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My best friend Bruce had been a monk for many years, and he was happier than I’d ever seen him.
I thought of many of the monks I knew, and it was pretty clear that their hearts weren’t really in it. When the buddha began his path of enlightenment, he gave up his future of being a king and became a penniless yogi. We don’t need to be great yogis or meditators or the most important person. And fortunately we don’t need to meditate for seven days straight. When we take a moment and connect to our hearts, it’s nearly impossible to not live our purpose. He is a continual student and has spent over 20 years studying awareness traditions from around the world. If you are just curious or just following others, save you time and your money.  Finding your purpose requires deep personal determination and introspection.    This  journey is not for the faint of heart! One of the major obstacles to experiencing  higher  states of consciousness  is the busy-ness of our lives. Use this link to ENROLL in a coaching relationship where you can begin to manifest your dreams and visions. By the end of phase 2 you should be able to easily detect both the paths you have followed in the past and the one you desire to follow in the future. In phase 3 you’ll practice finding your purpose using the most popular purpose-hunting method. In phase 4 you learn you cannot ignore your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs, but you can get permission to by-pass them.
You decide in phase 5 “whom or what will you trust  – to answer questions about your purpose? For some people, this inner capacity seems to come more naturally, but the truth is that this type of laser-like intuition is a gift that we all have – and, most importantly, it is a skill that anyone can learn, and eventually master.
In phase 6 you’ll learn to enhance your connection to higher guidance and negotiate with parts of yourself  that object to pursuing your purpose.

Now its time interpreting the communications that you have received from a trusted source.  You may not be sure whether you were actually communicating with a trusted source, and you may be uncertain about what it all means. In phase 8 test that your understanding of purpose is correct before undertaking  any changes. Learn how to make a comprehensive plan for manifesting your purpose.Simply knowing your purpose will not change your life. Learn how to manage the natural fear and resistance that arises when you contemplate living your life purpose.
The common answer you will hear from just about anyone is that your purpose is to serve God and serve your neighbor. What I will tell you is that finding God’s purpose for your life is similar to pulling back the layers of an onion. Each time he pulls another layer back, a new victory is won where maybe we grew in our faith, became more loving or patient, or discovered a hidden talent that God gave us. In our case, life is like a never-ending onion that reveals God’s purpose in our lives slowly, getting sweeter and sweeter each time. Sometimes God reveals part of our purpose or his plan for us by ripping two layers off and other times he reveals to us part of our purpose much more slowly. My purpose in life are, 1, to serve God and do God’s will and 2, to fillful my destiny. You are right Joel, unfortunately many people are either confused about their purpose in life or believe the lie that they have no purpose at all. Absolutely Jessie, also I think its important to add that we never entirely know God’s plan for our lives. We were walking through a small Japanese garden behind the zendo, after our afternoon meditation. But after years of searching and studying yogic practices, he still hadn’t found the answers. Einfach einePause im schnellebigen Alltag machenohne der Zeit Beachtung zu schenkenist ein Erlebnis, das ich gerne teile.

Since a part of you already knows your purpose, having that part directly disclose it to you, gives the least subjective, most clear expression of your purpose possible. Every trial, every struggle, every victory and defeat is like pulling away another layer that God reveals to us in his time. But just because He does not tell us all His plans does not mean we know better and can do it on our own. I think if we did, life would not only be boring but it wouldn’t require nearly as much faith or dependency on our loving Father. His infectious laughter often rang through the halls of the zendo, often at inappropriate times.
It was only when he finally stopped and sat down in meditation for seven full days, that he discovered the true path. Aron's mission is to integrate these traditions with modern psychological and technological tools. Western civilization  is focused  upon doing and action, and the most popular definitions of success is derived from this doing focus. This was something that seemed to be an constant annoyance to the stern and solemn monks we lived with. He has trained and been initiated in a variety of buddhist, yogic and shamanic traditions and is a certified yoga teacher and life coach. But a vast number of people are experiencing an emptiness in themselves, a yearning for something  they don’t understand.
In a crime scene investigation, it is often difficult to tell exactly what happened, though it is usually possible to get a rough idea.
And yet, there was Bruce, his bald head seemed to glow in the sunlight as he smiled blissfully.

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