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Want to try a short, chic look?  Try a symmetrical or cropped cut and add longer bangs to add pizazz to a long thin face.
Embellishments Hair Restoration Studio always encourages consultations prior to any service to ensure desired results, that lead to added confidence! As a stylist, I became driven to combine my love for hair care, passion for helping those with hair restoration needs, and commitment to excellence.
True Nordics of Northern Europe don't have oval faces at all, they have very angular faces.
The BossMar 4 2012, 12:18 AMLooks oval, but I think a color pic would help better What about mine?
Beauty professionals recommend different cosmetics depending on an individual's face shape. According to many, the oval face shape is the ideal face shape, as it has nearly perfect proportions, and has an almost perfect balance. When it comes to choosing hairstyles, those with oval shaped faces are very lucky because they can look good with almost any hair style. While many use contouring to try to diminish or enhance the prominence of some area of the face, those with oval shaped faces usually don’t find this necessary.
Unique and flexible, a trendy hair cut or style, is your own artistic expression of individuality. A cut with too much fullness in the top and close cut sides and back creates an imbalance.   The look becomes extremely top-heavy, making the head look larger than it actually is.
If you have a triangular shaped face with a broader forehead and pointy chin, your secret weapon are looks that distract  from the pointiness of the chin.

For the round face shape, you can elongate the face with a cut that falls a few inches below the jaw line with longer layers and have soft ends. I have very similar faceshape as Sophia Loren (especially the squarish jaw area) and her face is described as diamond shape. People with oval shaped faces can wear almost any hairstyle, and they don’t have to depend on as many makeup tricks like contouring. Many find, however, that making the cheekbones more prominent is both striking and flattering.
Bold earrings, like hoops or earrings that dangle, can complement this face shape as long as the earrings aren’t too big or long, or they could make the face look too long and unbalanced. Keeping this in mind, there are a variety of cuts and styles one can wear to feel and look fabulous! I also like the triangular shape or the proportions in that.But the true diamond shape might be the most beautiful.
One of the characteristics of an oval face shape is that it’s the jaw line is often a bit more narrow than the temple line. While the cheekbones are already prominent, a short hairstyle that angles towards the jawbone will accentuate them even more.
Applying blush directly beneath the cheekbones and then sweeping it up towards the temples will make them stand out more. Styles with some length make this face shape look great, because it showcases the jaw line and neck.  If your hair isn’t long don’t worry, extensions can come to the rescue! Pixie cuts that are too short and not properly balanced can create a look that comes across as grumpy with this face shape.

Another way to accentuate the cheekbones is by applying a lighter shade of foundation to the area around the eyes, area around the nose, and to the lower forehead. A very light application of cheek tint might be a better option.Also, I prefer more basic eye makeup looks and more striking lips for women with oval shaped faces.
The oval face shape is similar to the heart-shaped face but, while a heart shaped face tapers to a defined, pointy chin, an oval face narrows to an oval chin.
The only hairstyles an individual with an oval face shape might want to avoid are those that fall foreword into her face, as this can throw off the nearly perfect balance of her face shape. The only thing is they give higher cheekbones, as estrogen caps bone growth, but tends to store fat on the cheeks to make them more prominent which gives a softer look.
Because of this males just have a rougher look, which of course can be attractive to females, if not exactly beautiful.Models tend to have a combination of masculine and feminine features, or curved and straight lines, which look good in photographs. I know men find her very sexy because of that as well. I have a round face and literally no cheekbones, so I really admire women who have an oval face. Kind of ugly-beautiful, or can look magnificent in the right light and make-up, but repulsive in daylight without make-up.

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