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Cranking up some Lady Gaga or Beyonce and I am well on my way to feeling my most confident, happy self!
For me, I feel at my most confident when I’m comfortable – surrounded by friends that I love, laughing, sharing a wine and engaging in awesome conversation (which can be completely silly and funny only to us)! So good to read that others go through this, I am 39 weeks pregnant and struggling with the changes to my body, but to have my hair fall out as well has really topped it! While I agree that looking good can give you a boost of confidence, I draw my confidence from my personality and how I treat others.
Great reminder Jamie, we should all draw on our confidence from our personality and how we treat others. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Devote a little time each day to personal hygiene and making sure you're presenting yourself well. Now write down everything you can think of and refer back to it next time you're feeling down. Here's an example: You didn't get good grades on your last math test, so as a result you're not confident when it comes to your next test. Here's a true fact for you: Most people are too preoccupied with how they appear to be constantly judging you. So much of the world exists outside your head (if we're going with the assumption that reality is as it seems). No, that won't creep strangers out unless you're a smelly, aggressive Quasimodo-looking KKK member. It's important that you surround yourself with others who you feel make you feel like you're the best version of you there could possibly be. When I am talking to someone, sometimes I get a mental block or I lose my train of thought. Don't worry, a lot of people do that as they're not always comfortable with eye contact, or it's possible you're looking at them too long, too intensely. How can I become confident enough that I don't worry about people talking about me behind my back? Jealous people lack confidence themselves, and they're trying to get a reaction out of you that brings you down to their level. Fear of decisions stems from a fear of the consequences, or anxiety that you won't make the "right" choice.
Copy the other person's gaze, meeting their eyes or looking away a second or two after they do. Every time you pass a mirror or a reflection of yourself, give yourself a compliment in your mind. When you wake up in the morning, look into the mirror and tell yourself that you've made it this far in life and you're not going to let anything or anyone put you down.
When you're feeling bad about yourself, imagine one of your friends feeling the way you are. Don't be afraid to show people the real you, no matter who doesn't like you Stay true to yourself. If you want to be confident, don't let anything bother you; drown out everything that gets under your skin and keep on walking. You might have already read and learned how to be confident, but what if you still don't feel all that confident? Okay, so you can't get up in the middle of dinner and mince your way over to McDonald's unfortunately. Being good at something, mastering a skill, gives us personality, gives us something to talk about, and makes us interesting in addition to giving us a sense of fulfillment. Every evening just before you go to bed, think to yourself at least ten times, "I am a confident person." This leaves a positive frame of mind inside of you and will make you feel more confident the next day.
If anybody puts you down or makes fun of you, think it through and how silly the comment is.
Never be mean or put other people down to increase your own confidence, as people will start to dislike you.
Rather than making frantic efforts to "somehow feel confident" explore and care for your true self. Meet Stephen, a wikiHowian from the US who has been active in the community for over a year.
A bright slick of lipstick, a strong coffee, something fun and colourful to wear, weekly Pilates, polished nails, time spent with my girls, friends and family and I’m on my way to feeling more confident. And it doesn’t have to be anything major, it can just be a favourite bright lipstick, a spray tan or a blow dry (and yes, all of those things make me feel good!).
There are many of us who don’t feel confident most of the time, we are all just doing the best we can. I suffered from a confidence crisis during both my pregnancies and being a new mum… it’s a tough gig!!!! My confidence was at an all time low when I was pregnant, we sure go through a hell of a lot of physiological changes as women don’t we? Funnily enough I got a spray tan at lunchtime in preparation for ny brothers wedding tomorrow. Then I would select one person in the audience who I knew believed in me and I would pretend i was speaking just to them. Every morning I try and make a little effort with my appearance because it can totally change how I feel for the day. I think it’s a useful lesson to try to find the inner confidence in yourself, rather than base it on what you are wearing or how skinny you are.
Working on your outward appearance is a quick fix and while it can definitely help you feel more confident, we shouldn’t neglect working on our personality and character too. Feeling good about yourself is so easy to put at the will of others when it should only be up to you. Or, as the saying goes, "fake it 'til you make it." If you know that you look like a confident, capable person, eventually you'll start to feel it, too. How you carry yourself communicates a lot to other people, so make sure you're telling them that you're confident and in-charge. Recent research shows that the positioning of your body cues your mind to feel a certain way -- so positioning yourself confidently will make you genuinely feel in charge. Keep your grin in easy reach -- you'd be surprised how even the smallest of smiles can disarm many a social situation and make everyone feel more comfortable.
If you see a person huddled in the corner pretending to play games on their mobile phone, are you really going to come up and say hello? If you have your arms and legs crossed, you're telling the world that you're not interested in welcoming them in.
Staring intensely at someone until they feel your gaze and shrink accordingly due to palpable awkwardness is not the goal.
