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I grew up thinking that a college degree would be my ticket to wealth or at least entree into the upper echelons of the middle class. While my credentials positioned me to earn more—my income nearly tripled from my first degree to the third—my degrees did not position me to save more, invest more or improve my credit; only strong money-management skills positioned me to do that. Here are six wealth-building strategies and principles that I applied to build my financial foundation.
Actually, the advice from most parents, teachers, professors and the government is to a get a college degree.
However, if you are confident and you believe in yourself that you can be successful, chances is you will achieve it. If you are specific to your end goal, then you will reach to your destination successfully.
It is not difficult to attract and working on your financial goal if you have positive mindset about money and wealth. You are probably driven working toward your goal because you are inspired and interested about your success. Our economy is most likely run by greedy economist, materialist people and inconsiderate government officials.
If you are committed, it means you are motivated to do it or to make action for your financial goals.
To become successful with your finances, you should focus on acquiring assets and diversifying your investment.
It is true that creating multiple streams of passive income is the secret of getting rich fast.
Yes, they are legally keeping their money from the eye of tax collectors or government through offshore account.
As soon as you do diligently saving and investing your hard-earned money, the next step is to keep it secure from different wealth stealers. And if you have business, you need to get a liability insurance to shield your wealth or business.

If you invest in rental properties, you must also insure your real estate business with public liability insurance. With a secured wealth and assets, it will guarantee you in attaining your financial success. The amount of fortune you acquired or your net worth depends on the quality and quantity of your action.
Lastly, I will share what Sir Isaac Newton said about action; “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. MrWealthDesire loves to do surfing the net, researching and reading books till he discover his passion to write personal finance, wealth building strategies and tips for financial success. By creating a financial planning and creating a solid goals will surely lead us to achieve our financial success.
After spending most of my 20s digging my way out of $65,000 worth of student-loan and credit card debt amassed after completing a bachelor’s degree in political science and master’s degrees in both bilingual education and organizational leadership, I realized that the correlation between a college education and wealth-building was a pretty weak one. And those skills were acquired over the course of my 14-year journey toward financial freedom.
If you think and focus on the scarcity of money and difficulty of financial life, you will not get rich. Whatever is your income, be it $1,000,000 or $50,000 annually, you must spend below your means. It is the same with our money and finances, if you will not make an action to save and invest, there will be no improvement on your financial being as well. If you are not committed, you will spend your savings or extra money to unnecessary stuff, those stuffs that will only give us a short-term happiness. Again, make sure that your real estate business has its own entity that can safeguard your other assets. If financial success means huge amount of money, then you have to render too much dedication and hard work. I also do believe that having a simple lifestyle is just one of the key to be financially stable.

9 Oct 2012 Tweet To attain financial ease, you’ve got to use the right ingredients and follow the right steps, like in a cooking recipe. Even without a college degree, it did not stop him to learn and master about stock trading.
There are several ways to achieve this, but a common base applies to all financial success: planning, skill, patience and a little luck.
A lack of money is not the problem; it is merely a symptom of what is going on inside of you. One thing’s for sure, the road is often long, so it’s best to start right away.Be Prepared Ensuring one’s financial security is not the result of chance and doesn’t happen by itself.
In fact, in the same way that companies develop their famous 5-year plans, why not apply the same plan to our personal finances? Develop Your Skills Without doubt, it’s the part that turns us off: we like delegating the management of our finances to others.
In this case, how can we remedy this?You owe it to yourself to acquire minimum competencies in this domain.
Whether through training, reading, or computer apps, attempt to develop your skills and interests. Not letting small, temporary problems distract you from long-term objectives is truly the key to success.
Cry it out loud: PATIENCE!Adopt these four criteria in managing your finances and your future will be assured.

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