or interest, practicing and honing your skills. But if it continues to grow and you realize you never want this fire to go out, that’s when you put on the logs – you make a commitment that this is a part of your life now, whatever it is, and you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and the universe to live up to your abilities to the very best you can.
The reason I rail against the idea of “finding” your passion is that I think it sets up unrealistic expectations. Or you may be unpleasantly surprised and get turned off when you realize that it takes a lot of effort to become a really amazing accountant or dancer or comedian, and think that it’s not meant for you after all because it just seems like too much work, and shouldn’t it come easier? I think it’s pretty rare for people to stumble onto something and have a “Eureka!” moment where they are suddenly, blissfully in love with it and overnight, they have found their passion. And I don’t think all the “Find Your Passion!” quizzes or ebooks or online courses in the world will result in that kind of moment, either. I think you need to figure out your interests and natural abilities, and then work on them, hone them, develop them, and see which ones you not only are able to develop, but also enjoy.
That’s why I used to get stumped when reading “find your passion”-type self-help books, or going through exercises or courses on the topic.
So if you’re on a desperate mission to seek out and find your passion, waiting for that lightning-bolt moment when it hits you – “Yes!
And, slowly but surely, you will come to the point where you’ve actually created – not found, not discovered, but actually created – your passion. It’s a common misconception, and one with which I have struggled; thanks for bringing it up!
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Why are most people working in a job that drains their energy or is merely OK while only a few are doing what they truly love? You have every tool imaginable available at your fingertips, mostly for free, served to you on a silver platter called the internet.
I also told her that she has enormous opportunities anywhere she looks as teaching is a transferable skill and she should look for something that fascinates her. She told me that she does not want to make a change and that she just wants to work the remaining time until she receives her pension so she can enjoy life then. How can you waste such a long time of your life doing something that you dislike and living somebody else’s life? I mean the thing that makes you come home to your family with a big bold smile and total fulfillment so you can enjoy every minute with them instead of moaning about problems at work or lack of energy.
He truly lived life to the fullest and had the bravery and courage to craft his own path and find the things that he was passionate about.
Try new things, develop a plan B and don’t ever let anyone tell you something is impossible. Wishingmoon accepts Mastercard, Visa, Visa Delta, Solo, Electron and Switch (UK only) for telephone readings (18+).

Feeling positive can be a daily struggle for some people however, there are some ways you can put a spring back in your step.
When we decide to do something lovely, we may never know how much of a positive influence it could have had on that person.
When you show your soft side and help someone, you have done a good deed and might feel great about it for weeks. This is bad because we should never ever compare ourselves to others or wish we were somebody else. Even the most gorgeous celebrities alive can still go through depression, divorce and unhappiness. To be honest, with the amount of pain you can physically feel because of it, it’s hard to believe that people eventually move on with their lives and can feel love again.
List what you like doing as a hobby and see if there are any careers or regular activities you can take part in.
If you need a little more help and would like to gain some spiritual insight into your life, click here and one of our talented psychics could give you a reading.
It’s not hiding under a rock, or in your sock drawer, or in the third-floor guest room closet.
If you walk away and leave that fire unattended with no more wood to add to it, it’s going to die down and eventually fade out. A natural ability that’s ingrained within you, like a knack for numbers, or the ability to move gracefully, or an innate sense of humor and timing.
Maybe it’s taking an accounting class, playing Just Dance, or getting onstage at a comedy club open mic night. You may take this expression to mean that all you have to do is look around and you’ll find your passion waiting for you with a pretty bow tied around it. Eventually, I decided to approach these materials and techniques as a way to “find an interest” instead. Words like passion and even “talent” can be super limiting if divorced from effort!
I even told her she could take on the challenge to talk to the dean of the school about changes that could improve the schools performance and at the same time make her job more enjoyable. I mean the thing that gets you to do something that matters instead of shuffling paper around all day. When you’re comparing yourself to someone, remember that they might be having a hard time, just like everyone else could experience at some part in their life.
Once you have found your passion, it could become a huge part of your life, connecting you with like minded people that could turn into long term friends.
You have to keep feeding the fire in order to maintain the inferno, or you risk letting it burn out. Because somehow I knew that, if it wasn’t already a passion that I actually knew about, it would take more than just a good detective to “find” it. I think it’s easy to hear these phrases and miss the fact that not everything will be rainbows and unicorns all the time. The sooner you start appreciating your life more the way it is, the happier you will become. It would take time, effort, diligence and self-awareness to really determine what I could become passionate about.

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