No matter how down you feel, try to pat yourself on the back a little and remember the things you excel at. It can be something other people recognized, like being at the top of your class, or something only you know about, like a quiet act of service to make life easier for someone else.

No one's perfect, but if you're actively trying to be an honorable, good person, give yourself some credit for effort. But ask yourself this: If you studied really hard, worked with the teacher, and prepared for the test, would you do better?! Some people are good at hiding it, but nearly every person has struggled with his or her self-confidence at one point. Ever notice how people love talking and looking in things that are even just barely reflective? Having confidence isn't a finish line you cross once, and the process won't always move forward — there will be days when you feel like you're starting from square one.
It's there, it's just buried under years of exposure to praise, threats, and perceived judgments. A lack of confidence has nothing to do with the external world, so you have to get out of your head. Remember that learning is a process, and you're in it for the small victories and the relaxing recreation time, not to be the best ever. Finding like-minded people who share your interests can be an easy way to make friends and build confidence. If someone says, "Hey!", smiles at you, and asks you whether they should go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean, how are you going to feel?
Being able to say you're sorry is a good trait (and something too many people struggle with). If you're still uncomfortable taking compliments, try giving one back after you've accepted. It's only around these people that you'll be able to make the growth you want to (and can!) make. Expecting success isn't logical -- weren't you just pushing logic a second ago?!" Well, yes, but think of it this way: you often expect failure, so why not expect success? Remember that the eyes are a window to the soul and others might feel uncomfortable at looking someone straight in the eye.
Don't worry about what other perople have to say - let them talk because you know exactly what you do and don't do.
Every time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, deflecting a compliment, or agreeing with an insult, stop and reframe it as a positive attribute using what you wrote down.
In situations where you believe you lack confidence, realize that your inner voice is telling you negative things. When you hear yourself saying something negative about yourself, instantly replace it with a positive comment.
A lot of the times, at the root of insecurity and lack of confidence is a feeling of not having enough of something, whether it's emotional validation, good luck, money, etc. By simply picturing yourself doing such things, being self-confident becomes less of a foreign concept and you begin to believe that you can.
Take a piece of paper and write down what you would say to the person to help them feel better.
Make sure you know your strengths and use those to your advantage, but not too often or you will look like a show off! Think about all of the good things about yourself and how lucky you are compared to others.
Sometimes it takes your emotions a little bit of time to catch up with your behaviors, but you can help to move the process along. Alright, so you've read the How to Think Positively article, too, and you're still at a loss?
You probably have working body parts, clothes on your back, talents (what are they?), people who love you, and a future, just for starters. Think about the person you are at home, the person you are at school, the person you are at work, the person you are at your favorite cafe, etc. When we breathe too quickly, our heart rates go up and our brains start thinking "fight or flight." You're just making yourself more nervous. Look yourself in the mirror and persuade yourself that you are you and that you ARE brilliant.
How would you feel if you walked into Chez Moi in your penguin pajamas with a serious case of bedhead? 30 minutes a day (even broken up into smaller chunks) is all you need to hop on the health train.
It can be pretty intimidating, but won't be after 100 times of the exact same small talk you find over and over.
Being with people who try to bring you down (inadvertently or not) or force you to be someone you're not will never make you happy and isn't worth it, regardless of how pretty or rich or smart or whatever they are. You may see initial positivity from others around you (wearing clothes that make you fit in, etc.), but eventually that'll stop and you'll be left with what you think of you.
Relax and feel lucky that you are good enough to be jealous by others -- criticism can help you make a better person if you listen honestly.
Sneak peeks at the picture as you go about your day to remind you of how brave you want to be. He enjoys reviewing recent changes, editing and approving new articles, and improving articles that need help. Bright lipstick and a colourful scarf always helped me feel better after I had a new bubba.
Peak hour traffic on an unfamiliar 4 lane highway with other drivers doing over 100km use to give me an anxiety attack , i haven’t mastered this. The good news is that you're driving this self-assurance train and it's ready to depart from the station. On the other hand, if you're genuinely happy to see them -- or just happy for the chance to practice your new confidence skills -- flash those pearly whites!
Don't be afraid to meet the gaze of someone else; it shows not only that you are a person worthy of communicating with, but it tells them you respect them, acknowledge their presence, and are interested in the conversation. By making eye contact, you will improve the quality of your interactions in addition to appearing more confident.
Same goes for your face and hands -- if it's clear you're preoccupied with something else (be it a thought or your iPhone), people will take the hint. The goal is, however, to recognize that other people are just as nervous about you looking at them as you are about them looking at you. Focusing on your better attributes will distract you from perceived flaws and boost your sense of worth. Maybe they've remarked on your smile, or your ability to stay cool and collected in stressful situations. The fact that you think about bettering yourself at all says that you're humble and good-hearted, and those are positive attributes. Take a deep breath, remember the self-confidence hurdles you've already cleared, and resolve to keep going. When you popped out of your mother's womb, you didn't really care who heard you crying or how soft your head was. Improving your skills will reinforce that you are talented, and subsequently boost your confidence.

