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I had been asking my client to stop calling their production reporting morning meetings a gemba walk. Recently on a ‘Gemba’ walk during my first visit to the facility, the managers lamented about the production boards and 5S. I had a great time sharing my experience with Sandy Weaver Carmen and June Cline of the Happiness Recipe.
Often professionals don’t realize the injury to their career they are forming by being complacent.
Would you recommend an organization bring in external lean consultants or use internal people to drive the transformation?

After years in the same industry, position and maybe even doing the same job, you might feel that your professional passion is lacking. If you desire to regain that passion, there are some things to do in order to get that motivation back. This powerful combination will equip your teams in achieving successful performance results, personal growth and collective enthusiasm. I decided that I would incorporate a team gemba walk during my visits to begin to coach them instead of just with the managers.
A long time ago, I decided that I was not going to be in the business of convincing by discussing theory, and opinions.

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