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Researchers found that the fear of loneliness forces both men and women to settle for less in relationships, sometimes leading to bad marriages. The findings were made after surveying several samples of North American adults across a wide range of ages. The study assessed survey respondents for susceptibility to depression, loneliness, and rejection sensitivity.
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I worked with Gina on learning how take responsibility for her own feelings, how to manage her loneliness and how to connect with the love, wisdom and comfort of a spiritual source of guidance.

You are never alone, and when you learn to connect deeply with your true self and your guidance, you will know you are never alone. Gina worked with me individually in phone sessions and attended a five-day intensive to learn about inner bonding.
Today, while not all the problems are healed, they are on their way to creating a solid caring relationship.
Despite being aware of this fact and witnessing many marriages gone sour, people still continue to form forced relationships. All other trademarks, logos and registered trademarks are properties of their respective owners.
She had discovered that her husband was having yet another affair, and when he was with her he was either angry or withdrawn. We may feel lonely when we want to share love with another and there isn't anyone there, or the other person is closed to connection.
She still decided to separate from him, but they started to work together to heal their relationship.

Because Gina was willing to heal her fear of being alone, her behavior changed so much in her marriage that her husband was willing to open and learn with her. She had requested numerous times that he join her in couples therapy, but he had no interest in healing their relationship.
But even if he hadn't, she would have been fine, since she was no longer abandoning herself.
If you were to take full responsibility for yourself -- valuing yourself, listening to yourself, taking loving care of yourself physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually -- you might not fear being alone. In fact, Gina was extremely lonely in her relationship, perhaps more lonely that she would have been had she been alone.

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