Just make sure you mean it or they might respond skeptically -- "Hey, I really like that shirt you're wearing.
You could naturally be the most extroverted, loud, self-assured person, but with these people, you turn into a puppy dog that hasn't been cared for well enough. If people don't look at you straight in the eyes, they're probably just uncomfortable doing it. By acknowledging and appreciating what you do have, you can combat the feeling of being incomplete and unsatisfied. If you are in school, then consider running for a social position, such as a president of a club.
Put that piece of paper in a safe spot, then when you're feeling down you can grab it and read it to yourself. It makes you look very uninviting and unhappy and you don't want that if you want to show people that you're confident.
Embrace your differences and learn to accept that you are different and that's what makes you unique.. Perhaps all you really need is some working out and dressing up to feel better, or maybe you can start with thinking positively and smiling more often.
That's the stuff most people have (or at least most people on wikiHow) -- what else do you have that's unique to you?
When you're gearing up to talk to that cute boy or to give that speech, that's when you'll need to use these little tricks. Since you won't be attacking any wooly mammoths anytime soon, there's really no use for that. Don't feel the need to bust out the prom attire, but do put a little effort in to feel put together.
9 times out of 10 you're going to call the unconfident people based on how they're a little slouched over or how they're looking down. The more you talk to people the less scary it gets, the less you're concerned with what they think of you, the less you'll think about how great everyone is and the more you'll realize that most people are completely average.
Not only do we have to remember to come off confident, but we have to remember who we're trying to be.
But if people are just negative, ignore them -- criticism is a coping mechanisms for their own issues.
The biggest thing that will make you feel good about yourself is if you are in a place where people support you. He’s on a personal mission to help clean up articles with personal references in them, and he’s proud of becoming a New Article Booster. Since then I’ve been giving my hair loads more TLC and I’m amazed at how strong, shiny and healthy it is! Unfortunately in our Instagram, FB, bloggy world everyone appears to have perfect lives and look perfect.
The fact that you have grown and given birth to a little bubba should make you feel pretty proud and confident too! The fact that you ARE in your job means you’re intelligent enough to be there… and you should definitely own your choices!!!! Most other freak out moments can be conquered with practise, repetition eg snow skiing, cooking for more than 3 couples who you do not know well at home, dealing with the unfamiliar.
In fact, you'll come off as more likeable and trustworthy and those who converse with you will feel more appreciated.[2] If you can't do it for you, do it for them! And if you can think of someone who's confident, odds are there's a situation they're not confident in. If you have a strong competitive streak that you can't completely ignore, try competing with yourself instead and strive to keep getting better.
In the toughest of times, it is good to make it your duty to pat yourself on the back even if you didn't do anything.
So if you don't see immediate changes, know that it's just because you're too close to the painting. Learn a musical instrument or a foreign language, take up an art form like painting, start building projects—whatever it is that catches your interest. Everybody likes to be the hero, talk to other people, and be spontaneous.[3] You're just brightening up their otherwise dull day.
Apologizing when you've slighted or inconvenienced someone is polite; apologizing when you haven't done anything wrong, though, can make you feel subordinate and like you should be sorry.
When you become a source for positivity, others will seek to be around you, bolstering the good vibes. The ability to lead others and respond to others' behavior under your leadership will help to bring you self confidence. In any case, feeling confident is definitely a continuous process that, when achieved, will improve your quality of life immensely. If life is falling apart around you but you don't notice, it's not really falling apart, now is it? You become gossip-y and complain-y and one of those people that is always putting something else down. Odds are that there's an environment or two where you feel more comfortable and more confident. But then there's also that working out releases endorphins, makes us feel productive, gives us energy, and basically just puts a pep in our step. Well, How to Be Extroverted, How to Be a Social Butterfly and How to Be Outgoing aren't terrible places.
He really appreciates that the wikiHow community is full of friendly people who are willing to help you learn and grow. In teaching, I found that no nerves (overconfidence) from students produced bad results, some nerves were good, too many a disaster. When you look like a confident person on the outside, you'll be approached as one by the world around you.
Before it slips out of your mouth, take a second to make sure this is a situation that actually needs an apology from you.
What am I doing about it?" It doesn't have to be all sunshine and rainbows; you just have to be less hard on yourself.
It's sort of like "giving is better than receiving." It feels great to have someone make you feel good, but it feels even better knowing you helped someone else feel good about themselves.
Imagine if they gave you a gift and you were all, "No, no, I don't deserve this; take it back." Terrible! It's the getting back up that builds confidence, and you've got to fail in the first place to do so. You're not deluding yourself one way or another -- don't worry that you're being silly for thinking positively -- you're just taking control.

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