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Real Love, Right Now: A Celebrity Love Architect's Thirty-Day Blueprint for Finding Your Soul Mate--and So Much More!
Starring the wacky Marvel comic heroes, read the hilarious first book in this upcoming trilogy.
Read an ExcerptReal Love, Right Now: A Thirty-Day Blueprint for Finding Your Soul Mate – and So Much More! Why, then, would we dare send our precious sons and daughters into the world of romance without advance planning of their selection process? I'm often asked by parents for tools we can use to assist our children to make selections of godly mates. Sometimes it feels like we need a crowbar to get inside our teens' hearts on matters related to the opposite sex.
Remember these are just dreams they are beginning to fashion, not the final qualification list. Our goal is to have a mature, well thought out qualification list ready before they enter officially into the world of romance. Obviously, it will be unlikely that any candidate would meet all the criteria on the list perfectly, but this list helps your son or daughter carefully consider the risks and sacrifices they may need God's grace for as they enter into marriage. For example, if “comes from a strong home life” is on the list, and the prospective life partner being considered was raised in a divorced home, extra prayer and consideration will be needed.
All of us hope that our children’s marriages will succeed and they will escape the pain of divorce.
What a valuable topic - we've been praying for our future son-in-love and daughter-in-love since our kids were small. I especially liked your example of praying for Micah's future wife.  That will be one blessed lady! I've seen people dump other people who really love them because they're parents didn't approve simply because that person came from a broken home etc. Yes you summed up what I was trying to say when you stated "To be a prepared spouse is to be ready to accept others in their strengths and weaknesses".
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Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Before you can find a perfect match, she explains, you must embrace self-respect, reject the ego, take accountability for your actions, and commit to God’s plan.
This I've witnessed, as she gives celebrity clients 'real' life advice that bring them to a place of truth and reward.
Norman Wright is a well-respected Christian counselor who has helped thousands of people improve their relationships and deal with grief, tragedy, and other concerns. Not only will our God go to work on our requests, but the force of our prayer causes Micah, our 15 year old, to know what he is waiting for! So if your 12 year old daughter is hung up on needing her mate to be rich, blond-haired, and a guitar player, don't hit the panic button. Your son or daughter would need to count the cost of managing holidays and consider the effect on their future children before they go on to fall madly in love with this one!
When Nathan who had no personal understanding of divorce became interested in Tara whose family had suffered many pains, he would need to develop extra sensitivity, compassion, and flexibility.
They've been married 2 years now, and I tell everyone that 'if' I had written a job description for a wife for our son, she fits perfectly. We still haven't met our future son-in-love. One of the things I have found most helpful about making a list with my kids is to help them get over unrealistic notions and be ready to not compromise the most important qualities - such as relationship with Jesus, honesty, and integrity - for the lesser qualities of style and personality.
Draw her heart close to You so that she would know You personally, trust You and hear Your voice. Protect him from sexual temptations and emotional traps that could steal from their marriage. When the counterfeit girls who are not his wife flow through his world, he will more easily recognize that they do not match his long term prayer.
That advance consideration of his list has helped him and Tara tremendously as they have established a strong marriage and learned to avoid relationship errors. Our winner of the drawing was Jaimie, who commented on The Top Ten Things I Want my Daughters to Know about Boys. Robert and I join in prayer with our daughter for this man, and we know God has the right time and place for them to meet.

From the costar of the groundbreaking series Lovetown, USA on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network, this is an encouraging, inspiring book to help you get past the things holding you back from finding real, authentic love. Please give his dad and me the wisdom to teach him and lead him so his marriage will be blessed, happy and strategic for the Kingdom of God. Perhaps even watching some appropriate "chick flicks" together and conversing afterwards will naturally open her eyes to the effect of her immature priorities.
Kailen starts with a physical, mental, and emotional self-appraisal, which asks you to examine the things you don’t want to admit are holding you back, and helps you discover what you need to work on to have the best shot at finding a soul mate and creating a fuller, more rewarding love life. Help her with her education so that she receives everything she needs to be a godly wife and mother. Or look around you and discuss concrete examples of women who made either wise or foolish choices. She then lays out a fail-proof, step-by-step thirty-day plan that will lead you to love when you have made yourself love-ready. Protect her from every counterfeit relationship with boys that would steal part of her heart or damage her soul. Kailen has an inspiring personal story; she is living proof that love and faith can overcome any kind of challenge. Liberal readers might balk at some of Rosenberg’s traditional views (such as waiting till marriage to have sex), but for the most part her advice is astute and well articulated.
Her methods are proactive, with unique exercises such as self-appraisals and love shopping, but they’re rooted in a spiritual understanding of love, which she sees as our highest calling. This book will help you put bad dating habits aside so you can figure out what really matters and find the partner who is right for you. Full of exercises and practical tips, this is a guidebook for people who are serious about finding real love, right now.

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