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You are single because you spend a huge amount of time writing a blog, bitching about no dates or crappy dates. Ahh your back Butter Cup… Tire of harassing the other bloggers with your bitchy self? Both entertaining and informative, and written by Australia's only love coach, Find Love is packed full of questionnaires and useful tips that will enable you to take control of your emotions and actions. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
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I think that everything happens in it’s perfect timing, you just have to be open to the possibility of love. Love your blog even though I sometimes cringe at the graphic honesty- it’s a generational thing. Learn how to become a magnet for love by building your self-esteem, discovering your ideal partner and learning what you truly need from a relationship. At 62 years and after 33 years of marriage the to the girl of my dreams I have come to conclude that there is no formula. Am I suppose to give everyone a chance just for the sake of not being titled as “Picky”?

I know that I am confident enough in knowing what I want and what I am capable of giving and that I choose not to settle for mediocre because of my loneliness.
The one most constant thing I have noted is that love seems to find you when you least expect it and in the most unlikely places. There is a Prince Charming who will think you are God’s gift to womanhood, and to him.

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