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The long answer: Personal finance problems can affect all aspects of your life, from your relationships to your hobbies and, yes, even your career. A recent study by the Society of Human Resource Management found that the vast majority of human resources managers noticed an employee's financial troubles impacting their work quality, but that fewer organizations are providing financial education to their employees than in 2009. A whopping 83 percent of HR managers said personal financial problems had a large impact or some impact on employee performance. Plus, 80 percent of human resources professionals say that employees at their organization are currently faced with more financial challenges than they were five years go.
Even though most human resources professionals are noticing that financial problems are affecting employee performance and that employees are facing more financial challenges now than ever, only 52 percent of organizations are providing financial education to their ?employees; this is down from 64 percent in 2009. If your company is one of the 52 percent that's offering financial education to its employees, jump on it! If your work is suffering, talk to your manager about the problem and how you're going to fix it.
I remember when my father had his official talk with me when I announced that I was moving in with my boyfriend of nearly four years.  We were sitting in his parked car letting the silence hang between us as we were lost in our own thoughts when he suddenly said, “The number one reason that people break up is over money,” he paused and looked piercingly into my eyes. Now, eight months into our live-in arrangement, I understand the wisdom my father was trying to impart.  No level of planning can prepare you for the phone you break that needs to be replaced now. Your relationship might teeter at the brink a few times before you can step back and realize what the root issue is.  For some, that last minute step of salvation does not come. This is not to say that it isn’t important to make sure you and your partner are on the same page financially.  It’s imperative that you discuss what is expected from each other, understand those expectations, and (most importantly) act accordingly. We found that money can be a major cause of stress in relationships, with more than half of respondents saying that they argue with their significant other about financial issues. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with our new poll alerts and other helpful information.
As the marketing and education supervisor for American Consumer Credit Counseling, Albie has been spreading the frugal word since 2008. Creating a monthly budget, jotting down daily expenses and tracking your expenses are the very best ways to figure out exactly where your money goes.

Figure out some areas in your monthly budget where you can cut expenses which are not necessary. Don’t only stick to primary source of income but also find out the source of second income. India is a land of fairs and festivals and if you want a live proof of this axiom then you must visit India during Diwali. If there is a place in the world where relationships are above all, then for sure it is the description of India only. Relationship Issues involve a variety of interactions including: marriage, dating, relationships with co-workers, friends, family members, acquaintances, etc. Past conditioning - a lot of people bring in different ideas and sexual experiences from their past.
Failure of Communication - even though there are many thoughts, feeings, opinions about sex, many people fail to talk about it.
Just like financial problems can distract you from other things in your life, they can distract you from work -- not a good employee quality. Ability to focus on work and overall employee stress were performance factors that were most noticeably affected by financial problems. However, larger organizations are more likely to offer this financial education than smaller organizations. This becomes an ongoing cycle where poor performance at work can lead to being fired, which in turn leads to more financial problems. Remember that if your work suffers, you'll more than likely find yourself in a whole slew of other problems and may even find yourself jobless. Some organizations offer an Employee Assistance Program, which includes financial help and education. If you're dipping into your retirement funds (72 percent of human resource workers say they agree that their employees are more likely to do this in the last year compared to years prior), come up with a plan to restock your savings as soon as possible. However, that discussion cannot be had whilst your each hanging on to petty resentments about what each other spent two months ago.

Price hike in everything from items of daily items, to garments, to footwear, to vegetables, to grocery items has made so many people fall in financial stress. If you ignore the issue then it will create only a sadistic cycle; and it will only increase the stress level. For example, if your wife is educated then she can help you reducing money troubles by giving tuitions to children. Call your company HR representative and talk to them about what resources may be available. You remember what defines your relationship and realize that it never had anything to do with money. You may experience a short period relief by ignoring the issue but fundamental fear and stress will always remain. You can save a significant amount on your luxuries expenses because they are not necessary at all.
There are several other ways by which your family members can help you to reduce your stress level on account of financial crisis.
You’ll find the frost that had settled over your home slowly begin to melt to reveal the reason you moved in together in the first place. In fact; you will only increase the stress level if you think more and more about your financial stress or crisis. Evaluate your budget and consider what things are you can truly live without; and then cut back accordingly.
Do some freelancing work from your home; so that you can earn some more money and improve your financial situation.

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