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To me there are different types of approaches or ideologies with which people live their life.
The purpose of life may vary from person to person, however, the biggest tragedy is that most of us live our lives without paying any attention to the purpose of life, in other words we just live a purpose less life. Most of us want to become a lawyer because it pays good and the same goes for becoming a doctor or any other profession that comes with a huge paycheck.
As I mentioned above, we people are in a rat race and all we want to do is to get ahead of each other and achieve what we wish to achieve by whatever means necessary.
Another reason why most of us never find our purpose in life is that we get used to of living a conventional, cozy and a life full of routine that we don’t want to get out of our comfort zone to experience something new. A good friend of mine, Clarence Lowe, Founding Partner of StarForce, USA, reminds me that each of us is created with a specific life purpose.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There are some who don’t care about the way they live life, there are others who strive hard to live a moderate and ordinary life, while there is a third kind of ideology in which people try to live a life of purpose and they want their life to mean something. An even greater tragedy is that people who wish their life to mean something don’t know how to find the purpose in life. Thus as a result of this entire race, we keep aside the values which we have and fall prey to the temptation of achievement.

Very lucky are the people who know at the very first time that what they have to do in life, the rest of us have to move around to find the purpose of our life.
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Once the values are drawn out of our life, then no matter whatever activity we undertake, no matter how meaningful it apparently seems, it all feels shallow and purposeless. For instance, if are a business executive and don’t want to get out of your shell, then how would you know that you have entrepreneurial abilities and you can earn more and contribute more to the society by being an entrepreneur compared to what you are contributing by being a mere professional.
Others volumes fill the shelves trying to help people understand that we each have a life purpose. On the other hand, those who opt for a particular thing out of love and interest are able to achieve excellence and make that thing priceless and a wonder for the world.
Therefore, before becoming a part of rat race, take some time and experiment with different things that you think you enjoy doing or that don’t make you feel shallow.

Find that you look at your job differently because you really are fulfilling your life purpose in your current job and you find happiness in doing it.
Therefore, if you are fond of law, only then would you be able to exercise law to the right extent where it would bring true justice in the society and you will feel the purpose of your life served. If you find one then pursue it with full heart as it would be the one that will form the purpose of your life. Or you might find yourself in a completely different career because you have found your real life purpose. Therefore, always do in your life what you love the most and the achievement of that will tell your heart that this is or was the purpose of your life and you need to keep on doing it. Hence, another way of finding the purpose of your life is to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things. Consequently, 60% of us are unhappy in the jobs we’re in and would quit if we thought we could. I'm a certified change management advanced practitioner, executive coach, leadership trainer, and strategic planner.

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