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The Council voted 3-1 to rescind its action from 2012 to seek criminal prosecution of Kusumoto for allegedly disclosing confidential information through a letter he handed the mayor in which he recused himself from future closed session talks dealing with the lawsuit. In that 2012 action  then Mayor Troy Edgar and Council Members Poe and Stephens voted to both retain a city prosecutor to prosecute Kusumoto and refer the matter to the district attorney, the attorney general or the grand jury. The whole matter soon became a major embarrassment to that Council majority of Edgar, Poe and Stephens as citizen after citizen brought forth evidence of repeated Brown Act violations by that Council majority and the City Attorney!
In addition, on close examination, the charges against Kusumoto simply didn’t hold up.
After three attempts to discuss it, the City Council finally got around to [dealing with] . Warren (and apparently [Mayor] Gerri) [Graham-Mejia] wanted an “exoneration.” Which makes sense since the actions of former City Attorney Sandra Levin (or non-action of what she was instructed to do) did not permit Warren Kusumoto an opportunity to a speedy trial. Initially the City Council discussed rescinding the initial orders to the former City Attorney, but Gerri Graham-Mejia kept on pushing for more than that.
It was Mayor Pro-tem Richard Murphy that looked for a common ground between all the parties when he reframed the motion to be that “there was no finding of fact and therefore the actions of the former City Council are rescinded.” With the approval of the framing by the City Attorney the council voted on that motion.
Thus the statement that the City Council agreed to was that the complaint was not factual and based on that they rescinded the City Council’s former actions. The burden placed on Kusumoto was the decision of the former City Council to prosecute the charges and claims by the former City Attorney. So, even though the term “exonerated” was not used in the City Council vote, what was determined by the vote was that the facts as established on the nine pages of documents put together by the former City Attorney were not “finding of fact”. While Kusumoto states he wants his “day in court” to answer the charges, he doesn’t need them, because on May 19, 2014 the majority of the City Council said that there were no “findings in fact” in the charges and therefore rescinded the action of the prior council.
Now I know that the City Council just wants to bury this ugly past, but as a taxpayer I have an issue with that. I doubt I’ll ever get that since everyone else wants to just shove the whole ugly past under a rug and pretend that it didn’t happen, but it did and it was wrong and our tax dollars went to pay for it, and that was money that was better spent on other things besides creating nine pages of fiction designed to do nothing more than be a character assassination of a political foe of the City Council majority at the time.
Hopefully all our current Council Members and 2014 Council Candidates will take a strong stand against any misleading hate pieces circulated in our upcoming Council Election. Thrilling tales of adventure and stories about haikyo, urban exploration and travel off the beaten track from Gakuranman in Japan.
Over the past few months (or perhaps years), I’ve increasingly become aware of my tendency to become fixated on people in other professions.
And then shortly after the highs gained from the buzz of interaction have lessened, I sink back down to overwhelming reality to ponder my own existence. Although I mention several networking events and other meetings I had that led me to feel disheartened, another quite frequent source of these unpleasant feelings was non other than everyone’s favourite social media platform, Facebook. We have direct knowledge of our own thoughts and feelings and a catalogue of life experiences that leave memories imprinted on our soul. In contrast however, in order to understand the inner self of others, we must rely on stories and appearances to form our perceptions. Add to that the human social norm to outwardly show ourselves flourishing, and suddenly our perceptions of those around us end up quite removed from the true reality they experience. And yet I wonder – how did people fare before the advent of the internet and social networks? Like you say, you know yourself so well, but the other person’s inner life, for the most part, is a blank. I read your other heart-felt journal entries, and remember responding that I felt much the same as you do, and feel that I am in a very similar place in my life. I think these worries and depressing thoughts do begin to ease, at least a little, when you step outside of yourself and try to put yourself in another person’s shoes.
I fully agree that constantly refreshing your memory about the inherent struggles other people must face is paramount to maintaining composure. And I know exactly what you mean by watching work fade into the archives without comment… but you know?
In reality I *know* that each of these people are probably really good at a couple things on the list, not everything (just like me). I actually came across that quote when researching this article but it got cut when posting :).

