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Some day and at some time, we need to bid farewell to someone in our life and it would be nice if we bid them farewell with special farewell messages. On this section, you can find such special farewell messages and farewell wishes which you can send it to those farewell persons by making them feel so special and how they mean so much to you.
You can express your farewell wishes and messages to your co-worker, friends or boss who needs to go.
Quotes about goodbyes and farewell are also a great way to express your heartiest feeling towards someone who’s about to leave. General messages such as sorry messages, thank you messages, sympathy messages and thinking of you messages are available here for your usage. Being the first trip with your wedded husband or wife after marriage, honeymoon is always special.
Housewarming ceremony is a ceremony or a party which is hosted when someone moves in to a new residence. Are you looking for bereavement messages to send to someone who has recently lost someone close in his or her life? These days, hanging out with your crush, love-interest or lover is not possible every time. Farewell messages Farewells are hard to say, especially when the people to whom you bid farewell are close to your heart. Retirement comes in everyone’s life to relax and enjoy the rest of their life with friends and family. Appreciation messages can be sent to others in a way to appreciate them as a token of praising them for their work. Face book messages are used to keep it as status messages or messages written on your friend’s wall in the face book.
Happy retirement wishes section contains wishes to greet the retiring people and make them feel happy.
Retirement is the moment coming to a person, giving him the chance to relax and enjoy the life outside the office. Retirement – the word to convey the person is going to take rest from their daily routine official work. Apologize with these sorry messages for boyfriend for something wrong you said or did to your boyfriend. It definitely hurts too when you unintentionally had hurt someone, what more if it is a friend?
Have you done something that you feel you need to be forgiven for, but don’t know the words to say? So anything with personal touches, like an engraving, group signatures or photos, is a good idea.
Save yourself time and torture thinking of something thoughtful.Check out the unique story cards, cool designed items, or the free digital scrapbook!
Farewell Gift Ideas For A Special Teacher  Are you trying to think of a farewell gift for that inspirational teacher? Military Farewell Gifts Recruits are only allowed very specific items, anything else can be confiscated, so be careful with your going away gift idea.
Farewell Messages for Colleagues: Colleagues, team members and bosses who are more friends rather than mere co-workers deserve a special send off.

1) I like the feeling of finding it difficult to say goodbye to someone because it only means that I have found a true friend. 2) It is hard to say goodbye to a colleague who has been less of a co-worker and more of a friend.
3) The cold meeting room walls will now feel colder without the warmth of a helpful and considerate colleague like you. 4) NEVER in my life have I EVER thought that I would want to work with a colleague FOREVER – until I started working with YOU. 5) Having awesome colleagues is a bad habit, because it’ll be impossible to work with someone else now that you’re leaving. 6) Monthly targets and performance appraisals will come and go, but the memories of working with a colleague like you will stay in my forever. 7) I want to hunt down the head hunter who hunted you and tell him that he has scored his best hunt ever. 8) We are definitely worried about how the performance of our team will decrease when a colleague like you leaves. 9) I know that you are going to get an awesome salary in your new job but there is no guarantee that you will get awesome colleagues like us too. 10) Having you as a partner at work was one of the best professional experiences in my career.
12) Now that you are leaving, miscellaneous expenses of the company will decrease, productivity will increase, deadlines will be met and efficiency will spike.
13) I will now have to make an addition to the family pictures on my office desk – YOU, because you have always been more like family and less like a co-worker. 15) Your resignation may have left a small empty cubicle in the office but your departure has left a large empty space in my heart. 16) To our dearest colleague… you decided to move to greener pastures, but your departure will leave our grounds barren and dry.
17) Farewell, to the man whose word we trusted more than operating procedures, checklists and manuals. 18) Without your help and never-ending support, I don’t know how I will be able to hold fort. 21) As a colleague, you are a shield that protects us from the boss’ rants and a weapon that helps us in our war with monthly targets. 22) Without a fun-loving co-worker like you, our after work drinks will turn sober, quiet and slightly more sophisticated. 24) I know that quitting this job has been one of the BEST decisions of your life but just so you know, it will have the WORST impact on your colleagues. 27) I would envy you for your new job, but right now I am just shocked and sad to know that you are leaving. 28) If I had to play a final prank on you before bidding you farewell, I would tie your legs to your cubicle when you aren’t looking so that you can never leave us.
30) We were planning to throw you an amazing party next month and shower you heaps of gifts… but now that you’re leaving that’s not going to happen.
31) With your resignation your employment in this company may finish, but the sweet memories of working with you will never diminish.
33) Instead of saying farewell to you, I wish I could say fare-bad so that you come back and continue working with us.

34) If I knew that you would turn out to be such an extraordinary employee, I would have asked you to sign a 10 year contract so that you would never leave me.
35) We have planned a grand department party next week which you won’t be able to attend because it seems that life has grander plans for you. 39) I am saying goodbye not just to a colleague, but also to a friend and my greatest source of inspiration. 40) The boss may be sad because of losing a hardworking and efficient employee, but we are sad because your heart-warming smile we will no longer see.
As workplaces become more politically correct and standards of professionalism increase at work, it behoves the company to give an appropriate farewell gift when someone is leaving. This going away gift can be a little more 'organic', as every workplace or department has its own culture. Bidding farewell to your friends or colleagues will be a painful moment as we will be missing them. Feel free to share these farewell wishes to a friend, colleagues, loved ones and family whose going away. If you are looking for some nice farewell quotes and sayings, you’re at the right place as we also listed some of the nice quotes for farewell and goodbyes. Feel free to browse our collection of missing you messages and I’m sorry messages under the category of general messages. Below you can find such an expressive happy retirement messages which you will find the exact replica of your mind words.
A touching message, heartfelt goodbye quotes, plethora of funny jokes, inspirational farewell speeches, and greeting cards that celebrate their achievements in the office – there are just some of the things that are the order of the day when close colleagues leave.
Without your cheerful smile and motivational notes, I will have to depend on inspirational videos and quotes. As you leave I want to lay my heart bare, to tell you that employees like you are really rare. We all wish farewell to the employee who was a profit driving machine and a friend so special. But on the inside, I am desperately praying that you will quit your new job and come back to work with us again. Farewell to the colleague to made lunch breaks awesome and added life to dull team meetings. A gilt-framed photo of the 'team' together with everybody's signatures, is very sentimental. Whether it is resignation or retirement, make sure you let your colleagues know that their departure will be a big loss to you not just on a professional level in the office but also on a personal too.
It’s never easy to say goodbye and express farewell wishes to colleagues, friends, boss and even to our classmates and teachers.
As they need to say goodbye, make it worth remembering by bidding them some encouraging farewell messages to a colleague or co-worker. Make sure that their farewell party is rife with funny banter, smiles and laughter so that they leave with nothing but memories they’ll hold close to their hearts.

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