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Finding Inspiration By:Geoff ShortDecember 27, 2012 by CHAUVET DJEveryone can use a little inspiration. Art exhibits – Awaken your artistic inner DJ by visiting your local museum or arts festival. Social Media – No, not the DJ forums on Facebook or the plethora of other DJ blogs online.
Here’s a few quotes for finding inspiration that I favorited on Twitter or repinned on Pinterest recently. Loren is an Internet mogul who has been changing the face of the beauty as well as Internet shopping for 20 years. Especially those of us in the entertainment business who need to continually find creative ways to stimulate audiences.

Seeing how other artists approach their work can help you see things in new ways – most importantly your own entertainment.
Night after night they face their fears of falling flat on their face in front of hostile audiences and get up on that stage anyway. It’s been written about a lot before, but regular exercise will always help your stamina during long hours on a job and just help you feel better in general.
Even if you think you don’t have a creative writing bone in your body, just the act of journaling or writing creatively frequently can help as you prepare your introductions and announcements. You may also want to try different physical routines to help spark creativity like yoga, swimming, hiking or biking.
When I have a case of the blahs and don’t know where to find inspiration, I turn to family, friends and even social media.

DJs spend a lot of time learning from other DJs but true evolution of your DJ skills and outlook may require you to look outside of the DJ community to discover unique ways of approaching your craft. Twitter and Pinterest are two great examples of networks that are filled with positive energy that can lift you up and put you in a great mood. If your eyes and mind are open enough you can discover new things about stuff you do everyday that can get your creative juices flowing enough to lead to real creative growth and increased income as an entertainer. If you find your creative energy sagging along with bookings and income, it may be time for an inspirational fill-up.

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