In the next few years, there is going to be a severe shortage of talented professionals compared to skilled workers. While anyone can make a charge about anyone on anything, the issue is not what is charged, but whether the charges have findings of fact.
I [we!] have a former City Attorney that billed my city and took taxpayer money to write a nine page document that had no “findings of fact”. All the old posts are still here, we are working on attaching all the images to the old posts. Very often when watching videos (TED talks are great examples), reading books (lately entrepreneurial titles), meeting friends (recently the Tofugu team) and hanging out at networking events (Business in Japan, First Step Up – etc), I find myself drawn into the other person’s world.
Despite receiving lots of fantastic advice from friends on the internet in response to my outpouring of self-doubt, the perfect lives and successes of those around me kept nipping at my legs, constantly reminding me that I wasn’t living the full and fruitful life that I should have been. Even if we don’t know how to interpret these things correctly or explain them to others, we have an intrinsic understanding of our own inner self because it is intrinsically a part of us an individual, living human being. Even if shared directly with us by the person themselves, the translation of these feelings, memories and experiences through language and behaviour and the consequent interpretation as we receive them through our senses causes something to be lost.
We don’t see the inner fears and doubts of strangers, or even of those close to us in many cases, but rationally we know these unpleasant emotions are hiding somewhere inside. An especially beautiful verse that helps remind us that we’re not as alone as we may sometimes think.
Before the time in our history where at the click of a button you could see real time updates from people’s lives scattered all around the world. I really do believe we are our own worst critics, and there is so much that goes on in each of our souls, that only we are privy to. I see people who are accomplished in their field, and agonize over ever being able to rise to their level. More than we might realize, other people go through the very same inner turmoil that we do, and it’s possible that this same inner turmoil blinds us to our own accomplishments. Sometimes I think you really do have to focus on yourself for a while and trust that you do have ability and can reach the goals that matter to you, instead of trying to reach someone else’s goals.
The constant battle to remind oneself you write because you love to write, and the oddly empty feeling of an uncommented piece of work slowly fading into the archives of the website. Persistence and regularity are two very important points leading to success when writing for a website. Hiring the best talent is going to be a tough job for the recruiters.Importance of acquiring the best talentsIt is important for an organization to have the best talent acquisition, retention and development strategies. But more than that, the charges themselves were found to not rise to the point where the burden should have been imposed.
We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright.
But it’s all an illusion, brought on by the human tendency to see other people more favourably than we do ourself. No longer is our understanding based on direct access to the sensations that give rise to a person’s inner self, but instead a frail ghost, incomplete as the result of many things lost in translation. Often we are reminded of this truth when having heartfelt exchanges with friends and family, or when calamity befalls someone nearby and they become physically or mentally sick.
I tend to like rather wise and wordy quotations from philosophers of old, but there’s no mistaking that some of the original depth to cleverly-worded messages can be lost in modern society. How did our ancestors judge their own self worth, and what, in turn, caused them to experience the same feelings of self-doubt?
My rational mind tells me that others must have these too (and a few people I know very obviously do) but to be honest I can’t be sure.
More than anything, I understand the difficulty in bearing that soul to the world, the difficulty in getting that complexity of experience onto paper or onto the screen.
If I could add something to your analogy at the end, I think it’s worthwhile thinking that there are many trails leading to many destinations.
But the blogs kind of get merged together in your head and you feel like everyone has their act together except for you.
I was mainly focused on success in work and pursuit of personal pleasure, but you’re quite correct to note that these destructive comparisons and self-criticism happen in many different areas of life.

Most of the organizations fail because of hiring people who fail to meet the standards of the organization. I have a former City Attorney who was given a specific set of instructions by the City Council and then knowingly refused to act on them.
It aptly sums up some of the things I’ve been feeling and writing about in recent months, particularly Oh Dear! What makes them successful in their niche and what gives them their driving force to get up in the morning and go out to do great things. I was well aware of this pattern and, aiming to avoid the feelings, kept telling myself that I had more important things I needed to be working on.
We intimately know our own failures, worries, doubts and fears, but we rarely show these to the outside world.
I couldn’t find a similar historical quote that captures exactly the same essence as today’s adage, but if you know of one, let me know!
We may be walking down the same trail as others, in which case there will always be people in front of and behind you. From my perspective though, your raising two children and working to make their lives happy is something altruistic and admirable. The situation is going to be worse in the case of companies which are not well established. I want a complaint about her lack of ethics on this issue filed with the California Bar Association. And yet here I am, 7 years later, with a degree and several years work experience, a semi-successful website and a collection of amazing explorations and experiences under my belt. But try as I did, the compulsion to check-in for a short break was too strong, and I inevitably continued to let myself suffer. Is it the case that the less people you have to compare yourself to, the less your self worth is challenged? And, if you’re feeling up to it, why not try removing your veil and letting me hear of your own worries and concerns? Not only do I have to express my own inner world, but the inner worlds of other characters.
Equally however, carving our own trail is a perfectly good way to live and if anything far more courageous in that we don’t quite know how it will turn out. It is difficult for me to imagine being able to do that myself right now, although someday I’m sure the right time will come.
Talent acquisition is the process of finding and involving the best-talents in an organization.An organization can perform better in the industry only if it has a talented and skillful work-force.
And we all have our finely-honed doubts and worries, things that only matter to us but things that we believe matter to the outside world, as well. Still, by realising that there are areas you could improve upon, you will undoubtedly keeping improving until you become the object of somebody else’s inspiration…or envy! It is also important to have a good knowledge about the recent trends and practices to acquire the best talent.Talent Acquisition Strategies for the 21st centuryIt is important to become a good talent manager to pool in the best talents in an organization.
Why is it then that despite being able to arrive at this rational conclusion, and we know a life is never free or imperfections, that we always seem to forget it..? It is also important to set high standards in a team and take necessary steps to strengthen the talent of a group. The manager is responsible for appraising his employees about their strengths, weakness and their performance levels. The report claims that the number of providers offering analytical services as well as the revenue of pure play analytical service providers in India has increased rapidly. Certification is a useful way to advance your contact center career or evaluate how your center stacks up against your peers.

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