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Thus far, I found that my heart’s joy was being stifled because I was living for impact instead of Jesus. But as God revealed the error in my priorities, I began to seek out just how central Jesus is, in everything. So according to this passage, Paul did not pursue wealth, power, comfort, or even perfect circumstances. In fact, it would have been impossible for Paul to be content in the many circumstances of suffering that he went through, if His contentment was found in anything else but Christ. As I sought to draw deeper conclusions from this equation, I did what anyone would do in my situation and wrote more equations… Okay, so that might not be what anyone would do. The first equation I wrote was one that agreed with the previous one, but took it a step farther.
Though I am not very good at math, even I knew that if I was able to accumulate all the best toys in life but died without Jesus, then I would have nothing for all eternity. The mistake my flesh is most prone to make, and maybe you are the same way, is not believing that something else can bring me contentment, but thinking that having my greatest worldly desire may add to my contentment in Jesus.
What I was learning through all this is that my life must become about Jesus, period (Jesus.).
And if Christ is to be our contentment, then He must become our dream, our purpose, our joy, our means, and our end.
Perhaps the most obvious reason why Christ’s school of contentment ranks as the toughest curriculum on the planet is the fact that it is a mysterious school. The Greek verb translated I have learned the secret appears only here in the New Testament. It may be said of one who is contented in a Christian way that he is the most contented man in the world, and yet the most unsatisfied man in the world; these two together must needs be mysterious.
If like me you are a very driven person, don't worry about being lazy because you choose contentment.
We are all responsible for our own hearts so today I am encouraged to seek contentment for a greater quality of life.
My challenge for you today is to examine your heart and see if there is any lack of contentment. Cintia Listenbee is a Journalist, Preschool Music Teacher but more importantly, she is the wife of Pastor Zeke Listenbee and the mother of 3 amazing children.

Em 13 anos de Estados Unidos nunca fui a um enterro ate que o meu sogro faleceu ha 9 meses atras. We desire to lay down our lives to follow Jesus and serve all people by being real, courageous and unashamed. Interact with us and other members of our community as we post our latest articles and encourage one another to live out "love uncensored". As soon as I heard the equation, besides feeling that it was true, I knew it attacked the heart of what keeps anyone from full contentment.
I mean, how could he have preserved his contentment if he wanted anything else in life but Christ. And if I accomplished all my dreams and didn’t have Jesus, my life would be full of discontentment because it would never be enough.
Because if I didn’t know this, then I would possibly end up chasing Christ + something else.
The problem with this is if I add something to Jesus, like money, thinking it will bring contentment, then I will miss out on contentment in Jesus altogether. In any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need (emphasis mine). That means we have to go outside the Bible into the literature of the first century to make some sense of what Paul means when he says this.
Contented believers have learned how to make a mixture of the gracious sweet and gracious sour of life together. Surgery, radiation, chemo, nausea, vomiting, hospitals, tests, doctors, shots, pain, for the better part of the year, plundered me over and over again with a sorrow unlike anything I ever experienced before. I say, a contented man, just as he is the most contented, so he is the most unsatisfied man in the world.
I’m not exactly sure what would be the plenty standing opposite to my want of cancer. What you gain is freedom from murmuring and complaining which will greatly improve the quality of your life.
Whether through continuous tweets, MTV Cribs or a conversation with an acquaintance, we are often faced with fairy tale lives. There is no quality in living in a constant estate of unhappiness caused by unfulfilled desires I pick up from comparing myself with others.

It says that my steps should be ordered by God (verse 23) and that if I trust God and I will live safely and prosper (verse 3). The next step is to ask God to guide your steps to the amazing life He has planned for you. And as I looked at the story of the history of the universe, I saw how Jesus is the main character. In Philippians 4:10-13 Paul writes that he found the secret to being content in all circumstance. But Paul shows us that if we are to be truly content, then our contentment can NOT be found in the fragile state of our circumstances.
And if I was able to have everything I wanted in life but did not have Jesus, then I had nothing, and would have nothing forever. But if there is even a small portion of our hearts that are pursuing something else along with Christ, then we are missing fullness of life in Him. Whether we are rich or poor, experiencing sadness or great joy, suffering or pleasure, Christ is our contentment.
The word is a cultic term that was used for describing the process of being initiated into various spiritual mysteries. However, beneath the river of sorrow ran a current of joy that I can only chalk up to a consideration of things spiritually that made rejoicing in my blessings in Christ as superior to any physical suffering I endured.
You never learned the mystery of contentment unless it may be said of you that, just as you are the most contented man, so you are also the most unsatisfied man in the world. But either way, abundance or need, I want to learn the secret – to be the most contented person is to be the most unsatisfied.
But when we try to add them to our relationship with Jesus in order to find more contentment, they just end up getting in the way.
Paul may have used it with irony in that frankly he discovered the secret of contentment within the mundane experiences of daily life, as opposed to some super-secret realities, whether plenty or hunger, abundance or need. The estate of another's heart is carefully hidden behind possessions, degrees, accomplishments.

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