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We get so bombarded by advice, books, experts, suggestions, news and posts about what we should and shouldn’t do. And beautifully, this is exactly what I do within my work: I help my wonderful clients cut through the noise of what everybody else thinks they should do and find their own way. If you are tired of not knowing what to do and frantically looking for the answer out there, then why not join me in my quest?
A very warm welcome to all the new readers here at Love Work Now who snowed in following the recent storm that 35 lessons learnt in 2011 created. Also I want to know what YOUR most cherished lessons are from last year and what your theme will be for 2012! A Behavioural Change Coach Helping Entrepreneurs Globally To Create Lasting Change And The Results They Crave. Not buying a class or program or done-for-you formula and trying to retrofit it to your business.
I’ll push you to the brink of your own potential and invite you to step right the fuck off that fucking cliff.
So you can stop buying shit to distract yourself from the fact that you’re miserable on the inside.
So you can stop feeling so alone that sometimes, you bawl your tits off on the bathroom floor.
Please, oh please, join the totally free Fuck Yah Club if you value swears and quirks and depths way more than shiny six-figure promises when it comes to business advice. My best friend Doey popped this off via text one morning and I thought it was too genius not to share.

Recently, as I have been coaching more than 720 people in our Inner Circle Coaching Program on Facebook Marketing, something BIG came up and I thought I would share it with you. I was honored to be able to lead more than 20,000 people on our Facebook Marketing 2013 call on June 26, 2013 and one of the things I spoke on was how YOU are unique. Years ago some sales gurus (I think it started with door to door sales people) got together and discovered that if people were fearful to talk on the phone or face to face or anywhere actually, they could just script people and tell them what to say. Yes, I break rules and I choose to listen to my God and do things in the way that I know my truest self will be conveyed.
FREEDOM for this young man is now being found on the path of learning to feed his body well. So what is the point of my article today, on this amazing day of celebrating independence and freedom in the USA? Some of what will make you hugely successful in social media, business and even in life is not a process, exact procedure, strategic step all the time system. The “One Hour Appointment” I Have With Myself Every Week That Helped Me Build A $20 Million Dollar Business! As you might have seen there are now two fabulous Love Work Now coaching packages available: one to create your very own career and one to design your business and let it fly.
Come and have a look at what some of my past clients say about working with me, read my story or get in touch on social media to see if we click or simply sign up for my *free* Passion Project workbook to get started. Because I am on a mission to release freedom into the world and to help people find their voice.
This one fact alone in his uniqueness can alter his personality, change his immune system and create havic if people are trying to feed him, lead him and make him like everyone else.

Some of the unique health challenges that God has healed me of through the years, many through prayer, others through diet, have led us to believe that there is something very unique going on in my DNA makeup. You were created with an intention that was very specific, very strategic and it is something that leads to the best life you could ever have if you pursue it. I give you PERMISSION to be free and to love people wherever you may go, in life and in business.
My goodness, the pressure to do things RIGHT is so great that many business owners get intimidated by the whole concept from the get go! Put everything in a specific, strategic box and if we convince people to do things this way, we can win and we'll be on top again. When you seek this specific purpose, which I recommend you all do, may I please give you a little word of advice so that you can be freely and uniquely YOU?!
Knowing in their heads what they knew in their hearts all along and then go and be themselves. Funny thing is, most of, if not all of the top influencers in the world, are breaking these so-called rules.
WOW, what a beautiful demonstration of a holy God with happy love!  But my DNA testing shows that there are some genes that are different, things that are unique and they require a little more support than what others might need. Focusing in on this uniqueness will help you to succeed individually and corporately on Facebook and social media.

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